Providing delicious material for her co-stars Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp makes her visibly gleeful. “I write something and I think, ‘She’ll smash that’ or ‘I can’t wait to see what she’ll do with that.’” Does she ever think the same when writing her own role? This thoughtful talker, who can keep you waiting 30 seconds for the right answer, responds immediately: “More like, ‘I hope I smash that.’” She laughs wildly. “Or, ‘I’d better bloody smash that.’”

We muse over the show’s appeal and decide that a distinctly northern tartness in the writing is a crucial element. She has it to burn. But, I point out, you’re not northern. “No,” she says wistfully. “I wish I was.” (x)

We own this city, every stone – a Murray and Dodson gangster AU

After murdering her cheating husband, Gill Murray inherits his Manchester underworld empire. Fiery and tempestuous, she soon draws the attention of the cautious but ruthless Julie Dodson, Dave’s firecest rival. Only instead of continued warfare, the two women find themselves drawn to each other instead, and what begins as an alliance intended to stabilise their businesses soon turns into something quite different…