I hate that MTV never plays old episodes of Teen Wolf.

Like, if this is one of your best rated dramas then why wouldn’t you have marathons so other people can watch it?

I want to be able to turn on my TV and scroll through channels and just watch Teen Wolf during off seasons.


Jackson x Reader

“(Y/N) right?” Jackson asked as he watched you walk out of the school.

“Maybe… why what’d you want?” You asked Jackson who grinned.


“No offence but I just need to use you, and I’d rather it be you than Stilinski.” Jackson muttered as he gripped the back of your hair and forced your neck back before revealing his red eyes and fangs, his deep bite muffling you cry for Scott’s help.

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“Why didn’t you tell us you were back?” Scott asked as Stiles finally stopped suffocating Y/N in a hug.
“Then it wouldn’t be much of a surprise then, McCall.”
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ps i wonder what inspired this *winks*
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Preference - Cuddles


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     Scott was very protective of you when you guys were sleeping together. Usually you wouldn’t be very comfortable, with his big arms wrapped around you like you were a small bear, but with his presence next to you, you always drifted to sleep pretty fast. Even though you woke up with cramps in the weirdest of places because the awkward positions you were in the night before, you didn’t mind.


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     When you and Stiles cuddled, you would always be the big spoon. Always. Sometimes Stiles tried to get behind you, but it was always more comfortable when you held him from behind. If you weren’t spooning, you’d be facing each other, with your arms and legs wrapped around each other. When the two of you watched movies (usually Star Wars) together, he’d lay down with his head on your lap, and you would run your fingers through his hair. 


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     Liam and you were probably the cutest couple in all of Beacon Hills, which meant the two of you were the cutest cuddles. When watching scary movies with the rest of the pack, at a scary scene, Liam would suddenly jump, and you’d wrap your arms around him, laughing. At night, your arms would be around each other, with one of your legs over his.


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     Isaac was a very big person, and it was hard for you to get your arms or legs all the way around him, so you would stay straight, while Isaac kept his big arms around you. You would just keep one hand on his shoulder, and with the other, trace small patterns on his collarbone.

Author’s Note: Anotha one.

Your favourite things about him (Teen wolf preference)

Derek. Physically: his abs. ugh they’re to die for!
personality: his protectiveness, to take care of you

Isaac: Physically: his scarves, even though it may be mid June he can still work it
personality: his gentleness, how sweet and caring he can be

Liam: physically: his cute little grin! oh how it makes people weak at the knees
personality: how shy and innocent he can be around you

stiles: physically: his dress wear, mostly his cute flannels he wears. or just the actual fact he looks like a walking god
personality: the sarcastic little goofball. needn’t i say no more

Scott: physically: his big puppy brown eyes, staring lazily back at you
personality: how cute and laid back he is in your relationship, not taking his alpha dominance at you

Theo: phyically: he was just gorgeous, there wasn’t a single thing you could pick out individually
personality: even though he was an actual douche to everyone else deep down he was a snuggly little bear

Brett: physically: his height, it was so attractive to you how much taller he was than you
personality: just being his casual self not wanting to be someone else

Jackson: Physically: his gorgeous jawline, it could slice'n'dice that meat
personality: they way he could lay his arm across your shoulder in public but then he’d endlessly watch soppy films with you when you were alone

Parrish: physically: his uniform, what couldn’t get better than a man in uniform
personality: his innocence, how your relationship was almost like a first teenage romance


Reader x McCall Pack

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“Woah Lydia what’re you doing in here?” Stiles yelped as he turned and jumped, finding the redhead searching through the room.


“Have you seen (Y/N)?” Lydia asked with her arms crossed and an oblivious eye to the Lacrosse team who were all gawking at her.


“No… not since Danny and Jackson left.” Stiles shrugged.

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You Before Me

Requested by @scottmccallll:  One shot / imagine for Scott? Y/N is injured in a fight saving him, and afterward doesn’t want to let on she’s been hit / badly injured because she doesn’t want him feeling guilty ontop of everything else he’s going through, but when he drops her off at her house he realizes she’s not okay and goes in with her, bandages her up and stays with her? Thanks! :)))

A/N: I hope you’ll like it, thanks for the request! :) 

You are having a bad feeling about this since you entered your Highschool. You should have insisted on not doing this. Nothing good has ever happened at night at Beacon Hills High. But Scott made the decision to hunt your enemies down tonight and right here and you can’t really doubt your alphas orders. Although you are deadly scared of losing him.

Deaton got a tip that this new pack of hostile werewolves would try to steal chemicals from the school tonight and this is the first real chance you have in catching them. You came here with the whole pack but split up right after you arrived to cover more ground. Now it’s only you and Scott creeping through the dark hallway and you can’t stop throwing him looks. He can probably smell how nervous and anxious you are but he didn’t comment on it.

