Introduction: Hello I’m Rowan and this intro is super late but that’s because I found this group super late still love me. I’m 22 and reside in the UK. I recently graduated from university with a BA in Politics and International Relations and am off to do my postgraduate study in October. I live for coffee, soft jumpers and cute animals. 

What are some of your favourite creations within the Sci-Fi genre? I basically adore all things sci-fi. I love the Star Trek and Star Wars movies, all the Alien films, all the Marvel stuff. I also love TV sci-fi, especially Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Westworld, Stranger Things, Dr Who/Torchwood, again any superhero TV shows. I’ve also played Bioshock, Borderlands, all the Star Wars games. So basically I’m a nerd.

If you could have any cryton, what would it be? Telekinesis, 100%. I want to be Charles Xavier.  

What are some of your favourite faceclaims? Oh boy, okay Katie McGrath, Gemma Chan, Daniela Ruah, Oscar Isaac, Sebastian Stan, Chloe Bennet, Chris Pine… the list could go on

Are there any particular characters you’re drawn to, or would like to see? All the skeletons are amazing but I’d say particularly Raven, Cosima and Eretreia 

What are three of your favourite songs at the moment? This is a tricky one but I’ll go with (1) Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy, (2) Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato and (3) Violence - Blink 182

And lastly, what fictional character do you relate to most? Steve Rogers aka smol, angry and loves Bucky Barnes


Three new Trigger anime titles revealed at Anime Expo 2017.

  • “DARLING in the FRANKXX” new original sci-fi TV anime announced; co-production w/ A-1 Pictures. Staff announcement coming July 5th.
  • “Gridman” anime series directed by Akira Amemiya; collaboration w/ Tsuburaya Productions.
  • “Promare” original anime series; collaboration w/ XFlag. Hiroyuki Imaishi x Kazuki Nakashima. Key visual illustrated by Shigeto Koyama. New series will have a similar tone to Kill la Kill & Gurren Lagann.

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Viola Davis as Dr. Charlene Barton in The Andromeda Strain (2008)

Synopsis: A crack team of top scientists work feverishly in a secret, state-of-the-art laboratory to discover what has killed the citizens of a small town and learn how this deadly contagion can be stopped.

Written by Michael Crichton and Robert Schenkkan

Directed by Mikael Salomon

concept: you come over to my house and we watch shitty sci-fi movies on tv. you get scared; your head is on my lap and hand on my thigh. the movie ends and we shift, my head migrates to your chest and i can hear your heartbeat. i look at you and you kiss me on the lips.


Though Thunderbirds (1965) was way before my time, it was a popular, influential show, and I remember coming across its remnants often on flea markets when I was a kid: books, plastic figures, models, comics, and the like. 

Its colorful style (which I believe is making a comeback) is striking, as this art by Shigeru Komatsuzaki (1915-2001) abundantly shows. (These illustrations graced model kit boxes and picture books and the like.)

Way Better than Bumble (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Hi loves! Another Unbeta’d fluffy request fill for anon who wanted “request about reader is Garcia’s close friend and she sees the team out for drinks or something and she goes up to Garcia’s and gets introduced to the team & hits it off with Reid.” Hope you enjoy it! xx 

You tousled with your hair one last time before you grabbed your keys, thinking that it was as good as it was going to get (a conclusion you had to make each time you got ready to go out, if you were being honest). Half of you was excited at the prospect of meeting this guy from Bumble, but another half hated this. You and Michael had hit it off well enough on the app, he was good at keeping up conversation without being pushy or getting weird, but there was an awkwardness that you couldn’t shake. You didn’t even tell you best friend Penelope about the date, afraid to look desperate - or that Pen would try and set you up herself.

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the only big threat to star trek discovery is the fandom itself it’ll be cancelled after 1 season if you don’t stop bitching about every tiny details srsly sci fi on TV is not very popular anymore (the ratings for the expanse weren’t so great despite the good quality of this show) you better calm the fuck down if you want to see any great space op on your screen again