Screaming Females

Music Tag

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional friends.

I was tagged by my bae @agingphangirl

1) It Never Ends - Bring Me the Horizon

2) Limousine - Brand New

3) Quit Sleeping! It’s Nothing But a Waste of Time - Make Me Famous

4) Bad Kids - Lady Gaga

5) Eyes on Fire (zeds dead remix) - Blue Foundation

6) Rose Mountain - Screaming Females

7) Drown - Front Porch Step

8) Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit - La Dispute

9) Glassy Sky - Tokyo Ghoul Soundtrack

10) You’re Not Alone - Of Mice & Men

I have a very wide range of music and it shows esp through shuffle yikes. this is pretty much what i listened to in 9th grade tbh 
I tag: @moondaniel @phandommother @snowbunnylester @britishlsers