Scissor Blade

Is it just me, or does LITERALLY EVERYONE have a guy in their town that goes around sharpening knives/scissors/lawnmower blades/scythes and is inevitably kind of a weirdo but everyone is always DELIGHTED to see Dave, The Knife Guy, don’t mind his eye or the ferrets?  And Dave is legit a nice guy but he also will tell you all about how the moon landing was filmed in New Mexico- not becuase we didn’t GO to the moon, but the footage we took there proves the existence of Space Wombats or something but DAMN he does a fine job on your kitchen knife.

He’s a great guy and you really ought to take that really old knife- you know, the one you got at a garage sale that used to belong to someone’s great-grandmother that may have come with her from the old country but now it’s all spotted and dull?  He’ll thoroughly enjoy fixing it up for you, and you’ll learn something important.

GUYS GUYS do you still remember that time

when humanity’s current strongest

butted heads with the underground’s strongest

and fucking eruwin just suddenly swoops down in a 90-degree angle from the damn sky and gets in between them like nobody’s damn business

AND THAT SLO-MOSHUN REVEAL OF HIS HANDSOME SOFT-AS-A-BABY’S-BUTT FACE (also erwin u needed to scissor your blades to block levi’s tiny dagger stop showing off to your future husband already)

istg we’re seeing this scene unfold in levi’s eyes and time just slowed tf down when ambercrombie&fitch blondie hit him with the sexy eyes

exhibit 6: that moment levi knew he’s fucked in more ways than one

erwin’s 9/10 combat skills is on par with levi dafuq look at that, he’s holding on to him and levi’s holding onto him as well fffff and what is this metaphor of knives and blades and fencing im screaming

this beats any shoujo-manga first meetings tbh

I think its funny how this anime is called Kill la Kill, but our protagonists never actually kill anybody. Ryuko and Satsuki don’t have any blood on their hands, but not from a lack of trying.
Ryuko and Satsuki both want to kill someone more than anything in the world. Ryuko wants to kill Nui for murdering her father, and Satsuki wants to kill Ragyo for killing her father and baby sister (and I’m pretty sure for molesting her for all those years). However, both Ryuko and Satsuki fail at killing their nemesis.

Ryuko goes of the deep end in episode 20, and goes straight for Ragyo and Nui. Ryuko has a fight with Nui and stabs her through the chest. Nui pretends to dramatically die, and Ryuko has a devilish smile on her face. She takes satisfaction in watching her “die”. But then Nui’s all like,“Just kidding”, and Ryuko gets pissed, then gets brainwashed by Junketsu.

Satsuki has a simular situation. She stabs Ragyo in the back and gives a speech she had been preparing her whole life. She chops her head off and has a serious, but satisfied face and only says,“It is done”. But of course, Ragyo can’t be killed so easily. Then Satsuki loses in a fist fight with her, loses Junketsu, and blows up the stadium, and then gets captured.

Then in episode 24, both Ryuko and Satuki slice up Ragyo with the scissor blades. And we all know why that failed. That little armless psychopath decapitates herself.

Despite their burning hate for their enemies, they cannot kill them. At one point, Ryuko even has the chance to kill both Nui and Ragyo. Instead of chopping Nui’s arms off, she could’ve chopped her head off. And when Ragyo fails and is just floating in space, she could’ve charged at her and taken her out, but she actually asks Ragyo to come back to Earth with her. She says,“Yeah Mom. The Earth ain’t gonna turn into a cocoon sphere, and you’re coming back with me”. She forgives her and calls her Mom, which she had refused to do so earlier.
Ryuko rises above that hate and becomes a better person than both Nui and Ragyo.

Those two are so rotten that they wind up taking their own lives. Nui sacrifices herself without question and Ragyo can’t handle her own failure and she rips her heart out then crushes it. Her humanity so so far gone that she couldn’t even bother to stick around to be a good mom to Satsuki and Ryuko. And Nui was never human to begin with. Just a bundle of pure evil.
In the end, they were the only ones with blood on their hands. 

anonymous asked:

How do u make your horns?