“Scott, I still don’t think this is a good idea”, you whisper to him while listening hard to notice any strange sounds. He just flashes you a reassuring smile that doesn’t work at all.

“Y/N, you don’t have to worry. I have everything under control.”

Right, because your plans always play out so well. You roll your eyes and glance behind the next corner. You’ve reached the hallway that leads to the labs. However, everything seems to be dark and empty, just like the rest of the building.

“Alright, you should stay here while I search the lab”, Scott mumbles as he looks over your shoulder. You almost hurt you neck turning around really fast and just stare at him in utter disbelief.

“What the hell are you talking about? I am not letting you go in there alone!”, you hiss.

“Y/N, I’m a true alpha. You are human. You are much more in danger than I am. Just trust me, okay?”

He looks at you with those big brown eyes that carry a trace of plead and he doesn’t even know how well this expression works on you. How your knees become all shaky when he looks at you like that. Damnit. You hate the plan but you don’t wanna fight with him until it’s too late either.

“Alright. But don’t you dare getting hurt!”, you warn him.

He smiles at you softly, then he’s already around the corner and on his way to the lab. You are staying back with a sick feeling in your stomach. Every time you are doing something like this you are worried that it could have been your last chance to express certain feelings.

At first you try to lean against a locker and relax a bit but it’s hopeless, so you just walk around, still listening but hearing nothing expect for your beating heart. You wait. And wait. Wait for anything to happen. However, as the noises start, you almost jump. It’s a bang followed by a growl and after that, it doesn’t stop. Full battle screams sound through the hallway and make you freeze on spot with your eyes widened. Pure dread and panic pump through your blood all of a sudden. Oh no! Hell no!

You know you probably should’ve just stayed there. Like Scott said: you’re only human. But it’s impossible. The only thought that reaches your brain is that you have to help him. You have to save that incredible, beautiful person no matter what. That’s why you just start running, rushing to the lab. The door is wide open and the noises become louder.

As you enter your eyes meet a horrible scene. You discover Scott on the floor, looking partly unconscious and not able to get back up. And in front of him towers a huge werewolf with glowing blue eyes, coming closer to finish him off. Everything else like glasses, liquids, whatever is either broken or spilled on the floor. Shards are flying everywhere.

Instead of screaming or fleeing, though, you are obviously going insane because without thinking, you just jump right on front of Scott to shield him from the danger. The werewolf strikes out, shattering your bones with a horrifying, bloodthirsty growl. Suddenly you feel the pain in your side. His claws must have met your flesh. But you don’t have the time to check on that if you want to survive. You only have one weapon and that one has to work.

Your fingertips close around the little bottle in your pocket and you just throw it right at the werewolf with all the strength you can muster, hoping that it will bust. It does, revealing a cloud of dark powder that lands on his bared skin. You can hear a strange hiss before his painful, tortured howling starts. He stumbles backwards, trying to get rid of the stuff without any success. And then he finally turns around and flees through the open window into the night.

You need a few moments to catch your breath and calm down a bit, then you touch your side where his claws met your skin and twitch. You can feel something wet and sticky and as you hold your fingertips in front of your eyes, you realize that it’s blood. However, it doesn’t hurt that bad. At least not yet. And Scott is already moving behind your back. He can’t know about this. He’d just freak out and not understand why you’ve done this, maybe even make himself responsible. You don’t want that. So before he fully opens his eyes, you cover the wound with your jacket and smear the blood from your hand to some tablecloth. Then you turn around and kneel down beside him.

“Scott, are you okay?”, you mumble concerned, grabbing him softly by his shoulder.

His eyes, which have been aimlessly wandering around, focus on you and a relieved expression appears in his face.

“Yeah…yeah, I’ll heal. What happened?”

“He wanted to kill you but I surprised him with a good dose of mountain ash. He fled afterwards.”

A shade of surprise flashes up in his eyes that you could’ve considered hurtful but right now you really don’t mind. Then he pushes out a heavy sigh and heaves himself up from the floor.

“Well, I guess I got lucky. Thank you so much, Y/N…I don’t know what would’ve happened without you.” Scott shoots you a little smile and you really don’t know what to answer, therefore you are just glad as he continues: “We should leave. He won’t come back.”

No, he won’t. Nothing to take from this lab anymore, everything is destroyed.

Side by side you walk back the way you came only minutes ago and while Scott is rubbing his head, you suddenly realize how weak your legs have become. And how narrow your view. Has this something to do with the bloodloss? You really need to get home so you can look after your wounds.

As you step outside, the rest of the pack has already gathered around their cars. All of them are wearing serious expressions.

“What happened? We saw him running away”, Stiles asks as soon as you are in earshot. You have difficulties to hear him by now. Damnit.

“He’s gone. We need to make a new plan. Tomorrow”, Scott says.

Thank God, you don’t know what you would’ve done if he’d said today.

