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Photos of the Day: Alter Bridge (“Fortress” Tour) — Rams Head Live! — April 21st, 2014 [x]

If you’re seeing this on the evening of February 10th, 2017, between 9–11pm EST, it means I’m seeing Alter Bridge for the second time EVER, right now! I’ll be posting my photo teasers daily, as per usual with these types of live events, until the photoset (and probably a new “Highly-Biased” review to go along with it!) is completed. LET’S DO THIS!!!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LzJst0_HbE)


Photos of the Day (NEW Photoset Preview Edition): Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, and Scott Phillips of Alter Bridge (The Last Hero Tour), featuring Denise Owens (my mom!) and yours truly — The Fillmore Silver Spring — February 10th, 2017

…so I met ¾ of Alter Bridge. With my mom. In my home county, and in the same city where some of my great-grand-aunts lived. And just a block away from the headquarters of the parent company of Discovery Channel, if you want to know that kind of super-juicy trivia.

OK, so I KNOW what you’re thinking: “Where’s the photo of you and Myles, Liz-O?” Well, I’ll turn that question around and instead ask everyone in the world, “Where did Myles go?” Seriously, he disappeared! For that matter, Mom and I never saw him walk up to us, either. He just suddenly appeared right in front of me on the other side of the barred barricade. I was a tiny bit spooked, especially since we’d just gotten over meeting Mark just a minute or two before that moment (who was, like Flip also was, very chatty and said multiple times how much his kids LOVED the LEGO AB minifigs!). Everything else that happened while he was still near us was fantastic; he knew exactly who I was, and remembered all the things I’ve made/designed/illustrated, and his photo with my mom turned out so adorably well! It only went south when, after reviewing that photo, my numb gloved fingers kept pressing the video RECORD button instead of the switch back to the live viewscreen! Flip came around by that point; then Myles saw the two ladies to our left and said something like “I’ll come back for you!” or “to you!”. Flip started signing my mom’s ticket just as I fixed the camera situation, so we took photos with Flip while Myles was with the other ladies. Then, after we thanked Flip, we looked all around for Myles, but he was totally gone! Nowhere to be seen. Poof.

I think Myles either was too tired to remember to come back, as he’d put EVERYTHING into the show that night (watch “Calm the Fire” from The Fillmore Silver Spring for proof!), OR… he’s not actually human. You decide!

Even with that mishap, that night was still easily the best night I’ve had… ever? I still got to meet THE busiest musician in rock, Myles Kennedy. And Mark Tremonti. And Scott Phillips. And found out that Brian was already asleep on the bus and “wearing his Batman pajamas,” according to Flip. All of that just means that I’m nowhere near done with these people, as Mr. Kennedy still has to come back for me! I’ll wait, it’s cool. :)

Oh, and the gig was good, too! (More mid-gig teasers on the way soon!!)