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Alex and Winn would have *so* much fun with Team Flash, wouldn't they? Almost *everyone* on the team, except for Iris and Joe, I suppose (and H.R. but he's dead now), are scientists of some sort, unlike with Team Supergirl, where it's really just them who are the science nerds (and maybe Lena? Does she count as part of the team?). They would have so much fun geeking out with everyone. Alex talking bio with Caitlin and physics with Tracy, Winn talking tech with Cisco. It'd be great!

“This was a mistake,” Kara mutters quietly. “I see that now.”

“It was,” J’onn agrees diplomatically. “I’m surprised; you should have known better.”

Kara nods, though she’s a little distracted, cradling the remains of what was once her toaster oven–oh, the good times they had together. The late night calzones, the early morning cinnamon rolls…

“Did anything survive?”

“My blender, I think,” Kara inclines her head towards the remaining appliance, but of course, at that moment, Winn surfaces from the nerd horde gathered around her coffee table, scurrying across the room and swiping the blender from the counter.

“Need this for heroworksorrywe’llfixitlaterpromise!”

And then he’s back in the thick of it, speaking animatedly to Cisco, who is shaking his head, no, no, that’ll never work, while Alex is off to the side, translating some of the schematics to Caitlin, Tracy jumping in every now and again with a question, a clarification, a thought.

“Do you understand any of this?” J’onn asks. 

Kara sighs. “Some?” She’s still staring forlornly at the dismembered oven. “Earth science is basically ancient history.”

“Mmm.” J’onn says. “So. We don’t know if your toaster oven even died for a worthy cause.”

“Oh no,” Kara shakes her head, setting the parts aside and squaring the shoulders. “We’ll know, alright,” she says firmly. “I’ll make sure it was sacrificed for a noble cause.”

“Godspeed,” J’onn says.

And Kara joins the fray. 

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Perceptor for the highschool AU? C:


Probably the smartest kid in school

Will most definitely graduate top of like every class

Except for PE

He can’t run for shit

Gets pelted with dodgeballs 

Great at throwing them back though

Nerdy little small rimmed glasses

Wears a lot of red sweaters to school

even in summer 

how the fuck does he do it

Smarter than all the teachers too

Constantly correcting them

Very skinny and lanky

Spends his lunches reading, studying or doing homework

Probably actually really strong because of all the big ass text books he’s always lugging around

Locker is so neat 

Even if it’s mostly just books

Brainstorm has a bad habit of following him around when he isn’t busy angsting over the fact he had to move schools and be away from his crush 

But at least there’s another nerd science student he can obsess over

Always trying to be his lab partner

His backpack isn’t even a backpack it’s a satchel thing

Brainstorm teases him over it

Even though his backpack is a fucking briefcase

Hot, articulate accented voice

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While UT/UF Sans + US/SF Papi are sleeping, SO come and kiss them to the mouth, when (if) they wake up, SO say “Oh, my dear sleeping beauty is awake.” Thinking that they have gave to them the true love’s kiss. Maybe the skellies are little confused.



When you kiss Sans, he stirs a bit in his sleep, a little magic pulse fluttering where you last kissed him. He mummers a few incoherent words as a goofy smile grows on his face before ultimately waking up.

And when you call him a ‘sleeping beauty’, he chuckles a bit and strokes your cheek. “me? beautiful? nah, babe. you’re the real belle of the ball here.” Yeah… the boy isn’t all that educated in his Disney Princesses, but cut him some slack: he’s just a sleepy science nerd.

He then invites you to take a well-deserved nap with him. Sleep with him or I will.



Red gets super shooketh when you first kiss him. He’s a light sleeper that grew up in a rough neighborhood, sue him. Once he realizes that its you, however, he relaxes. “hey sweetheart? need somethin’?”