I use paperclay over aluminum foil for small horns and insulation foam or styrofoam for big horns. For styrofoam you want the kind made out of bubbles, not the crunchy kind.

(Also comes in pink, you can find insulation foam boards at Home Depot or Lowes or places like that)

Here’s an aluminum foil base. Sorry about the gross carpet.

Here’s insulation foam bases. To make these you cut out the shape of your horns and hot glue several layers together (if you’re using thin layers) then sand them into shape. You do the same thing when using styrofoam except you can’t sand that. I just use scissors or an xacto blade and hack off chunks.

Stick your clay on and don’t worry about making them super smooth or anything, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t put on a ton of clay; the less clay the better because it means the horns aren’t as heavy. Ideally you want the finished product to be a few millimeters thick, with the tips of horns being thicker to prevent breakage. Let them dry, don’t sand until they’re fully dry.

Also another important thing. Don’t do that thing where people don’t add enough clay to the bottoms of their horns. Rounded bottoms don’t look good and look fake af. That’s not how actual horns grow so make sure you add extra clay to the bottom. When you’re done with these you don’t want the horns to taper at the bottom; the bottom should be your thickest point and it should have a flat bottom.

When they’re dry I take an xacto blade and cut off any lumps to help make sanding go by faster.

Sanding is the most important part, it’s how you get nice, smooth horns. I start off with 60 grit sandpaper and sand until smooth, then I add on more paperclay to any uneven parts, cracks, dents, and areas that are too thin. If there’s aluminum foil or foam showing through, cut some of it out then refill with clay. Wait until dry, resand, and repeat as necessary until the horns are perfect. After that I sand them with 360 grit sandpaper to remove the marks left by the 60 grit (360 grit is super fine while 60 grit is rough.) 

^^^ the same pair of horns, post sanding. Next to them is the insulation foam core before I sanded it into shape. At this point you can poke a hole in the bottom of the horns and hot glue in a screw anchor.

Here’s a pile of sanded horns ready to be painted. After you sand, the last thing you need to do is angle the bottoms (Some horns won’t need to be angled, like Terezi horns.) If the bottom is flat your horns will stick out at a bad inaccurate angle. I cut off just a tiny bit to get the horns to point inwards more, you don’t need to lop off a ton. Start off with a little, it’s easier to cut off more than to readd more clay because you cut off too much. Every time I cut some off I screw them into the wig to see how they stand up.

Your horns should be ready to paint at this point. Wipe them down with some damp toilet paper to remove any dust first in order to prevent lumps in the paint. 

I use cheapo acrylics to paint my horns. I like my yellow to be thick but my orange and red to be thin to paint on layers easier, but it all depends on how you like to paint your horns. Once they’re painted, seal them. I use Krylon aerosol sprays to seal them.

If you want shiny horns get the spray in gloss. I don’t recommend using Mod Podge to seal them because it leaves brush strokes.

I use the screw method to install my horns. Horns on headbands looks downright awful. I used to use cardboard to stick the screws through but I use wonderflex now (the white stuff.) Make sure to use a washer (the donut looking thing) so the screw doesn’t push through the cardboard/wonderflex. For Captor horns I use a single piece of wonderflex per side because it’s a lot easier to screw them in if they had separate pieces per horn instead.

Screw anchors WILL get stripped eventually from screwing and unscrewing horns (you can tell when your horn is no longer stable on your head and it wiggles around everywhere.) Just take some pliers and yank them out then hot glue in a new pair.

^ Screw anchors look like that.

For Nitram horns and tall horns like Makara horns, I screw them in as well but I also stabilize them with wire.

