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i can’t breath!!!!


“Stiles, this isn’t you.”
“It is now.”

His First Time (Stiles Stilinski Imagine) - Requested

Request: Could I please have an imagine with Stiles in which the reader asks if he has had sex yet, and he says he hasn’t and the reader offers to take his virginity (the reader can be Scott’s sister)? (1) Can you do a Stiles smut where it’s his first time and the reader and him do it in the back of Roscoe? He comes and the reader doesn’t, so he eats her out, please? (2)

Prompt: You and Stiles are waiting for Scott (aka your brother) and Liam to return from the tunnels. When you hear that Stiles is still a virgin, you offer him the opportunity to lose his virginity, although some things do not go as planned.

Word counter: 2033

Author’s Note: Holy shitballs, I’ve written this in 3 hours or something so I hope it’s good. Enjoy reading! :D

Warnings: Smut, unsafe sex (always use birth control and condoms kids), language

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How i want Teen Wolf to end

So imagine this:
This villain of the last season is trying to kill the pack. Scott needs help so he calls everyone he knows. Like literally everyone. Jackson, Isaac, Derek, Cora, Ethan… Every episode people keep getting killed. It’s the final episode and it’s just Scott left.
He is attacked by the villain and out of nowhere Peter comes and saves Scott, sacrificing himself.
Scott runs up to him and tries to help, but Peter keeps repeating “it wasn’t me”. Scott asks him what he’s talking about and Peter tells him that he wasn’t the one who bit him that night. He pretended that it was him only to get Scott to think that he’s his Beta. He dies before he can say who it was.
Scott, all alone, decides to go back to that night and find out who gave him “the bite” (like he, Allison and Stiles did in 3B) he’s furious, sad and he can barely control himself, trying not to “wolf out” every second. He goes back to that night and sees Allison, Stiles.. Seeing them is too much for him he can’t control himself anymore. He sees a boy. Scott wants to kill him so bad, he’s so mad, he doesn’t have anyone left, nothing matters anymore. He becomes so strong he breaks the barrier between the present and the past.

He bites Scott.
The same story keeps repeating itself.
Teen Wolf never ends.