also, is that why sherlock was so drawn to the ‘carl powers’ case - his very first case/’’where he started’’? he was still subconsciously traumatized by victor drowning, so when he heard that another boy his aged had drowned, he had to investigate it himself. and he was so heartbroken still that his best friend had disappeared 6 years ago, that he kept investigating the carl powers case, even tho the police and scotland yard had given up.

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'Llo! Do you think Sherlock would've gotten splinters in his hands from the coffin? I was thinking some sort of such blanket scene back at Scotland Yard where Sally/Anderson/Hopkins/rando observes Sherlolly

What a wonderful idea! I have a bit of a queue with prompts, so I can’t say for sure how quickly I will get to this, but I really like the idea of Sally Donovan seeing Sherlock and Molly together. Especially since Sally and Anderson were so absent from this season. Please come off anon so I can credit you with this idea when I post the finished fic!

You left me so I did what you loved the most

A/N: (Y/N/I) means your name’s initial

Warnings: Murder? Should I even mention it considering it’s a Sherlock imagine?

Word count: 932


Third Person’s POV

Dear Sherlock,

It’s been a year since you left John, Mycroft, Molly, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, and me.

It’s been a year since you jumped.

So I decided to stop this nonsense of mourning and decided it would be great to do the thing you loved the most.


Maybe I’ll start solving cases,

Probably not.

Yours sincerely,


As (Y/n) approached the tombstone she smiled. Finally she would stop being sad, but the smile on her face was not a happy one. It was a crazed one considering her plans. She laid the letter and flowers on the grave before heading out and contacting her brother.

“Hello Jimmy” She said through the phone. On the other side of the line, James Moriarty smiled as he heard his sisters’ voice.

“Hello (Y/N/N), what’s the occasion?” He asked with a smile.

“I am finally taking you up on your offer”

“You are already trained, so why do you want to work for me?”

“Because what is better to honor Sherlock’s death than doing what he loved the most?” she said laughing.

“Very well, I’ll see you later sis” Moriarty said laughing.

One Year Later


Lestrade received another call from another officer.

“Another one?” He said exhausted.

“Yes sir, same marks, same message, same everything, the victim was a middle aged man” the officer said.

“Are you sure? It’s gonna be the fifth one this week!”

“Yes sir, same as the past forty murders”

“Fine, I’ll look into this case again” said Gregory Lestrade looking over the files of the past murders. What-or rather who- is looking to pass the message of You left me, so I did what you loved the most –(Y/N/I)M. What does (Y/N/I)M means? To whom is the message directed to? Greg dialed a number he knew by memory.

“Sherlock Holmes.”

“I have a case for you”


“So you mean to tell me, there have been more of these murders and you’ve waited until they reached forty five to contact me?”

“Yes, because these murders have been occurring since one year ago, specifically since the mark of one year of your ‘death’” Greg exclaimed.

“And what about the message? I mean ‘You left me, so I did what you loved the most –(Y/N/I)M’ has to be directed to someone, but to who?” John asked.

“Where’s (Y/N)?” asked Sherlock suddenly.

“She disappeared days after you jumped from the hospital. No one has heard of her ever since” John said, “She took your ‘death’ really hard, worse than any of us apparently” he added.

“You have no clue as to where she is?” Sherlock asked Lestrade.

“No, she hasn’t been around the Yard, you should ask Molly, remember they are-or were- best friends, I would think that at least she would have kept contact with her” Lestrade answered.

“Can’t you make an investigation about what happened to her?”

“We looked for her for six months; we gave up after finding no clue as to where she could’ve gone.”


“So, how have your murders gone?” asked Jim to his twin sister.

“No one suspects a thing, plus since I haven’t talked to Molly since two years ago, no one knows I am still in Britain, and the idiotic police don’t even know what my message means. It’s been forty five killings; I would’ve thought they had at least one clue of who I am but apparently not.” (Y/N) said laughing. “Honestly they are more idiotic of what I thought, but of course, with Anderson in the forensic team they are going to reach no-where, his single neuron works for nothing”

“Of course, aren’t normal people adorable?”

“They are, but also too stressful to hang around with.”

“That is true twinny”

“That’s a new one” (Y/N) said amused.

“I like to change things every now and then” Jim said smiling.

“Yeah, whatever you say Moriarty”

“You are a Moriarty too!”

“I know, but you take that as an insult when you shouldn’t” (Y/N) said laughing, Jim looked at her with an expression that simply read: really? “Yes, really” she said laughing harder.

“Want to try out new toys?” Jim said excited.

“What toys are we talking about?”

“There are a couple of guns I want to try out”

“You don’t have to ask twice” (Y/N) said getting up from her seat, following her brother.


Did you miss me?

Every screen in England read. An image of James Moriarty on every screen, but not only him, (Y/N) Moriarty’s face was beside it, with a grin that would put the Cheshire cat to shame.


“I want to know why (Y/N) was beside Moriarty in an image that was all over England!” exclaimed Sherlock, “The grin she had on her face, that isn’t the (Y/N) I knew! She would’ve never sided with Moriarꟷ”

“What Sherlock?!” asked John.

“The message… The murders. It was her. (Y/F/I)M. (Y/N) Moriarty.”  He said, almost no believing himself at what he was saying. How could she? After all, she despised Moriarty, right?

“What was her last name?” John asked.

“(Y/L/N),or at least that’s what she told me when we met.” Sherlock answered.

“But why would she lie about that?” Lestrade asked confused.

“Considering her brother ꟷtwin brother apparentlyꟷ is the head of an organization full of assassins, my best bet is that she thought we would’ve thought differently of her. I am an idiot! How couldn’t I see the resemblance?!” Sherlock exclaimed.

“Well then, how are we going to catch her? She’s responsible for over eighty five cold blooded murders!”

“Easy, we attract her to us”

“Those things will kill you.”

“…You bastard.” 

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Watch them do S5, and everything has relaxed, Sherlock is like… like a person, and they’re solving crimes together, Sherlock is exploring his relationship with Molly, Rosie is growing. Mrs. Hudson is still Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft starts getting coffee with Lady Smallwood- all the way denying it’s anything like a date. Lestrade starts dating someone from Scotland Yard, Sherlock is convinced she is the one for him. Mary watches over. Molly is actually happy. She and Sherlock see each other very frequently, and oh my gosh, yes, they really are canon and Sherlock has a girlfriend. They’re like Rosie’s second set of parents. John loves seeing how Sherlock has become compassionate. It’s beautiful.

“It’s a dangerous habit to finger loaded firearm in the pocket of one’s dressing gown or are you just pleased to see me?”
- Jim Moriarty: The Abominable Bride

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Victor Frankenstein: A Summary
  • Thrilling science fiction film
  • Moriarty
  • Molly
  • Mycroft
  • Sholto
  • Discount Johnlock
  • Scotland Yard
  • Victorian London
  • It was the special
  • It was literally the Sherlock Christmas Special

“This is the story of Sir Boast-a-lot.
Sir Boast-a-lot was the bravest and cleverest knight at the Round Table. But soon the other knights began to grow tired of his stories about how brave he was and how many dragons he’d slain. And soon they began to wonder, Are Sir Boast-a-lot’s stories even true? Oh no…
So one of the knights went to King Arthur and said, “I don’t believe Sir Boast-a-lot’s stories. He’s just a big old liar who makes things up to make himself look good.” And then, even the king began to wonder. But that wasn’t the end of Sir Boast-a-lot’s problem. No. That wasn’t the Final Problem. The end.“