XII. The Hanged man - self sacrifice, decision to stay out of the rush, decision not to choose, stagnation, but also learning to see things in new light

Commission for the super lovely and super amazing @bitter-stella and her sweet sweet Scott Ryder as the Hanged man! Stella’s author of MEA fanfiction called St Jude. Go check it out! The plot just hooks you in and the writing is.. aaah! Too good, too good! <3 Thank you for commissioning me, dear! <3


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Chapter Two: March 11th, 2024 2:23 PM
  • Light bounced off the silver metal of an atmospheric manipulator. A white lab, with stone walls, gave the place a pristine look. For an outsider looking in it might seem a bit hectic, but it was built for the most efficient workers. At the top of the building was a clear glass balcony with glass stairs leading to the leader’s office. At the bottom of the stairs were the work stations. Every station is in the right place for the team to work. The lab was equipped with technology to defend the planet. It was located in a secret base, with guards at every level of entry. It was the workplace of a special task force funded by the government: a very significant part of Area 51. They were hidden from the world, because if they weren’t, the world would be a very different place. They make sure that the humanity is protected from harm. When strange, alien creatures are found on Earth, this team is the first one on the scene. They are investigators of another world.
  • Neal, a gifted inventor, whose creations are the tools that keep the team fighting. Alice, a brilliant scientist, making the breakthroughs the team needs. Ella, a tech wizard, her complete understanding of how technology works helps when a new piece of alien tech appears. Reynolds, an accomplished doctor, and a man with the ability to research and care for the different aliens and humans the team comes in contact with. Grace, a fierce agent, who uses her skills for good, Finally, Eli, an excellent leader out of his time, a man whose knowledge and skills help the team uncover mysteries. Alone they are masters in their skills, but combined they become the enemies of earth’s greatest attackers.
  • The lab was silent, with only occasional low murmurs from the machines. Each one making a unique sound. Each team member had their own work station. Doctor Reynolds was busy at his. Reynolds work station was at the bottom of a small staircase. In the middle was a operation table, and three walls with different tools surrounded him, On his table was a deceased male earthling, brought in by Eli and Grace. Everyone was waiting for him to finish, so they could start working. Each member practically lived in this base. Work was all they had, and since everything was so secret, no one could be trusted to know the biggest part of their lives.
  • “Is the body analysis done?” asked Alice.
  • “You know I need my time. Performing an autopsy isn’t exactly my forte,” said Reynolds.
  • Grace overheard this exchange and decided to chime in with a little rude remark, “and what exactly is your forte?”
  • “I work with living things.”
  • “Well it's your job. You should know how to do it.”
  • Reynolds brushed this judgement off. The doctor continued to work with all eyes were on him. He grabbed his scalpel and cut down the arm. There was no blood, just a black liquid. Reynolds pulled back the sheet covering the chest of the earthling. He measured the size of the hole in the chest. He rushed as much as he could without making a mistake.
  • “Ok, done.” declared Reynolds.
  • “Took long enough,” Grace complained.
  • “Give us the diagnosis, doc,” Alice said with a smirk.
  • Reynolds started to explain the story behind the death: “The body seems to have been injected with a poison that affects a human body in a matter of hours. It seems to have turned all his veins black. The needle was inserted straight into the heart. It must have been strong. Now moving to the face.” He paused and stared at the blank canvas that should be filled with emotion. “It would appear that the face does not have extra layers of skin, covering up the faces features. The face has just somehow disappeared,” “The weird thing is that it doesn’t seem like the face has extra layers of skin. The face has just disappeared.” Reynold’s moved down the body to the his hands. “The symbol on his right hand makes me believe that maybe they mark their prey... It must have something to do with some kind of alien race. There were traces of extraterrestrial life forms at the scene and it definitely wasn’t the work of any human.” The doctor concluded.
  • “Maybe they mark them to track the victims. I can run the symbol through the database to see if anything pops up,” exclaimed Alice.
  • Eli walked to the edge of the top of the glass stairs. He was a tall man with jet black hair. His eyes told the story of his battles. Once he saw the marking on the hand he stared at Neal with fear and compassion. He had seen it before.