Make sure to shape them to your head. Not too tight or else you’ll get a wicked headache while wearing your wig and horns. I make a hole in the wonderflex next to the screw hole and also a hole in the horn to stick the wire through; I screw the horns in first then shove the wire in. For Nitram horns angle the wires up to account for the weight of the horns so they don’t droop on your head. Nobody likes droopy Nitram horns.

You’ll be able to angle horns whichever way you need if there’s wire in them.

(Ignore the yellow text.)

The pictures above were for a pair of tall horns, just stick one side in and bend the wire at the middle to get the other side in then rebend to its original shape.

This pair was specifically requested to be on a headband (which I don’t do anymore) but the ONLY time I will put horns on a headband is if they’re MONSTER HORNS that need more support. 

The headband goes UNDER the wig and the screws stick out of the wig, then you can screw the horns on that way. I do this for Dammek horns or big fantroll horns where wire support isn’t enough to keep them up.

Sometimes horns break, but they’re easily fixable. 

^ The same horn after being fixed up.

This is a picture of Dammek’s horns when they broke while being sanded. I removed all the broken clay and added new clay.

That’s what they look like fixed. Notice the different colors from the patch job. Sometimes when I’m in a rush I’ll bake the horns to speed up drying but ONLY do that if your core is made of aluminum foil DO NOT bake your horns if the core is made of foam, it’ll melt. The darker clay is from when I baked it and the lighter clay is the patch job.

This is from when someone at a con snapped one of Dammek’s horns right in half.

Cut away any hanging bits and sand away some paint around the perimeter of the hole, then add some paperclay and let it dry. Sand it and repaint and reseal and they’ll be good as new. If there’s a crack, superglue it shut and fill in any gaps and paint over it.

If you get a huge dent in your Nitram horns (which tend to be a little more fragile due to their size) Just cut away the clay and do what you’d do for horns made of foil. When transporting Nitram horns please please bubble wrap the hell out of them, especially if you’re flying. Airports are not kind to your luggage and this is the result of someone tossing my luggage around really badly when I hadn’t bubble wrapped my horns.

This is the horns mid-fixing after discovering that huge dent. I smack these against everything when wearing them so I fixed other dents and holes while I was at it.

If you buy horns from me and they break, I can fix them for you if you’d like. You’ll have to pay for shipping but otherwise I will fix them for free.

If there’s anything else you need to know feel free to ask me!

The Making of the Shoebox House, Part 1

I would like to give a quick overview on how I built the Shoebox House for September and Saturday.

First, I gathered the necessary materials. In addition to the shoebox itself, I mostly used cardboard and paper prints to construct and decorate the house, and I used both liquid glue and a glue stick to glue everything into place. To cut the cardboard and paper, I used both scissors and a blade cutter with a ruler to help make the lines straight. With the pencil, I marked where to cut and glue.

First, I measured a piece of cardboard to fit inside the shoebox and glued the wooden floor print to it. Then I added glue to the sides and the back and glued it inside the shoebox. I laid down the shoebox sideways and added a weight on top to keep the floor in place and make sure it stuck properly.

Next, I cut the wallpaper to fit inside the rooms.

The wallpaper was then glued into place.

I cut out several thin, white strips of paper…

…and added those just above the floor as skirting.

With that, the basis of the house was finished. Next I worked on the furniture and the decorations.

For the beds, I took the sponges and cut out pieces of white fabric to wrap around them. I sewed those into place, but left a slit at the bottom so the covering can be changed. I used liquid glue on the edges to keep them from fraying.

The socks that were initially covering the sponges were cut to look more like blankets.

Next, I started cutting out the paper decorations. I didn’t end up using all of them.

The pictures and calendar pieces were cut with a small frame around them. For the bunting, I cut out rhombus shapes from the blue, white and red prints and folded them to get triangles.

Then, I glued the triangles to a piece of string.

The first and last triangles were covered in glue…

…so I could glue them onto the wall above the pictures.

I added the beds, side table and table decorations to see what the room would look like, but I still felt it was too empty at this point.

To be continued.