Screw the Banks

My last post on this didn’t feel urgent enough so:

I need writing commissions. My parents screwed my bank account over when they came to visit and I don’t get paid again until the beginning of July. I have bills and I’m living on my own this summer so I just…really need this? I don’t like to ask for handouts, which is why I’m doing this instead.

I do a dollar for every two hundred words (thats 5 bucks for a thousand word fic, 10 for a 2,000 word, and so on). I’ll do nsfw fics too; any fandom I’m familiar with is up for grabs (Voltron, PnF, Gravity Falls, PJO, Arrowverse, etc), any and all pairings and if you provide enough context I can attempt OCs as well. About the only thing I refuse to write are r*pe scenes.

You can check through my “my writing” tag here, or browse my Fanfiction account (same name), AO3 account (TakingOverMidnight3482), or Fictionpress account (TakingOverMidnight) if you want to see examples of my work.

If you’re in summer courses or want someone to proof read something, I can do that as well. My major is Creative Writing, so English is kind of my thing. I’d charge by the page for that.

Transactions will be through PayPal, but if that doesn’t work we can always try to figure out another arrangement.

Caught on camera

I like to imagine Mini with pink hair in my GTA5 AU of the BBS.


Hello everyone! So, I’m in a bit of a pinch with my money right now and I’m getting a little stressed. Since school started the restaurant I work at will only give me maybe only five hours a week. I received a paycheck that was only $30 and that’s not enough to get me food and gas to last me until the next paycheck. Now, I don’t pay for everything by myself. My parents pay for the apartment I’m living in and what all comes with that but it’s up to me to pay for my own food, gas, and other necessities that I may need. 

Recently I got very screwed over by my bank and I was left with -$150 and the paycheck that I got from work only brought me up to about -$60. I don’t get paid for another two weeks. 

I just need to get out of the negatives, fill my gas tank and buy groceries. Info is below.


500 words: $5 $4

1000 words: $10 $8.50

1500 words: $15 $13.50

What I WILL do:

- fluff

- romance 

- smut (NSFW)

What I WON’T do:

- gore

- rape

- incest

- pedophilia 

How to request a commission:

1.) Go to my ask box.

2.) Tell me your name, what you want me to write and how many words. (Please explain to me in detail what you would like me to write. Especially if it’s SMUT/NSFW)

Payment and Delivery:

After you make the request I will give you my email address. You’ll pay me through the email so it will go to my PayPal account. After I have received the payment I will start to work on your commission. I’ll also message you with updates on how it’s coming along and when I think I will have it done.

Currently I am only offering TMNT (any universe) but if you have a different fandom in mind please ask me first. 

I hope all of you have a lovely day and I certainly hope I get a few commission requests. Peace and blessings~

I’m dumb

((Hey guys! I need to pay for several things in a row and I’m really short of money because I totally screwed up when doing a bank thing. Anyone wants some art?? I’m giving a discount from my normal rate, since it’s a bit of an emergency.

Sketch (1 or 2 chars): 9

Inks (1 or 2 chars): 13

Full color (1 or 2 chars): 20

Here are some samples. Most are for Sam and Max, but I can do a lot of other things. I do OCs too. I also make avatars and RP expressions (normally I charge 30 for a set of six expressions, inked, black and white, but I’m leaving it at 25, this week only.

I also do fanfic writing comissions but I need familiarity with the franchise, so inquiries inside.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


A Guy Mansplains Lawrence’s Seemingly Shady Behavior Last Night On 'Insecure'

Season 2 of HBO hit drama Insecure picked up right where it left off for Lawrence and his internet cheerleaders who have dubbed themselves the #lawrencehive. While Lawrence supporters prepared for the season’s premiere episode, titled “Hella Great”, with their Best Buy shirts in tow, others were left confused about exactly what kind of man Lawrence has become three months after his split from Issa.

If you haven’t watched yet, turn back now because major SPOILERS are ahead.

