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[日本語] 明日4日、MI JAPAN 東京校で『メンバーご指名個別トーク&会場限定特典お渡し&“あなたのお名前入り”サイン会』ですが、当日ご予約して頂いた方もイベントに参加できます!【予約開始時間】13:20~  待ってるよ(´・∀・`)

[ITA] Domani, il giorno 4, alla scuola MI JAPAN a Tokyo『incontro con i singoli membri della band & consegna di oggettistica in edizione limitata & sessione di autografi 』inoltre sarà possibile assistere all’esibizione, solo su prenotazione. 【ora di inizio prenotazione 】13:20  ~vi aspetto (´・∀・`)

[ENG] Tomorrow, day 4th,at MI JAPAN school in Tokyo  『meeting with members & delivery of limitet edition stuff & autograph session 』moreover, it’s possible to attend the performance,just with the reservation.

Reservetion start at 13:20  ~ I’m waiting for you  (´・∀・`)


The 300 million year old screw that has researchers scratching their heads

There are numerous archaeological discoveries that science cannot understand, we have come across countless fidings that have ended up as being just that, findings that have caught the attention uf researchers, but have yet to be accurately explained.
In this case we have a screw that according to researchers is 300 million years old, and like many awkward discoveries in the past, it was found in  Russia in the 90s.
Russian scientists found it by chance actually, as they were performing analysis after the fall of a meteorite in the Kaluga region when they came across a mysterious object that resembled a modern day screw. Scientists were baffled and did not know what to think of it. Did it come from space? Is this screw proof of ancient civilizations that inhabited Earth millions of years ago? What is it?

The fossil surrounding the screw has around 2 cm long. It was discovered in a scientific expedition that was performed by a group called the Kosmopoisk group, which is scientific research group responsible to conduct UFO related research, cryptozoological research and paranormal pseudoscience. Initially they suited up and went to search for the remains of the meteorite that impacted the Kaluga region in Russia. Suddenly, they came across the screw, and incredibly, after paleontological analysis, it turned out that the age of the “stone” was somewhere between 300 and 320 million years.  The artifact was analyzed using X-Ray technology, which provided researchers with another shock, it turned out that another screw was present inside it. Many scientists have tried explaining the origin and details of the “screw”, some have proposed that it could be the remains of a Crinoids (Marine animals that make up the class Crinoidea of the echinoderms) This theory was discarded due to the fact that the screw is much larger than the average size of these animals.

So what is it? A screw that proves that extraterrestrial life was present on Earth millions of years ago? Is this screw the remains of a extraterrestrial vehicle? Or is there a possibility that it might just be evidence of ancient civilizations in the past that possessed very advanced technology? All of these options are still possibilities as we still do not know what this mysterious artifact really is. How is it possible that a screw could have survived a time-lapse of 300 million years? What is its metallic composition? These are several of the questions that still need to be answered in order to get a full picture of what this object really is.
In the mean time, let us know what you think this one might actually be.