Scotland Highlands

Out on the open moor, Algy discovered a fascinating pool, surrounded by a ring of thin ice which was floating in the air, a little way above the level of the water. He stopped to study this unusual phenomenon, and while he was sitting quietly in the winter sunshine, testing the ice gingerly with his feet, a black-faced sheep happened to wander by. Algy greeted the sheep politely, but he was disappointed to find that the sheep was much more interested in studying its own fine reflection in the pool than in talking to him.

Algy apologises for his absence from Tumblr during the past week. He has been exceptionally busy helping his assistant finish his latest children’s book: he will have some exciting news about that tomorrow :)

of all the photos i’ve ever taken, this one of a highland cow may be my favorite. look at it’s tongue, look at it.

you may go back to your regularly scheduled blogging now


From Mount Everest to the Scottish Highlands 

I am always at home in mountainous regions of the world. The isolation is like no peace you can possibly find anywhere else.

By Frederick Ardley -


Driving from The Highlands to Oxfordshire - 550 miles

The drive from Loch Ness to Oxfordshire may have taken 11 hours yesterday, but it offered up this magnificent scenery through Glencoe.

Created with a Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG

Photographed by Frederick Ardley -