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Congrats to Screaming Females, whose cover of @taylorswift‘s “Shake It Off” was voted the best A.V. Undercover of the year by our readers!

Watch the full A.V. Undercover 2015 season here.


Screaming Females cover Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

This is the second time Screaming Females have joined us for Undercover, but the first time the trio has played a Taylor Swift song. (Last time around, it was Sheryl Crow.) You’ll surely agree that the energy brought to this version is of a different sort than the original song, but that it’s no less powerful. The New Jersey’s band’s latest album is Rose Mountain.

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I am not the biggest fan of hero worship in general, but there are a chosen few that distort my composure: Edith Piaf, Patti Smith, Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon, Courtney Love, Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss, and last but not least, Corin Tucker. Sleater-Kinney changed my life when I needed them the most. In my formative teenage years, I was consumed by a deep well of self-hatred (born out of my own internalized homophobia, among other things) and I projected that frustration onto everything that came near me: my family, my friends, and my own body. When I came in contact with Sleater-Kinney, their music was unlike anything I had ever heard and their words galvanized me into my own queer identity, assuaged my hatred, and led me down a star-speckled path towards my current life as a relatively happy adult–and for this I am grateful.
—  Marissa Paternoster interviewing Corin Tucker in sheshredsmag #8

Garbage & Screaming Females // Because The Night


(some of) my favourite modern rock frontwomen

mitski miyawaki - mitski

marissa paternoster - screaming females

alicia bognanno - bully

laura jane grace - against me!

brittany howard - alabama shakes

sadie dupuis - speedy ortiz

over & over 

songs i listen to over and over {listen}

all over - cruisr // young volcanoes - fall out boy // could have been me - the struts // days - the drums // rollercoaster - bleachers // a bout - bad bad hats // fluorescent adolescent - arctic monkeys // sheena is a punk rocker - ramones // always like this - bombay bicycle club // god help the girl - god help the girl // i wanna get better - bleachers // hopeless - screaming females // wander - the aquadolls // girls-fast cars - the wombats // mrs. robinson - simon & garfunkel // mine - the aquadolls // musician, please take heed - god help the girl // gutter girl - hot flash heat wave // it’s cool - new beat fund 

Spin Magazine: Feminism in 2014: More Than a Trend

This article is kind of all over the place, and the title means well but is a little condescending. Feminism in various forms has been around as long as there have been women, and it’s been a very active culture in the western world for over a century, especially since the second wave of feminism in the 60’s. So everyone let’s stop putting feminism in the same sentence as “trend”, even as it’s presence grows in pop culture.

There are a few good quotes though:

“Beyoncé’s actions marks a shift in how pop stars — and their fan armies — think about feminism, particularly young women who rarely hear an accurate portrayal of the term outside of a classroom.

"Whatever gets ‘em in the door,” legendary riot grrrl and Julie Ruin singer Kathleen Hanna tells SPIN over email. “Some people who see that Miley Cyrus or Beyoncé are calling themselves feminists will dig deeper and find out about feminist history and think about how they can continue it and some won’t. But if even one person does, it’s worth it.”

Hanna is a fervent Beyoncé supporter -  something she touched on in a conversation with Grimes at last year’s VMA pre-show. “I used to worry about 'feminism’ being capitalized on, like in the '90s by the Spice Girls, etc.,” Hanna says. “But when people like Beyoncé step forward and claim [feminism] as positive, it legitimizes the resurgence in interest we’re seeing today.” She’d also “like to see men in the music industry asked if they’re feminists.”

Read the full piece here

Playlist: in honor of SK

Female-fronted punk bands tend to fly under the radar, despite the fact that they hit louder & harder than any other music. The riot grrrl movement started in the early 90s with an epicenter on each coast; propelled by the (very good) idea that women can do whatever the hell they want to do, it was pioneered by bands like Sleater-Kinney, Bratmobile, and Bikini Kill (all featured on this playlist). It lives on today in bands like the Coathangers, Deap Vally, and White Lung (the lead singer of White Lung, Mish Way, is pictured). The ideas are still the same, the emotion is still raw, and the music is still LOUD. This girl punk playlist hits hard, packed full of fast-paced songs by female-fronted or all-female bands.

Sleater-Kinney is coming out with their first album in A DECADE on January 20th (Carrie Brownstein, your fave from Portlandia, is the guitarist). I am stoked as hell about it so this playlist is an homage to them, their roots, and the bands they’ve influenced.

Image credit to Flickr user Michael Harvey