The Hunter and The Hunted (2)

A/N- Hey Lovelies, this is the second part of my teen wolf X supernatural mini-series, i hope you all like this part! I am hoping to get another part up today but  I’m not sure, Enjoy!! 

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Part One

Work Count- 1,402, not as long as i had hoped but the next chapter should be longer.

Warnings- reliving a bad memory, near death experience 

“Y-yeah, I am” you gulped, Turing to face the wide eyed werewolf, also catching the eyes of the pack, their confused and concerned stares making you feel both uncomfortable and slightly warm inside, knowing that they too cared for you.

Peter still stood, mouth agape and expression almost unreadable, except it wasn’t completely unreadable, meaning you could see the slight relief in his eyes. He reached his hand out, causing the pack to protectively step forward, you only held your hand out as a signal for them to stop.

Peter moved the fabric of your shirt along your shoulder, looking for confirmation that you were really you, y/n Winchester. And sure enough, there lay four large claw marks, where a werewolf had dragged its claws only a few inches, although very deep.

The memory you had tried so hard to push back, in a moment when you felt so weak, you knew you should have been more careful, faster and maybe that wouldn’t have happened. Dean was angry at you for letting yourself get split away from him, it hurt to remember everything that happened within that week, one of the worst weeks of your life.

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New Fanfiction?

hello ((: so I had an idea for a fanfic, which could potentially turn into a series if you guys so choose…but, I’m not sure who to pair the reader with. automatically I though Derek Hale…because obviously he’s the loml 😂❤️ but I was wondering what my readers would want…any teen wolf guy will work. for example Isaac Lahey, Scott McCall, Liam Dunbar, Brett Talbot, Stiles Stilinski, etc… anybody will work ☺️ so if you guys would like to choose, let me know. thanks ❤️

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Requested by anon: Being Jordan Parrish’s Younger Supernatural Sibling Would Involve..

-He is super protective of you.
-Him getting mad when he finds out you have known about you being supernatural ever since you moved to Beacon Hills and not telling him.
-He taught you how to fight.
-Surprising Jordan by coming into the Police Station and bringing him food.
-Annoyed about Lydia flirting with your brother.

-“Wow Jordan your on fire today.”
“Stop Y/N”
“You are one hell of a hound….get it?”
“Go away Y/n.”
“I think my jokes are funny.”
“Trust me..they aren’t.”

-Everyone in the station knowing you.
-Stiles and you visit the station often.
-Jordan getting mad/protective when he sees you getting close to Stiles and Scott.
-You getting mad when you see Lydia kissing Jordan.

-“You kissed my bestfriend!?”
“Gross. oh my gosh this is…no..just no.”
“Y/n calm down.”
“No! Im so uncomfortable.”

-Ignoring Lydia and Jordan until accepting what you saw.
-Whenever Lydia or Jordan refuses to do something you ask them to do you just say “Well you kissed my brother/bestfriend Lydia/Jordan.” and they do it.
-Jordan always thinks of you as a little girl because he doesn’t want you to get hurt.
-you being overly confiden about how good you are at fighting.
-you end up getting hurt and admit you were wrong.
-he lectures you on how irresponsible you are.
-your super dorky even though you are super badass and strong.
-looking after each other.
-Stiles being angry about you breaking his baseball bat.
-You buy him a new baseball bat.
-Helping Jordan find out what he is.
-More fire jokes.

-“I hate your jokes.”
“No you don’t Jordan.”
“Yeah I do.”
“They are TOASTY.”
“You can walk home today.”