now we've got a big big mess on our hands tonight, sing it.

okay so…so far tonight these movies were on:

inglourious basterds

scott pilgrim vs. the world


dude…all i need is for jennifer’s body to come on.

i will be in fangirl movie heaven.

i really really do love sucker punch. like really. the opening sequence just fucking…GETS me everytime i watch it. and then when baby doll is brought to the brothel/asylum for the first time and she’s looking sweet pea in the eye while blue and her stepdad are talking about the *~highroller~*…i’ve seen this scene a million times but just now their fucking stare was just too goddamn much for me. too fucking much.

it made me really think about that theory that baby doll = sweet pea…ever since i read that theory i watch the movie trying to see it…i still havent really yet. except i’m questioning why they would be doing a *~performance~* that looks exactly like her lobotomy scene. like what would that mean? i just cant connect those dots yet.

fuck this it’s the first fight scene and i love this bjork shit.