Insecure returned with what appeared to be a reconciliatory conversation between Issa and Lawrence. Hopes are swiftly dashed when we realize that Issa is just daydreaming about Lawrence while suffering through a parade of bad dates. Dream Lawrence tells Issa that he understands why she cheated, and although it hurts, he hopes they can move past it. It’s hard not to root for the couple to reunite after they plant that seed in our mind right out of the gate. Lawrence, forgiving Issa after everything that happened? Is it possible? After a few more Lawrence and Issa teases we’re left with a glimmer of hope after Issa and Lawrence finally see each other for the first time since their blow up over the fact that she had sex with Daniel. What starts with small talk quickly leads to impromptu sex on Issa’s new couch. But that moment itself, Lawrence initiating sex with Issa and the hasty exit afterward leave a bitter taste behind.

Why would he hit it and split, you ask? Why a kiss on the cheek? Did he just use Issa? And, what kind of man does that to a woman you were about to propose marriage to? After the episode concluded, I turned to my fiancée and asked her why she thought Lawrence did what he did. “He probably still loves her, but he probably still hates her,” she said. That’s accurate. At the midpoint of the episode Issa boldly proclaims “Hell yea I want my man back” to Molly. That moment underscores a key difference in how men and women deal with breakups. After trying the dating scene, Issa is fed up with comparing every man to Lawrence. She is ready to admit to herself and Molly that she wants to get her man back and gets right to work devising a plan to do just that. A bad plan, in my opinion, but a plan nonetheless. Lawrence on the other hand, sticks to his denial when confronted by his boy Chad about “moving back in with old girl” and not taking his new sex buddy Tasha out of the house. What seems like an innocent jab is really Chad reminding Lawrence who he was in his relationship with Issa and the man he can choose to be now post-breakup.

Don’t get it twisted, men do have emotions. We just process them differently than women. Thus far, Lawrence has chosen to ignore his emotions or simply express them through big spooning Tashy. Many men choose to ignore the pain of a breakup hoping it will just subside in time. The problem with that is that at any given moment, your emotions can come crashing to the surface. While many people see Lawrence initiating sex with Issa (without any intentions of repairing their relationship) as a major F** boy move, let’s put his actions into context for a moment: This was an explosion of unconfronted emotion enveloping both Issa and Lawrence until the only thing left to do was make love on the couch like they’ve done so many times before. Stepping into familiar shoes is often easier than breaking in new ones.

Lawrence’s vulnerability shone through the minute that apartment door swung open and they looked into each other’s eyes. To the male observer, his mental state seemed painfully obvious. Lawrence did not have sex with Issa to exact revenge on her. He probably expected to walk in, grab his mail and just walk right back on out. But just one moment of levity—a single joke over a wine-stained pillow—and the familiarity brought all of the emotions Lawrence is dealing with right back to the surface. He couldn’t contain his hurt, his love, his confusion, his paranoia, or his lust. And that, ladies, is why he had sex with Issa.

But unfortunately for her, Lawrence isn’t ready to reconcile. At least not just yet. Apart from the fact that he’s seeing this bank teller who has obvious feelings for him, Lawrence has shown signs that he isn’t over Issa. Yet he hasn’t made the choice to forgive her either. And the longer he delays confronting his feelings, the longer his behavior will resemble that of a F*** boy’s. “He’s not one yet, but he’s on the borderline. He just better not screw over that bank chick,” my fiancee said when assessing Lawrence’s F** boy status. Hmm…we’ll see.

As season 2 continues, I’ll be watching how Lawrence handles his next moves. That will say a lot. But what would bring him back on the right side of the border in the eyes of the female viewers? Should he make it official with Tasha and move in with her? Should he end things all together until he is completely over Issa? Where do Lawrence and Issa go from here? The previews for the upcoming episodes tease Issa beginning a “hoe phase” and enlisting Molly for guidance. There are a lot of unanswered questions, but I will say this: If Lawrence catches wind of Issa’s “hoetation”, we may see more questionable behavior from him before any of this is resolved.

Uhhhh, guys????

So I… screwed over again with my bank. My boss written me a bad check from last week and I was in the negative. I did have enough money to pay the original fine. But then a couple hours later, they charged me AGAIN for the bad check and now I owe them even MORE than before. I called them up about this one, and they said I had to “take it up with my boss’s bank.” They’re not gonna take this one off.

