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Im guessing the truth serum post doesnt apply to stuff like harry potter besides the legal repercussions lmao potion brewing: for all ur plot solving needs

So here’s the thing: yes and no. It all boils down to how magic works in your universe. 

Personally, when I write about magic, I don’t give magic the power over emotions or actions, because agency is everything in storytelling, and magic shouldn’t override a character’s choices – and the choices they don’t make. 

So this wouldn’t work in my stories. But that’s not saying it can’t work in yours. That’s the beauty of the Rule of Reality: you break it, you decide what it means

Is your magic kinetic? Empathic? Where does it come from – from Nature? From the Gods? From inside of us? Are we born with it? Is it Maybelline???! 

If you’re going to use magic in your world, before you write Page 1 of your story, I would suggest you have a good hard think about what you want out of magic in your ‘verse. Write it down. Write down the rules. And never, ever break them. 

Good luck with your stories! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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