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Prompt:  Hello! I have a tiny request!! reader is kirk’s wife. best friends with all of the boys (bones, spock, scotty) new to the enterprise/crew member was assigned to teach her self defense. He’s very hard on her bc of her relationship with kirk. she comes back to the boys every night with bruises/hurt ribs, etc. hides it from them because of their protectiveness and her pride. They find out though of course and kick some ass. ;) need to see some protective/angry boys! thanks love!
Word Count: 1338
Author’s Note: Ok, so this kind of went more into mushy gushy but there is definitely protectiveness in there!

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IMAGINE: Scotty comforting you in a time of need… 


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Star Trek is ANOTHER thing I love I’ve been wanting to draw for a long time. I decided to start with the Original Series in honor of its 50th anniversary. :) I had a lot of fun composing everyone’s poses and picking the colors for this piece. But I only realized after I sent this off to the printers that I forgot to put McCoy’s rank stripes. Maybe that’s why he’s so angry. Idk.

Also, this will soon be up for sale as a new 8x10 in print in my Etsy shop (along with other new goodies), so please keep checking back! 

Everything I loved about Star Trek Beyond

•The opening scene with Kirk and the aliens 

•"I ripped my shirt again.“ 

•The scene with Bones and Kirk drinking. 

•Kirk and Bones

•Kirk not flirting with anybody/being a womanizer 

•Sulu being gay 

•Sulu’s family 


•Kirk gazing lovingly up at Spock from the captain’s chair 

•The battle against the aliens 

•Bones and Spock getting on the turbolift together super badass 

•Bones and Spock going through the wrecked corridors together 

•Bones and Spock leaving on an escape pod together  

•Bones and Spock 

•Uhura kicking ass 

•Uhura risking her life to separate the saucer section 


•"Montgomery Scotty" 


•Kirk and Chekov sliding down the enterprise hull  

•Bones and Spock 


•”What’s your favorite color?" 

•Bones carrying Spock around 

•Bones being bothered that Spock was planning on leaving  

•Spock laughing 

•Spock insisting that he does "respect” Bones 

•Non sexualized Jaylah 

•Jaylah’s music 

•Scotty and Jaylah’s friendship 

•Uhura and Sulu’s friendship 

•"My innards feel like they’ve been to a barn dance.“ 

•Spock and Bones shared glance when Kirk says to Spock, "What would I do without you?" 

•"You gave your girlfriend radioactive jewelry?!” •"You gave your girlfriend a tracking device?!“ 

•"I’m glad you don’t respect me." 

•The motorcycle holograms 

•Kirk grabbing Jaylah’s hand midairwhilespining ashskdj 

•Scotty and Keenser’s reunion 

•I can fly anything 

•Sulu being badass 

•Spock wanting Bones to come with him 

•Spock and Bones  

•Jaylah’s "Let me do it!” Then Uhura’s “Let her do it!" 


•Sulu and Chekov tapping to the beat 

•Bones flying the alien ship 

•Spock being a "damn backseat driver." 


•Kirk’s birthday party 

•Jaylah being accepted into starfleet 

•Chekov flirting with everybody 

•Spock and Kirk 

•Everybody getting equal and quality screen time

•The main seven all saying "Space, the final frontier…" 

•The Rihanna song 

•The entire soundtrack 

•The space credits 


•Star Trek Beyond 

•The entire movie 

•In memory of Leonard Nimoy 

•For Anton