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“Someday we’ll look back on this and laugh.”

Somebody Screwed Up Starters

Sasuke doesn’t believe it. Arms hanging over his knees, he shakes his head. How did his cousin rope him into pulling a prank on his father? Did he hate himself that much? Seemed like it since he actually pulled through with his part of the bargain. 

He managed to switch out one of his father’s work scrolls. It was pure luck really, catching him reading one at the table while enjoying some tea during his break. He stepped out to attend a call from his mother and Sasuke pounced. Sneaking in to switch them out, he escaped out the backdoor. 

Shisui devised the scroll and what would happen when his father inserted a bit of chakra to unlock the contents inside. It was quite a sight according to his cousin, his father stepping out from his office covered in some sort of pink dye. Dye that would take a few hours to fade away. 

“We won’t live long enough to look back on it,” Sasuke finally mutters. He could already feel their impending doom. 

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3Novices:The write stuff: how Hong Kong democrats use calligraphy to deliver their Lunar New Year message

3Novices:The write stuff: how Hong Kong democrats use calligraphy to deliver their Lunar New Year message

This is the time of the year when Lo Kin-hei stays at his Ap Lei Chau office and constituency, writing hundreds of fai chun – traditional calligraphy scrolls for good luck – to residents in Lei Tung Estate ahead of Lunar New Year.

February 05, 2016 at 05:51PM
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