Attendees from across the country descended on the nation’s capital to speak up for science.

The March for Science unfolded on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, and in multiple cities around the world. Coinciding with Earth Day, the event drew researchers, educators and scientifically-minded people.

The event kicked off with open teaching sessions on the Mall, followed by a rally near the Washington Monument, and then a march that traveled to the U.S. Capitol building.

NPR spoke to some of the participants about why they decided to attend the March for Science.

PHOTOS: Scientists Take To Washington To Stress A Nonpartisan Agenda

Photos: Meredith Rizzo/NPR


In one tweet, actor Kumail Nanjiani nails why the world is marching for science

Basis Vectors are instructions!

Basis vectors are best thought of in the context of roads.

Imagine you are in a city - X which has only roads that are perpendicular to one another.

You can reach any part of the city but the only constraint is that you need to move along these perpendicular roads to get there.

Now lets say you go to another city-Y which has a different structure of roads.

In this case as well you can get from one part of the city to any other, but you have to travel these ‘Sheared cubic’ pathways to get there.

Just like these roads determine how you move about in the city,

Basis Vectors encode information on how you move about on a plane.

What do I mean by that ?

The basis vector of City-X is given as:

This to be read as - “ If you would like to move in City-X you can only do so by taking 1 step in the x-direction or 1 step in the y-direction ”

The basis vector of City-Y is given as:

This to be read as - “ If you would like to move in City-Y you can only do so by taking 1 step in the x-direction or  1 step along the diagonal OB ”


By having the knowledge about the Basis Vectors of any city, you can travel to any destination by merely scaling these basis vectors.

As an example, lets say need to get to the point (3,2), then in City-X,  you would take 2 steps in the x-direction and 3 steps in the y-direction

And similarly in City-Y, you would take 1 step along the x -direction and 2 steps along the diagonal OB.

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