Going through Skyrim screenshots

…and probably half of the ones I take are majestic sunsets or pretty scenery or light rays showing through windows, stuff like that. But then there’s the other half…  

Dog wat are you doing

Falmer wat are you doing

Corpse wat are yoU DOING

(And no I don’t take the time to pose them like that, seesh ain’t nobody got time for dat)

Horse don’t make me ask…

Oh yes the day I had fun with kettles for an hour. Such fond memories

She died like that, I swear


So, you come to this frozen wasteland often?



After reading some of the tags people have made on this post (Thanks to the people who suggested things :o) I have decided to post all my references that I made. Includes lots of references for his head, clothes, his other hand because of all the detail on it, etc~ Tumblr seems to have shrunk these down a bit for some reason, so you can find the full resolution pics (all 20 of them :D) right over here.  Anyway, I hope people make good use of these to reference when they draw/write/cosplay/whatever else they need them for, and again if you need any other references that aren’t here I would be happy to get them for you. o u o


Perseverance (pt.2) .. One of my favorite moments in their romance. He’s been through so much and he’s laying down his fears for her ;-; this is their first real “raw” moment where Cullen really doesn’t hold back. Most of the time he seems restrained, tight and tense. A breaking point, a wall has crumbled. <3 love Tessa and Cullen almost as much as Eluvia and Solas.