Some things I enjoyed making the most, Part 2
by Alex Jay Brady

1: Deathglider, for “Is This Heaven” independent movie by Bastiaan Koch

2: Maul, rapid descent, for Steve Wheeler, Fury of Aces

3: Greathorses, from The Chrysalids by John Wyndham

4: The Plastic Plain

5: Heavy bomber, live demo from ConceptArt WOrkshop London 2013, based on an original sketch provided by Sergiu Ikarus

6: Time Machine test flight 50 years hence

7: Racers, demo for 3dWorld Magazine

8: Walled City, for Is This Heaven

9: Viva Space Vegas, rejected concept art for Valarian by Luc Besson

10: Winter in Central Park

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My pilot for Cartoon Network was just released! It’s called Infinity Train. It’s about a girl, her robot, and a corgi king. It took us about a year to make and I really hope you like it. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, I wouldn’t have been able to make this without the support of so many wonderful people!

You know what I want more of? Variety in aliens. No, I don’t mean more designs for alien species. I mean variety within a species. They always seem to have the same government, the same culture, the same religion, the same language. Come on, humans don’t work that way! 

“Say, there’s a Qualar over there. What are they saying?”

“No idea.”


“That’s a Kinzian Qualar. I’m a Surolian Qualar. You’d have just as much luck understanding them as I would. You’re lucky I even speak Human.”

“Human isn’t a language.”