“I found a team of underdogs, a team of women, a team of people that no one believed in and we worked together. We stayed up all night and we were progressive and we did not follow the rules. We said, ‘Why can’t we do it?’ And I don’t think people believed. I said to so many people, ‘I have an idea to do a visual album and I want to…’ And they were like, ‘uhhhh, okay…’ And we did it. Not only did we do it. It’s my company and I’m very proud of that.“   -     Beyoncé


1.) First step is to obtain all of this information from your client:

  • First and last name (Middle name is only required if they have a common name)
  • Telephone or cellular phone number
  • OPTIONAL: You can also recommend them to leave a home address, work references, and/or any other information that they might feel will help guarantee a quicker screening.
  • Ex. A way to do this is to include this immediately in your escorting advertisement. At the end of your description, say something along the lines of “When contacting me, please leave your full, legal name and number you can be reached at.”

2.) Google.

  • It may sound silly, but doing this FIRST can actually greatly reduce the time it takes to screen your client. If your client has an uncommon name, then googling them can actually pull up helpful information immediately and take you to where you need to go. This could pull up their Facebook profile, LinkedIn account, or even their company website.

3.) http://www.whitepages.com/

  • Another no-brainer. Take the name they have given you, and search to see what comes up.
  • If multiple individuals with that name come up in the area, begin a REVERSE search.
  • Type in their phone number into the reverse phone number look-up. This will cost you $1.99 for it to send a text message with a name to your cell phone, but to me, it’s definitely worth a shot.
  • If they have presented you with their address, then place that address into the reverse address look-up. 
  • Finally, see if these searches match up with the name given to you.
  • Disclaimer: These are not guaranteed to work. People change cell phone numbers often, and if somebody was to punch in MY personal cellular number, it would come up with a different name. Also, I just moved, so my current apartment address is nowhere in the system for the general public.

4.) http://www.peoplefinders.com/ -> http://www.facebook.com/

  • I love this website for too many reasons. I use it for if Step 3 doesn’t provide any useful information. Take the name that was provided to you, and search it. All you need is a last name, first initial of the first name, and state of residence.
  • Once you have found the name of the person you’re looking for, look at the relatives.
  • Now, this is a little rude that I get into the lives of the relatives, but I do it for my freaking safety. If anyone doesn’t like this, please leave me a whiney message in my inbox for me to potentially give a damn to look over later on when I have time to waste (please & thank you).
  • Look up any relatives (preferably their siblings, NOT the parents; one way to figure this out is to go back to WhitePages and look up the names, see what age range they fall under, and determine how close in age they may be to the client. Avoid those with different last names that come up —these may be their ex-wifes or distant relatives) on Facebook. 
  • Once you have found someone on FB, skim through their friends list and see if you can find that client.
  • Note: The reason I do this is because many people have blocked the option of being found on FB. I happen to be one of those people. If you search my name, it does not pull me up, but if you search my relatives, you might be able to find me on their friend’s lists. Also, some of these clients may not have their last name up, or may have changed the spelling of their name.

5.) http://linkedin.com/

  • This is for verifying their work references. It’s the easiest step. Just search their name, find the name that’s in the area they claim to be from, and skim over the profile.
  • Note: You may need to have a profile of your own set up for it to show, and unfortunately, sometimes people are notified as to who views their profile. This may give away all of your personal information so BE CAREFUL!!!!

6.) eVerify

  • It is possible that if you work for a major company, or have the means to use such a website, you can perform extensive background checks on clients. However, you cannot just set up an account in your home, claim to need “work references”, and then run a check. This is actually highly illegal. The only reason I have ever been able to do this in the past was because of the free access I had to such a search engine, and it was completely free of charge and could have passed as typical checks for the work my company was doing. I can no longer do this.

7.) Background checks for free

  • In order to find websites like this, you’ll need to find a specific, dedicated-for-your-state website that is provided by the local law enforcement. The websites vary, so you’ll need to find the one for your area. Sugar baby Nikki provided a website once that actually did not work for me. I cannot recall the name, but I searched up THREE different individuals in my area who were known for having criminal histories, and yet, they came up clean on the website. Just know that sometimes it is not possible to find all of these client’s histories for free.

8.) Blacklist searches.

  • Find out that this client has not yet already been blacklisted:
  • http://nationalblacklist.com/ —Then find your city, and skim down the list. This website unfortunately requires you to PAY to see the reviews (ugh, so frustrating) but if the girls are smart, they’ll have include the client’s full, legal name in the “Name” section. Tons of girls in my area placed fucking stupid things like “Cheap broke loser” in the NAME description, instead of the actual name. Because of that, I couldn’t see who they were blacklisting. Dumbasses.
  • http://backpageblacklist.com/ — Even if you’re an escort who AVOIDS BP at all cost (like myself!), you may find a client BL-ed on here who contacts you off of a place like http://eros.com/
  • http://dangerzone411.com/
  • http://verifyhim.com/

9.) Last but not LEAST!

  • In an email or over the phone, kindly ask them to agree to the identity in which they are claiming. I prefer they do this through email, so I have a saved copy that can be provided as evidence against law enforcement if ever set up in a sting. Say something along the lines of this: “For my safety and yours, please respond back agreeing that you are [Insert full, legal name here]”. YES, it may make your client a bit uncomfortable, but if a client really has a problem with this, then he’s likely not to be respectful of your general safety. This falls under a legal agreement, in which they are CLAIMING an identity. No questions about this. You just cannot do this.
  • If you still have an eerie feeling when meeting your client, just briefly ask them to provide ID. I’ve never had a client refuse this one. 

As an escort, you are selling your time and companionship for money. Doctors and lawyers do it everyday. Escorting is legal. Prostitution, however, is not.Always include a disclaimer in your ad that confirms that you are strictly an escort, in which only your time and companionship is compensated for.Anything that occurs outside of that exchange is just a matter of personal choice between two, consenting adults.

Ladies, feel free to add anything you feel I may have missed!


Interviewer: Tom, you have a surprise…

Tom: Good evening Parisians people ! I thank you for your warm welcome, thank you very much. It’s a pleasure to present you Crimson Peak, result of that man beautiful imagination, Guillermo del Toro. It’s a love story, a ghost story, it’s a gothic novel. But ghosts are emblems of forbidden and repressed love. And… I personally think that this film is like a painting. And I like it very much. I hope you’re having fun. Thank you.


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