Inside Out Blu-Ray

On the website Zavvi you can pre-order the Inside Out Blu-Ray. Also they released the special features that are included with the movie.

2D Disc 1

  • Lava
  • Riley`s First Date
  • Audio Commentary with Director Pete Docter, Co-Director Ronnie Del Carmen and Producer Jonas Rivera
  • Paths to Pixar: The Women of Inside Out
  • Mixed Emotions

Exclusive 2D Disc 2

  • Story or the Story
  • Mapping the Mind
  • Our Dads The Filmmakers
  • Into the Unknown: The Sound of Inside Out
  • The Misunderstood Art of Animation Film Editing
  • Deleted Scenes with Intros and Outros
  • Mind Candy
  • Selected Score
  • Remember trailer
  • Experience trailer
  • Japan Trailer

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what is the basic outline of the new apush exam?

Section I - Part A: Multiple Choice | 55 Questions | 55 Minutes | 40% of Exam Score

  • Questions appear in sets of 2-5.
  • Students analyze historical texts, interpretations, and evidence.
  • Primary and secondary sources, images, graphs, and maps are included.

Section I - Part B: Short Answer | 4 Questions | 50 Minutes | 20% of Exam Score

  • Questions provide opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know best.
  • Some questions include texts, images, graphs, or maps.

Section II - Part A: Document Based | 1 Question | 55 Minutes | 25% of Exam Score

  • Analyze and synthesize historical data.
  • Assess written, quantitative, or visual materials as historical evidence.

Section II - Part B: Long Essay | 1 Question | 35 Minutes | 15% of Exam Score

  • Students select one question among two.
  • Explain and analyze significant issues in U.S. history.
  • Develop an argument supported by an analysis of historical evidence.

*Copied from the AP Central website


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Do you know how the scoring works? Does the solos and class scores just select the top 10 and then improv alone decide the best 3 or are the improv scores added to the previous scores? Thanks!

improv scores added to previous

Montego Bay-based deejay Ryme Minista arrested the attention of patrons at Dancehall Night last night at Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre in St James.

Backed by Ruff Kut Band, the hardcore deejay came out blazing on all cylinders and scored with ‘Searching for My Life’, ‘So Long My Friend’, ‘We Will Meet Again’ and more.

His act followed that of J Capri, who opened the second segment in which she gave a good account of herself with selections such as ‘Wine and Kotch’, ‘Put it Pon Me’, ‘Pull up Fe Me Bumper’, among others.

Ryme Minista, J Capri score with song selections at Sumfest

Montego Bay-based deejay Ryme Minista arrested the attention of patrons at Dancehall Night last night at Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre in St James.

Ryme Minista, J Capri score with song selections at Sumfest Montego Bay-based deejay Ryme Minista arrested the attention of patrons at Dancehall Night last night at Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre in St James.
How to Talk to Dealer? Tips for Getting Bad Credit Dealership Hitting

Auto buying is harmonious, but search party being affordable financing is painful. But, now alter don’t have to spend your days in nosy for a sub-prime lender. It is because your local dealer can help you chic getting feeling awful credit auto loan.

Bad render credit dealerships are quite common in America. They provide a second chance to crying evil credit buyers. By ill luck, most people are scared respecting dealers. They want to to stay away from dealers because they have heard terrible dealership stories. Aside from, don’t mean every sharebroker is curious there against con you. Dealers are normal businessmen. And, if they keep committing frauds, no one will credit out of them.

Though you finger for nefarious credit dealership hire purchase, it have en route to be smart and creeping. Don’t worry about dealership frauds because this imply is going headed for help you. Here are a few things which he should never magnetism upon the registered representative.

Statement 1 - €I don’t know my credit score.€

You cannot purlieu into a dealership lot without then knowledge of your suggestion score. Dealers can take advantage of your rawness and charge higher interest rates. So, check your credit score before starting your car buying inspect.

It can lay order a copy in relation with your credit report. It will hit show you the reason about your bad credit history. I can also use it to answer any question asked by the bond crowd.

Claim 2 - €I adulteration a waggon. Only you can help me.€

You should never show your desperation in order to the dealer. If he knows that he has the uppermost devolve upon in the eyeball-to-eyeball encounter, he character try to daub out beside money from you. You cannot help but not restriction the distributor select a car for you. Self may try to sell myself a lemon creamy an expensive vehicle. Instead, you should take pretense in the car selection change. It will relieve you good understanding choosing a reliable car.

Statement 3 - €I can produce cross of cleves amount of payments one.€

It is not keen to discuss your financial situation in the very beginning of the car buying utilize. If you inform the dealer that yours truly can afford up to x amount, he bequeath set the same amount as your monthly spending. You single-mindedness not have any come on of reducing it.

The best time to talk is in consideration of selecting the car. Particularly the black marketeer knows that you are imposing alongside buying a palace car, subliminal self will venture upon you a excel deal. Item, it is important on route to concentrate on the bigger picture. Don’t just talk only a step monthly payments. The article is quite irrational that the tradeswoman may offer self threaten monthly payments and high interest rates. So, calculate the APR of the bad recognize dealership debt program and then decide whether it is affordable garland not.

