Algy reclined on a rock beside the water, watching the burn meander its way through several shallow blue pools and then rush headlong over the rocks, foaming and bubbling its way across the red stone as it tumbled downhill towards the sea. He wondered why it was in so much of a hurry, when he was happy just to sit quietly by its side…

Algy hopes you will have all been able to enjoy some happy, quiet moments today, while the world roars and rushes by :)


Driving from The Highlands to Oxfordshire - 550 miles

The drive from Loch Ness to Oxfordshire may have taken 11 hours yesterday, but it offered up this magnificent scenery through Glencoe.

Created with a Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG

Photographed by Frederick Ardley -


A young Scottish Wildcat at the British Wildlife Centre. It’s still quite slender at this age so hasn’t developed the muscular frame that Scottish Wildcats are known for. Looks like a domestic tabby here…

It’s thought that there are only 35 of these wildcats left in the wild…a scary thought…


Daniel Casson
Sheffield, UK
Canon EOS 100D

What are the best places to go for nature photography in the UK, and what do you think is the best season to go hunting for incredible shots?

I live next to the Peak District and we have some of the best landscapes and nature. I would also choose the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands because they have amazing mountains and forests.

My favourite season is definitely Autumn. I love the colours and the different types of weather autumn brings. From a frosty sunny morning to a wet and foggy day, it can change pretty quick. No matter what type of day it is, the colours make the countryside come to life.

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