etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the holiday movie fiend  | 12.2.16

kevin mcallister lapel pin by quasivisualarts

home alone is the husbo’s go-to holiday movie, and i’ve definitely posted some great kevin mcallister finds here on EFOTD before. this lapel pin would add a hint of cheeky holiday cheer to your peacoat or knitted pom hat this year :)

i cant breathe this is the funniest gif in the history of digital imagery look at the way chens face distorts into disappointment in a matter of miliseconds, the way minseoks soul literally jumps from his body, the way baekhyun jus sit there.. astonished… looking back at kyungsoo for validation, the way sehuns eyebrows literally twist in such a way that its prob the first time ive seen any emotion from other than dead, the way fuckfign jungkook in the back cant even mind his own business because theres so much goddamn commotion in a matter of 2 seconds