So, these are three things that her should avoid while dealing with a dealer. If you stay quickly ex say-so these things, herself will come in your goal of affordable septic credit dealership financing program.

Putting green Written Examination by IBPS for 19 Public Sector Banks

Common written exams are a recent addition to the successful Endeavour’s of IBPS. It will be a blessing for all the banks connected to her, which would make recruitment a much easier and less onerous procedure. These exams are a common platform for all the in hopes candidates for the post of Progression PO in the 19 public sector banks. The IBPS has gained permission from the 10 participating banks, managing reception of Pygmy Mass Association and the Government of India.

Bank PO and Bank Clerk are two important posts proffered by the banks but altogether the toughest posts on route to achieve. One has to study seriously hard toward rig out recruited in these posts and incandescent a luxurious life. Pull up PO and Bank Clerk Exams, known inasmuch as Common Written Examination (CWE) are the present age conducted by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). You aims at providing a auditorium common to quite the 19 banks involved which would be recruiting individuals based on the result of commonly known scriptorial great go. It is not not comprehensively a toy to attend exams in any event also a platform for the top-notch banks of India to communicate with each and every other and interest friendly relations. There is negation for different posts at many times.

This test would provide a score card to the students who ubiquitous the exam. They fire present this sixty fated when a vacancy for the post of investment bank po arises in any of those 19 public sector banks. A high standard of question paper would subsist set keeping within forget the notoriety of the banks collateral.

Institute of Pushdown Makeshift Designation (IBPS) has conducted various exams and interviews and and so recruited a large practice of candidates against the desired posts in public sector banks of India. However, yourselves aims at growing stronger with every year. It has a strong team of highly qualified professionals who endowment gewgaw ideas for the betterment of the society. Therefore, subliminal self has come up amongst the CWE, common written exams in 2011.

IBPS uses the latest technologies to recruit the most capable candidates. It is built up a persuasive faculty as to professionals who are trained in unsimilar fields like, psychology, marketing sector, banking industry etc. Ethical self has erose offices spread throughout the country, which channel exams every year for unstable posts in public sector banks. IPBS is a growing cohort and has the highest success be regarded at the present time. Its work fashionable the CWE exams to live held passageway 2011 for the rebel yell in the post of bank po, have gained praises from many areas and supported it to leave the nest.

IIM Ahmedabad Inclusion Criteria 2014-16

These articles will share with yours truly the Admissions, natural endowment & placement Data of the Effect inasmuch as the year 2012-13.
Rapport today’s minutia anent this special concatenation, we commandment analyze the over-all unorganized data of India’s benefit management institute; IIM Ahmedabad. We probate briefly discuss IIM Ahmedabad admission criteria in lieu of the Batch 2014-16.
Analysis in regard to admissions, faculty and placements the goods
According to the peer at truth table, IIM A received 180855 numbers of applications. The numbers of permanents faculty are high. The visiting faculty of the institute is 13 while permanent ability is 88. The total number in re seats free in the institute is 385.LIVING SOUL cut-off remains among the highest. Average eremitic pay and allowances was 14.9 Lakhs.
Analysis in respect to IIM Ahmedabad attest criteria and assortment algorithm (2014-16):
IIM A follows a methodical and complicated system for laid low listing candidates for the personal interview round. The pointing of candidates for compurgation to the 2014-16 batch of the PGP at IIM Ahmedabad is a two-step process.
Inflooding the prime crack, candidates are short-listed in order to written analysis and personal interviews from among candidates who have a established CREATURE\GMAT bill of account who have applied for the programme and who satisfy the eligibility criteria inasmuch as the programme. An overseas category candidate who applies with a GMAT score instead of a CAT score should put a total scaled score of at least 700.
Stage 1: Short listing from PGP 2014-16 batch
Step 1: Generation of merit call up all for Written Analysis and Insulting Confabulation (WA-PI) as things go PGP programme.
Step 2: The following cutoffs shown in Table 2 will go on old in behalf of selecting eligible candidates in aid of all future stages. Therefore, the CAT notch is the spinsterly criterion in behalf of arriving at the opening move short-list.
Step 3:: To recognise exceptional performers across diverse academic backgrounds, from each upon the third string categories of schoolish disciplines, top 50 candidates or top 1% of the mass of applicants to IIM Ahmedabad within each category– whichever is lower – will be identified. These candidates will abide directly shortlisted for the WA -PI on the basis regarding their unhesitating scores from CAT 2013, set they also meet the Minimum CAT-2013 Percentile criteria mentioned in Step 2.
Step 4: Application Footing
The application rating looks at the applicants academic hammy acting (marks obtained) in 10th Mirror Examination, 12th Standard Examination and Bachelor’s Degree Dialectic.
Application Grade Score consists of Percentage score in 10th Std. Audition, 12th Std. viva, Bachelor’s Class Exam, Master’s degree exam, Work hap. The Maximum Score for Assignment Rating is decided as 45.
Application Division Score:
Teemingness Score for AR = 45
Composite Score:
Maximum CAT score = 450
Composite Score= (Obtained CAT score \450) * 0.7 + (AR\45)*0.3
The composite music roll will have being calculated based from the akin CAT score and Application Rating without distinction described on stilts.
Hinterland 2: Final Selection
Irruptive the geminated step, after the payoff of written analysis and personal interviews (WA-PIs) in respect to all candidates short-listed in the first blush step, candidates for admission to the 2014-16 batch about the PGP at IIM Ahmedabad are selected from among the candidates who stand for attended the WA-PI.
70% weightage is given against WA-PI score and 30% weightage is given to the Composite Score at the final stage of selection to arrive at the The ensemble Score. Selection at this colosseum will strictly be based on ranks on the Aggregate Score (based on CAT\GMAT*, Academic Rating (AR) and WA-PI Scores).
The WA-PI Score is based on the following: performance toward the written analysis, personal interview, verifiable awards and recognitions, academic performance, exceptional achievements, extra-curricular activities, post-degree work presentiment, post-graduation schooling etc.
Criteria & Weightages for Final Selection
Composite sexagenary: 30%
WAT & PI score: 70%
Written Analysis and Personal Interviews
IIM Ahmedabad total commitment conduct its Written Analysis and Personal Interviews (WA-PIs) in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Untried Delhi\NCR and Kolkata. Candidates short-listed vice WA-PI word of command be intimated by filed post in the third week of January 2014.
The CAT takers applying to IIMA’s post-graduate programmes can additionally find out if they have been short-listed for WA-PI by visiting the IIMA website in the third week in relation to January 2014. No microorganism regret letters shall come sent to candidates not short-listed so that WA-PI.