Stiles makes a face, he’s clearly not happy about that, but for once he just shuts up. Lydia takes his hand and pulls him to the jeep. Malia, Liam and Hayden turn around too, ready to leave.

“Come on, let’s drive home”, Scott mumbles into your ear. Usually, he always drives with you. Your car is standing there, waiting for you but you are feeling kinda dizzy, definitely not well and you know you shouldn’t drive.

“Is it okay if you drive?”, you ask him innocently while you pull out your keys and hold them out to him. He frowns at you.

“Why? You hate it when somebody else drives.”

“Yeah but…I’m still full with adrenaline and…I guess it would be better.”

He buys your lie. Probably thanks to the concussion or whatever he’s affected with because under normal circumstances, he would’ve definitely smelled it. He snatches the keys out of your hands and opens the passenger’s door for you, acting perfect once again. After he climbed in himself and started the engine, you just stare out of the window and try hard to ignore the pain in your side that grows worse as the shock and adrenaline slowly wear off. Sweat breaks out on your forehead and covers your palms. You clench your teeth and never once look at him.

And you are incredibly glad as you pull into your driveway. You are pretty sure you wouldn’t have made it another minute. You push out a shaky breath and push the door open, about to climb out. Just as you do, though, you reveal yourself. An excruciating sting of pain suddenly shoots from your wound through your whole body and you can’t hold back the little scream anymore. You land on your two feet, then sway as stars appear in front of your eyes and you would’ve totally fallen if Scott hadn’t caught you last minute.

“What the hell, Y/N, what’s going on? Wait…is that blood?”

He sniffs and his face goes all dark. Then he pulls your jacket aside and it turns grey as he discovers all the blood on your shirt.

“Oh my God you’re seriously hurt. Come on, I’ll get you inside and take care of this.”

You can’t even object before he lifted you from your feet and carried you to your front door. You feel like a feather in his arms. Comfortable and confused at the same time. On one hand you enjoy how close and warm he is, on the other hand your brain is too mushy to think logically.

A few moments later, he laid you down on your sofa and got the first aid kit from your kitchen. Scott kneels down next to you and pulls up your shirt very gently and with narrowed eyes.

“Damnit, Y/N, why didn’t you tell me?”, he asks you. The trace of disappointment in his voice makes you feel all guilty. You look away from him and up at the ceiling while you answer.

“I didn’t want to worry you.”

“Always the selfless hero. Not that I don’t love that about you, but you really have to think about yourself sometimes”, he grumbles. He starts to clean your wound with a wet towel and you are really glad that he’s distracted. Otherwise he would’ve definitely heard your raising heartbeat as he mentioned the word love.

“I’ll try”, you promise weakly.

He looks up at you and his gaze is intense. “That’s all I want. I have to disinfect the wound. You should take my hand.”

You don’t even hesitate, you really need the comfort. While you squeeze his hand tightly, his veins turn black and the pain slowly leaves your body, making him shiver. You don’t feel anything of the disinfection. Just his touch, this connection, and the fatigue that overcomes you. He continues to hold your hand long after he’s finished and only pulls away to bandage you. Then he sits down in front of you and looks you right into your eyes, brushing your hair behind your ear.

“Don’t you dare to get hurt, remember? The same goes for you”, he mumbles. “Do you have any idea how I’d feel if anything happened to you?”

You almost can’t stand the pain and sadness he suddenly radiates. You bite your lower lip and shake your head.

“Well, I’d be devastated. Promise me that you will tell me next time.”

“I promise”, you whisper.

You are staying in that position for a while, just keeping quiet and looking at each other. Your emotions are going crazy. You don’t want him to go. You can’t let him go. You are tired and confused and you need him. You know you have no right but you just do.

“Scott, can you stay with me?”, you request as you’ve finally gathered enough courage.

A small smile covers his lips, making your heart jump a little.

“Of course.”

He lies down next to you and carefully wraps his arms around you, pulling you into a warm and perfect embrace. You place your head on his arm and shut your eyes, trying to forget all the bad stuff around you and just concentrate on this precious little moment. He even presses a soft kiss on your hair. God, how much you love Scott Mccall. You would do the same thing to save him any time.

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I have a lot of thoughts about a Sciles Cinderella AU so this is for the sake of filling the tag with more actual Sciles stuff feel free to talk to me about it. 

Scott is Cinderella obvs and the “Fairy Godmother” is actually an Alpha Werewolf. He gets his night at the ball, but he also gets claws and fangs. The God(father) meant for him to kill his abusers with them, but instead he fights the power and chooses to love instead

Stiles is the Crown Prince, and his father, the King, is dying. Their kingdom is threatened on many sides by supernatural forces, and Stiles is human

He needs an ally, a mate who can bring him some sort of assistance against this scourge, but he fell in love with a boy at the ball that he hasn’t seen sinceAll he has to remember the boy by is a golden glove, finely woven silk, with something very peculiar - tear marks in each of the fingertips

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