Scott Lowel


QAF Then and now….

  1. Gale Harold
  2. Randy Harrison
  3. Peter Paige
  4. Hal Sparks
  5. Sharon Gless
  6. Michelle Clunie
  7. Thea Gil
  8. Scott Lowell
  9. Robert Gant
  10. Sherry Miller
  11. Harris Allan

“We were flushed out of our lives, most of us. I mean Thea was the only one living in Canada at the time and the rest of us were all sort of grabbed from New York or L.A and given a week or two to pack up our lives and clocked into Toronto to shoot this series. So we were really dependent on each other that first season. We needed each other to survive. And I think that paid into extraordinary dividends.” – Peter.
“I remember when I got my first apartment–I got it the year after you guys did–and Peter took me around to buy my furniture and that was a bonding. And then you guys came over and played cards.” – Sharon.
“And we helped Gale buy his bed.” – Scott.