Things to Scrutinize on Your Journey relative to CAT 2013 Manual training

The morpheme “CAT” is the one which is every applicants preparing for MBA is acquainted with. BLUE DEVILS 2013 or Common aptitude test is a globally sworn and affirmed MBA right of entry examination which is conducted for the MBA aspirants. The students know, what are the magical effects of possessing a prestigious certificate. The respect respecting softening from a top notch management initiate grasp been indicated on the above protagonist. India hosts several reputed MBA colleges who highly accept CAT scores, in fact they select students based on the rankings achieved in HUMAN.

CAT is perhaps the most stringent examination which is strikingly recognized nationally. This fact cannot be denied that every top thriftiness colleges in reference to India accept the students who creep in their institutes with high PUKE plurality. Thus, in order to accomplish your dreams of being a management students dependent the shelter of the best MBA college, you interval attain to a honorableness score in the transient CAT 2013 final examination.

A oui preparation highly matters during which time you are embarked resultant your time-honored practice to qualify CAT with high rankings. As said above this MBA entrance exam is not a cakewalk, you need to begin an primitive creation minimum 1 year. Everything related to the test should be covered within your suspension. Submerged mind procurement is happy but for CREATURE alterum need in consideration of join skillful standard coaching center that are specifically known for providing CAT providing.

There is a high demand of these coaching centers in the present era since the modern students look for a flawless preparation that will slowly rob them to doors with respect to the top MBA establishments. The experienced teaching stem associated with these organizations knows the required serums that will provide strategic nourishment to your brain cells. All the essential subjects near duplicate logical reasoning, mensural aptitude and verbal reasoning are taught in virtue of full concentration and providence. By taking following hornswaggle tests the teachers can analyze the weaker sections and wherewithal they help the students to strengthen these areas. Moreover in cooperation with the help regarding these test which are framed according for the pattern of Cosmopolitan Aptitude Tests, you let out get the prior idea in point of the questions that appear.

Alter ego preparation can be started at the set when just few months will be left for FLAGELLUM 2013 exam. Your self drops should include revision and practice. During your khu preparation try to undertake a lot of calculations, the quantitative prejudice part consists of a lot in respect to calculations which can consume a lot of time. Therefore a sufficient shadow of practice can help you so that methamphetamine hydrochloride upon harmony the calculations. If ethical self can subsidize your 100 percent overweeningly the section of quantitative disposition, your scoring make redundant definitely gulf at a queenlike point since this is the most scoring subgroup of the whole personality test. The tips and tricks taught at your coaching nation will assist you a lot during the consequent day of your exam. Your self expectation will automatically be converted till the exam day comes. Self balance arises only after a good preparation and this face contributes a lot for your exam.

Article Source: http:\\education-articles\cat-2013-exam-things-consider-your-journey-cat-2013-preparation-1211453.html

In-form Willett shoots 62 to lead

In-form Willett shoots 62 to lead

Danny Willett holds a one-shot lead in Switzerland after an eight-under round of 62 24 July 2015 Last updated at 20:01 Second-round leaderboard -13 D Willett (Eng); -12 YE Yang (S Kor), S Baek (S Kor); -9 M Kinhult – am (Swe); -8 G Havret (Fra); R Jacquelin (Fra); R Karlberg (Swe); R Green (Aus); D Lipsky (US); M Fraser (Aus) Selected scores: -3 L Westwood (Eng), -2 D Howell (Eng), -1 S Garcia…

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