Screen Shots

Sleep Drinks Green Tea

Sleep’s (aka Remy Sanders) canon drink of choice is green tea which he appears to also prefer served cold.

Here we have him lost while drinking a green tea from Starbucks

And again when he offers Thomas a nap

Here we have him with homemade tea while he’s venting about Anxiety. It’s most likely green tea due to the color (homemade tends to be this color in my experience)

Even Thomas (while trying to boost his immune system) enjoys green tea

I also spoke with fellow famder and Starbucks barista @its-a-wonderful-morning​ who confirmed that Remy is in fact drinking green tea.

So there you have it folks! Our extra boy likes him some green tea. I think it suits him well. Green tea has a lower caffeine content than even black tea (which has twice as much) meaning constantly drinking it wont bother him as bad as constantly drinking coffee (which has three to five times as much!). So let’s spill the tea and spread the word yall! #remygreenteaagenda