Like a Swan.

This is one of these days, where you just want to bury your head in the sand. It already begins in the morning, when you’re late for work because you spent too much time in the bathroom. Of course, you spill your coffee over your dress on the way to the office, too. Later on, you get so tired that even coffee can’t help you anymore (that hasn’t been working out well earlier anyways) and you just start being confused. Speaking and thinking properly at the same time become hard to manage. You just want to go home and watch some trash tv and eat loads of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
Luckily, not everyday is like that and luckily you can start over and over again! And even if you had a bad day.. luckily, you can enjoy the good ones even more! Carpe Diem.

Roundhay Park, Leeds, 2013, Canon EOs 600 D.

Mute Swan (cygnets) ~ Höckerschwan (Dunenküken) ~ Cygnus olor

Before the major baby bird hand-raising, I had a chance to “shoot” some Mute Swan cygnets at the local river - 9 fluffy babies + proud parents :-)

2014 © Jesse Alveo

Mute Swan (cygnet) ~ Höckerschwan (Küken) ~ Cygnus olor

Somehow I couldn’t get enough of the tousled “ugly ducklings”. :-)

2014 © Jesse Alveo