Greybeards, I bring terrible news. Did you know that the dragons are back?

Not that it matters, but yes. Actually we don’t care.

If I don’t kill Alduin, we’ll all die! There’s a terrible ending sweeping over the land. Don’t you care about that? !

We don’t even care whether on not we care.

My (Real) thoughts on the ending of Danganronpa V3

*Spoilers are ahead* and since I don’t care enough to look up how to break my post here your just gonna have to scroll really fast, good luck!

So, I made a post a few days back about the ending of drv3, but I feel that didn’t really get my point across since I was under the influence of the ending’s “shock value”, and being up at 4 with programming assignments to do. But since then I’ve had a while to think things over (get some sleep) and finish those assignments, so now I present to you my final thoughts on the games ending!:

To start off, I’m just gonna be very casual with all of this, there really is no point in speaking professionally to Kodaka on this issue. Why? because he knew what he was getting into from the very beginning, there is no point in “Professionally” giving this man constructive criticism, he will not listen to it. Now, being a content creator, such as himself, means he has to deal with the worst possible thing imaginable… fans! Supportive fans, angry fans, ENTITLED fans, this man has to hear the voices of all of them, my guess on why he did what he did with the ending was because he was tired of it. His purpose in the end of the game was to get a shot at all of us in.

This wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it wasn’t for the fact that there was an ENTIRE game before the ending. Days worth of content, the kicker is it was good content the best I’ve ever seen from the franchise so far. Up until the end of chapter 5 you would have had no inkling of a guess that the entire game was leading up to a “FUCK YOU.” That’s what bothers me so much about the ending, was this entire game some sort of master plan for Kodaka to get back at the fans? Or did he really think that he was offering something of artistic value? Or lol, did he just want to see how many of the fans viewed him as an such an infallible being they would take this slap in the face and say “thank you.”  One thing I’ve learned about danganronpa and by extent Kodaka, is that there is no point in trying to predict, because you are wrong. But as Kodaka so exhaustively wrote in the final class trial “danganronpa is fiction” this is the real world.

What I can say for certain is that I really don’t appreciate my time being wasted just so the creator of the game can call me and the rest of the fanbase are “Gore loving otakus.” And believe me when I say, I take great pleasure in saying, “YOU GOT THAT WRONG!” Kodaka, you created a murder mystery game, we don’t enjoy seeing the characters die but we know that some have to to fit that genre (just in case you forgot). If you were to release a slice of life game with these characters would I play it? Hell yeah! In the final class trial I couldn’t help but notice how the characters conveniently didn’t ask one very important question (they conveniently didn’t ask a lot of questions actually…) , before they went straight to blaming the fans. Can you guess what that question is?

“Who the hell created this killing game in the fist place?” You self-righteous asshole.

  Okay maybe I didn’t have to call Kodaka a self-righteous asshole, but if the shoe fits wear it. That was the exact moment the game was ruined for me, when Kodaka threw everything, that happened in the game to that point, out the window to get his agenda across. Listen, I know I KNOW that dealing with fans can be the worst, but if you think you are above providing quality content to the fans who actually appreciate all of your hard work (And insinuating that ending applies to them to), then screw off I’ll take my money somewhere else.

To conclude all of this, the game was pretty good up until Shirogane dropped the bomb. I could have lived with the ending where everything they knew was a lie, that would have upheld the theme of the game and had been heartbreaking all on its own, but Kodaka took a huge risk and, in my opinion, it failed MASSIVELY.