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HEAD’S UP YA’LL! In case you missed my ten million posts about this on twitter, my first published comic work came out on ComiXology last Monday! AHHH!

Fresh Romance is reviving romance comics within the American market, and I’m so proud to be contributing art for a queer high school romance called “School Spirit!” It’s also written by Kate Leth and colored by Amanda Scurti, two incredibly talented babes! Check out a four-page preview on Entertainment Weekly and buy it on ComiXology! Yay!!


Fresh Romance #5

Publisher: Rosy Press
(W) Sarah Kuhn, Kate Leth, Sarah Vaughn (A) Arielle Jovellanos, Sarah Winifred Searle, Sally Jane Thompson, Savanna Ganucheau, Amanda Scurti, (CA) Kevin Wada

In School Spirit, Malie and Justine are still fighting, and in order to make up, Justine has to do something that will change everything…

In Ruined, after an awkward wedding night, both Andrew and Catherine struggle to find their places in this new arrangement.

And in final installment of The Ruby Equation, Ruby has to make an uncomfortable choice. Will her math help her now?

Plus, a process chat with the team behind “The Ruby Equation,” a look at desire, another installment of the Divorcée Club, and more!

(Release date: 30th September 2015)