Screwed Up Click

November 14, 2016
Mix by Lance Scott Walker
Photo by Peter Beste

Mr. 3-2 “Right Quick Right Fast” from H Town Underworld TV
Mr. 3-2 “Slowed Up” (2008) from Fatt Domino (Down South Records)
3-2 “My Sweet Trick” (1996) from Wicked Buddah Baby (Rap-A-Lot)
Southside Playaz (Mr. 3-2, Fat Pat, Mike-D) “Swang Down” (2000) from Street Game
Convicts (Mr. 3-2, Big Mike) “Penitentiary Blues” ft. James Prince (1991) from Convicts (Rap-A-Lot)
Blac Monks (Mr. 3-2, AWOL, Da) Buddha Nature (1994) from Secrets Of The Hidden Temple (Rap-A-Lot)
Mr. 3-2 “Them Against Me” DJ Screw (1996) from Floss Mode ‘96
Mr. 3-2 “This Game We Play” (2008) from Fatt Domino
Southside Playaz - What’s Going On (2000) from Street Game (LafTex)
Big Mello, Mr. 3-2, Big Steve “Outta Control” (1999)
DJ Screw “Comin Down (3-2)” (1995/1996) from Floss Mode ’96
Southside Playaz “Baby Boo” (1998) from You Gottus Fuxxed Up (LafTex)
Mr. 3-2, Big Hawk “Don’t Play Won’t Play” (2001)
Mr. 3-2, Billy Cook “Holding It Down” (2009)
Mike D, Big Hawk, Mr. 3-2 “Bacc When Screw Was Alive” (2009)
Mr. 3-2, UGK “Ya Wanna Ride” (1996)
Macc Grace, Lil O, Mr. 3-2 “New Day” (2015)
Mr. 3-2 “Streets Keep Callin’ Me” (2013)
Mr. 3-2, 8ball & MJG, Too Short “Hit The Highway” (1996) from Wicked Buddah Baby. Produced by Mike Dean.
Screwed Up Click (Big Hawk, Mr. 3-2, Chris Ward) “What’s Going On” (2014) from The Takeover
Mr. 3-2 “It’s Rough” (2001) from The Governor
Chocolate, Lord 3-2, Snoop & CPO “Niggas Is Like That” (1992) Death Row

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