I can’t pay this one off by myself, so if anyone can donate any amount they can, that would be appreciated.$blackice397

hey i know this is late but my bank screwed me over and several bills went through that weren’t supposed to. I hate to ask this but if I could borrow 50 or even 30$ from someone I get paid on the 13th and i will pay you back!!

I’ll even draw you whatever you wan or do a tarot card reading for you once a week for a month

my cash app tag is $hardpoppy

Republicans call themselves “Christians” but believe everything should be a money-making business, even helping those in need. In fact, they think the best time to make money for themselves is when people are desperate because the needy don’t have any negotiation power. I call them FAKE CHRISTIANS because they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. The Republican Party claims to be pro-life, but they are anti-contraceptive, anti-abortion, pro-capital punishment, pro-corporal punishment, pro-military conflict, etc. This is not a pro-life party. Actually, I would call them anti-life. The majority of Republican politicians do not care about abortion, abortion to them is a wedge issue that gets votes and control women. And by the way, while I am on the subject, "During ‘The Great Hunger’ in Ireland, when millions were starving to death, Britain turned back foreign ships delivering food because it interfered with “free enterprise,” sound familiar?

Trump has an ax to grind with Puerto Rico. Read about his casino bankruptcy there and how he defaulted, screwing the banks for millions. Trump is a sick man.   One day, Trump, the Spanish speaking people will have control of the vote, and they’ll remember how the Republicans treated them, and they’ll vote accordingly.

in other news, azealia banks has now resorted to being blatantly racist and arguing with 14 year olds who are more articulate and together than she will ever be

I find ‘modern’ graphic design and interior design to be the ugliest shit in the world. I hate what design has become with a passion. First off, flat design; it looks like a 4 year old’s artwork on Kid Pix without the line-art and primary colors, only horrible pastel crap. Secondly, minimalism; it’s sparse, boring and generic. I’m sick of seeing all these websites with barely shit on their pages, or a page with a few cryptic wingdings pasted on plain squares masquerading as an 'option bar’. It’s not cool or 'hipster’, it’s fucking lazy. Websites, especially mobile ones, are now carbon copies of each other; nothing is special, unique or cool anymore. The same goes with logos; look at Ebay and Yahoo. It’s like we’ve fallen into some twisted sort of design communism, where everything looks and works the fucking same, the 'fucking same’ being completely white websites/designs/rooms and the barest minimum of character. What happened to the fun, alive designs of the 90’s and 2000’s? Our technology has evolved to the point where theoretically, anything design-wise is possible and programmable. So why are we following a strict formula for such things? Shouldn’t we be embracing all our different design ideas? Or did everyone become fun Nazis and decide fun was below their pretentious intellect? Because seriously, if that’s the case, I’d rather return to an age where the Internet was 28.8 kb/s, Y2K meant a complete redesign of computer systems as to not screw up banking, stocks, and the like, and the President was banging an attention-whore secretary. Fuck you all.


Hey guys, hate to do this but I don’t really have a choice right now. My financial aid department STILL hasn’t given me my money that I need to pay bills and rent and we’re going into October. Rent is due tomorrow and technically it was supposed to be in the mail today, I can stall my landlord for a day or two but that’s about all I have right now. My funds aren’t set to come in until next week sometime which means I need about 780$ in the next three days. My parents don’t have the money and are scrambling to find anything, I don’t have a job due to personal health issues as well as not having a car. I had expected the money to be here last week but because of a banking screw up and the school dragging their feet I my plans went up in smoke. So, please, if you have an extra dollar or five or anything really I would really appreciate it if you donated to my paypal at

If you don’t have money I completely understand (trust me I do) but if you could please PLEASE reblog this.

Hell once I get the money if you want me to reimburse you I will, just let me know your paypal name. If you want a fic or a rec or a sketch I can do that too I’m really desperate. 

please help if you can!!

i just got screwed over by my bank. i’m -$150 in my bank account because of overdraft fees. my severe depression has me freaking out and i hate myself for asking for money.

i still need to buy cat food, pay $300 in vet bills, pay my student loan payment, and get textbooks for school.

i hate asking for money but if you can donate anything i would really appreciate it. or just reblog.

my paypal is

thank you so much ✨