Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle with Zielgerät 1229 ‘Vampir’ infrared device

Manufactured and fitted by C.G. Haenel in Suhl, Germany.
7,92x33mm Kurz 30-round removable box magazine, gas-operated tilting bolt select fire, ‘Vampir’ infrared aiming device made of a scope and infrared lamp linked to a wooden-boxed battery.

The interesting thing about both World Wars in terms of firearm development, is that when a country -generally filled with brilliant people as countries may be- is struggling to keep the technological edge, you end up with weapons that may be rushed, not thought-out, and based on ideas exceeding the local production means… But ultimately they’re weapons that look fucking amazing.

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Walther Gewehr 43 sniper rifle

Manufactured by Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik c.1943-45 - serial number 2753k.
7,92x57mm Mauser 10-round removable box magazine, can be fed with stripper clips, gas-operated semi-automatic fire, ZF4 scope.

Following in the steps of its American and Soviet predecessors, the G43 cements the look for future post-war battle rifles. Initially a much more complex design, the G41(W), it was simplified when Walther Waffenfabrik analyzed a captured Tokarev SVT-40 and decided to get rid of the silly gas-operated-phobic requirements of the German army.

serial number 5349f

CETME Model C battle rifle with Eltro B8-V infrared scope

Designed by Ludwig Vorgrimler, manufactured by Centro de Estudios Tecnicos de Materiales Especiales in Spain c.1957~.
7,62x51mm Nato 20-round single-stack removable box magazine, roller-locked delayed blowback, select fire, B8-V infrared 4X scope and 100m-range infrared light.

A gun developed from the StG44 mounting a device developed from the Zielgerät 1229 ‘Vampir’ that accompanied it. Note that this gun is the direct basis for H&K’s G3 battle rifle.
Ludwig Vorgrimler sounds like the kind of guy that moonlights as a warrior-priest of Sigmar.


MAS Mle49-56 military rifle

Made by the Manufacture d’Arme de Saint-Etienne in France c.1956-70′s - serial number G81988.
7,5x54mm MAS Mle1929C ten-round removable box magazine, direct impingement gas operated semi-automatic, Mle 1953 APX 806L scope mounted on a rail on the left side of the receiver, muzzle adapted to fire rifle grenades, with accompanying folding grenade sights.

The 1956 modification shortened the barrel but also and most noticeably the foregrip of the rifle, making it a very compact and sturdy battle rifle.