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Hello, I'm not trying to sound rude here, but why would you make fun of your fans for shipping pairings for the show? I mean, I get the whole Godecai thing was for you to get a point across (I have no clue what it was), but it just personally rubbed me off the wrong way when you did this. I just wish that you would respect peoples shipping preferences, instead of making fun of them for it (even if it makes zero sense in your mind)

The reason you have no clue what my point is is because I don’t have one. I made Godecai for fun. There’s no deeper point to be made here. I had a weekend where I wasn’t doing anything and I spent the whole thing plus a few more hours during the following week to make all 30 of the Godecai drawings. I was having fun.

Godecai is a parody. In fact, many of the jokes on our show are parody. We make fun of various tropes through all different forms of media. I wrote a car chase where a guy drove through a stack of boxes. The entire 3rd act of A Bunch of Full Grown Geese is a parody of 1980’s robot cartoons. We even parody Carrot Top on our show. It’s actually hard to find an episode of our show where there isn’t parody involved somehow.

Just because you’re making fun of something, doesn’t mean you hate it. In fact, it can mean you have the greatest love, respect, and reverence for it. The only way that a parody can be any good is if the people making it love what they’re parodying. I love action movies, sci-fi, and kung fu movies. However, even I know that there are some things in there that are pretty common unifiers, so it’s fun to poke fun at them. I’ve been taking people’s intense responses as quite the compliment as it means that I was hitting pretty close to home on those unifiers. In general, I’m hoping the response to something like this would be more along the lines of “Hah Yeah! That happens! Oh well, I guess I’ll go about the rest of my life like a normal human being, perhaps upping my creative game in the media that I recently saw parodied, or not because I love those things that it parodied so who cares?”

When it comes to shipping and OTP’s and all that, you can take it as seriously as you want. I don’t care whether people are into shipping, stamp collecting, or photographing animals dressed up as government employees, but you have to be able to see the inherent silliness in it.  That’s just life and life is full of comedy. Comedy is about recognizing commonalities and addressing them. Godecai is no different.