When you call him ‘sleeping beauty’ he snort laughs. “ha! more like the walkin’ dead. and 'sides, i ain’t no pretty princess.” A part of him is low-key offended, but he’s mostly flustered. Its cute to see the smol and edgy skeleboy blush, especially when he looks all sleepy like this. Just don’t imagine him with a cute little pink dress. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

And congratulations! You just earned yourself a one-way ticket to Snoozeville with Red.



Stretch relishes quietly in the kiss as he’s kicked back on the couch. He loves this domestic crap and he loves you. What better way to start off his day? He eyes you with an amused smile, lazily bumping his teeth back on your lips. “if 'ya wanted a little sugar, you should’ve just asked, sugar.” He cooes with a smooth morning voice.

When you call him 'sleeping beauty’, he just rolls with it. “oh really? looks like my savior has finally come for me. how will i ever pay you back?” He pauses to think for a moment before snapping his fingers. “oh! i’ve got it.” In a swift motion, you find yourself pinned between him and the couch.

“how’s this for a fairytale?” Is the last thing he says before dozing off on top of you. Yeah… that could’ve been sexier in hindsight, but what were you expecting from him?



Rus was already awake when you kissed him, so he wasn’t super startled about the gesture. He has a tendency of fake sleeping as to keep an eye out for invaders (or at least, that’s what he tells himself), just for the record. He pretends to wake up, fluttery eye sockets and all, and smiles lazily at you. “am i dead? 'cause i think i see an angel right now.”

When you call him 'sleeping beauty’ he chuckles in a low and rumbling tone. Its a nice laugh, actually. He then shuts his eye sockets once more. “i dun think that first kiss worked. you might wanna try again, master.”

Whether you choose to play along with his game or not, both options will end up with the two of you sleeping in for the rest of the day. Blackberry is not pleased.

cute things the signs do

aries: say “don’t worry, I got this” while carrying 50 pounds of groceries and someone offers to help

taurus: sleeps with at least one stuffed animal, four pillows, and two blankets

gemini: gets really excited over puzzles/ loves rubix cubes and chess, nerds

cancer: tbh I love it when u shut the fuck up (jk ily) bakes cookies and feeds everyone, makes sure u never go hungry

leo: gets really excited about random little things and yells at u until u at least pretend to be excited too

virgo: makes little adjustments/straightens a crooked picture frame or arranges the flowers in a vase until they look “just right”

libra: always smiling and humming, smiles at animals, birds, strangers, everyone to spread a lil love

scorpio: stares at u but looks away just as u catch them, gets cute/needy when ur alone together and super shy/distant around other ppl

sagittarius: laughs at everything, quick to make u mad but just as quick to awkwardly apologize, demonstrates affection via violent punching

capricorn: makes savage comments with a straight face, acts like they don’t have a sense of humor tho they’re secretly masters of comedy

aquarius: science nerd, loves facts about space/biology/whatever, probably thinks physics is “exciting” 

pisces: can’t watch someone crying without crying too, feels really bad for homeless people and the live lobsters at the grocery store

Top things heard in Chemistry class

“Bitch please, you bond more readily than fluorine”
“I think you’ll find I sexually identify as the periodic table”
“Did you just assume my oxidation state?!”
“Honey if you were any more unreactive you’d be a noble gas”
“Wow, fluorine really is a slut”
“So dative covalent bonding is basically atomic double penetration right?”
“Yo, imagine a bath bomb made of pure caesium”
“What’s a commercial use of sodium chloride?” “It’s literally salt, you can- you know what, never mind, you’re white”
“I think you’ll find my enthalpy change is infinite”
“Guys what’s the Avocado constant again?”
“You know that acid is highly corrosive, you probably shouldn’t sit there with it pretty much in your lap”
“You know, our friendship is stronger than a hydrogen-fluorine covalent bond”
“I would literally pay you to set me on fire and calculate my enthalpy of combustion”
“Forget Hess cycles, you’re a fucking mess cycle”


Originally, I wanted to draw an AU where Link and Zelda were normal human kids in a world like ours, but then I started thinking about Zoras and I got excited and a new AU within an AU happened?? I’ll probably make more of this.