Screw the Banks

Sorry again, I know this is a rape advocacy blog, but nothing is more important because I don’t care if your a housewife, waitress, scientist or car mechanic, your survival is going to be dependent on getting really 


because you deserve the same education and opportunities to survive that any rich white man already knows.  

Our economy is going to flourish “bigly” for about a year to two years.  Everyone is going to spending lavishly, yatches and caviar and then one shitty day the stock market is going to plummet. And then the next day, it’s going to plummet even worse.  

The Govt/Feds will immediately close the stock exchange and banks and that unused credit line on your credit cards will disappear overnight. 

NOW you must understand THEY MUST DO THIS to stop the bleeding. But YOU are still screwed and this is how you can minimize being screwed.


All of us give our paychecks to the banks and they give us a bunch of numbers. It use to be that Banks were required to hold 20% in reserves and they loan out to make money on the other 80%.  The theory is that only a few people today will withdraw their money.  

BUT when financial markets collapse, EVERYONE shows up at the bank wanting to get their checking and savings in cold hard cash.  The terminology is “A Run on the Banks.”  


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Do I groceries today?
Can I really survive on Mr Noddle alone?

Fuck it.

Every time I try to save up something happens. My wallet is currently missing and I am 110% sure that I did not take it out of my room. I kept it under my pillow and it suddenly vanished. I know my brother is a huge money whore who will do anything to get his hands on some cash so it was probably him. $205 and now all I have left is the $20 in coins I had on my bookshelf. Every time I start getting hopeful that I will actually be able to make enough I get punched in the fucking face by life.


in other news, azealia banks has now resorted to being blatantly racist and arguing with 14 year olds who are more articulate and together than she will ever be


Hey guys, hate to do this but I don’t really have a choice right now. My financial aid department STILL hasn’t given me my money that I need to pay bills and rent and we’re going into October. Rent is due tomorrow and technically it was supposed to be in the mail today, I can stall my landlord for a day or two but that’s about all I have right now. My funds aren’t set to come in until next week sometime which means I need about 780$ in the next three days. My parents don’t have the money and are scrambling to find anything, I don’t have a job due to personal health issues as well as not having a car. I had expected the money to be here last week but because of a banking screw up and the school dragging their feet I my plans went up in smoke. So, please, if you have an extra dollar or five or anything really I would really appreciate it if you donated to my paypal at

If you don’t have money I completely understand (trust me I do) but if you could please PLEASE reblog this.

Hell once I get the money if you want me to reimburse you I will, just let me know your paypal name. If you want a fic or a rec or a sketch I can do that too I’m really desperate. 

I hate the way banking screws people over. But if your anti-banking message basically says “if you use banks at all you’re supporting a corrupt system, you should use only cash and boycott it and if you don’t do that then you’re two-faced” or something, you can fuck off. Do you know how hard it is to live without a fucking debit card these days? Especially if you’re stuck at home a lot due to disability? This modern world relies heavily on having a bank account, and some one can hate the ways banks punish the poor WHILE STILL HAVING A BANK ACCOUNT BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO SOMEHOW STILL PAY BILLS AND SUCH.

On a very similar note, not everyone has the option of going everywhere on a bicycle or using public transportation only. Yes I want a greener world too but I also want to eat and the only fucking way I can get to a grocery store is in a fucking car because there IS no public transportation here and I can’t ride a bike and I am FAR from the only one limited in their “socially progressive” capabilities.

So before you rag on some one for being “part of the problem”, recognize that the system traps people and there’s frequently no way around that. Instead support people who still use these things while wanting those things to change for the better.

… And definitely don’t rag on people for literally just LIVING in a place. I live in Texas, Texas frequently sucks. Don’t tell me to “just move somewhere else”, leaving my friends and family and home and spending a bunch of money I don’t have to totally uproot my life instead of me staying where I am and hopefully doing my part to change this place for the better. And northerners, y’all aren’t so perfect up there either so stop looking down one everyone else as if your system isn’t just as fucked up.

I was going to stick with just the issue of banks here, but seriously, I’m sick of ALL of these things. Stop making other progressive people feel guilty for the things they can’t fucking help or change all by themselves. You’re not better than them just because you pay for everything in cash while riding around your accessible city on a bicycle.

please help if you can!!

i just got screwed over by my bank. i’m -$150 in my bank account because of overdraft fees. my severe depression has me freaking out and i hate myself for asking for money.

i still need to buy cat food, pay $300 in vet bills, pay my student loan payment, and get textbooks for school.

i hate asking for money but if you can donate anything i would really appreciate it. or just reblog.

my paypal is

thank you so much ✨


I honestly hate doing this; I’ve been having money issues for a while now but I’m finally caving.

I’m managing equilibrium on bills as they hit, at the moment, barely, but I’m behind almost $1000 on my house payment and have no ability to catch up. I’m only able to work half-time because of a fatigue condition the doctors are still working to diagnose, and being unable to catch up on the payment is quietly destroying my credit. It’s not the only bill I’m behind on, but it’s definitely the one screwing me the most. The bank keeps calling me to tell me I have to catch up soon, which isn’t doing my anxiety any favors, and I’m afraid if I don’t do something soon, they’ll take some kind of punitive action.

My parents are buying all my groceries because after bills, I’ve got barely anything left over for food.

Anything would help, honestly. I’ve got a paypal button on my blog. I’ll post whenever I get a donation, in the case that I get any, for transparency. Pls help.