I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  


Gardevoir fusions!!

I had a great time drawing all these. It was hard keeping it down to just 13! I’m taking requests for a wave 2; if anyone is interested, send me an ask or PM me~!

Froslass requested by @larareidenblarutan ; Sableye requested by @jellyrollin-yo ; Chikorita requested by @holyangel-1996


(( I’ve been playing Fire Emblem games lately, GBA ones on emulator as well as some games on my 3DS. Seeing as how Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I wasn’t… really in the mood to work on the next plotpost but wanted to make SOMEthing, I decided to whip up some really cheesy Confession-type animations of the crew thus far, a lot like what you’d see from Awakening and Fates. xD;

This was fun to do, even if EasyGifAnimator was being difficult. Hope you all have a great V-Day! ))

Hello everyone! There are a few things I wanted to say/announce:

  • I’ve replied on all anon asks I got in the past three(?) months, if you send me one you can probably find it after the ‘keep reading’!
  • I’ve decided to delete all the messages I had in my inbox and try to reply on new ones regularly, so if you sent me something and never got a reply, please send it to me once again! and I am really really sorry about it!
  • I also noticed that often when I use tumblr messenger I don’t get replies (like I’m in a middle of a conversation but it suddenly stops) and I was thinking if maybe tumblr’s system loses the messages like it sometimes does with asks (or maybe people just didn’t reply which is also a big possibility heh) I’m just curious if it happened to someone else too, because I’m worried that my messages never got to people.

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