My Fandoms in Four Words

Rwby: Girls and guns fighting

Fullmetal Alchemist Series: DON’T CALL ME PIPSQUEAK!!!!

Fairytail: Boobs butt boobs butt


Ouran High School Host Club: Homosexuals everywhere and roses

Attack On Titan: Eren stahp shouting pls

Seven Deadly Sins: Meliodas grabs Elizabeth’s boobs

Blue Exorcist: Rin is a demon

Naruto: Naruto and Sasuke fight

Yuri!! On Ice: Gay ice skaters kiss


The Devil Is A Part Timer: Demons, demons, and demons

Gurren Lagann: Now everyone is dead

Black Butler: Sebaciel or Sebasgrell, choose.

Magizoology Curriculum

Some of you were wondering which topics where covered in each year. This is a list I have created, however it is most likely that I will add to it in the future.

1st Year:

·         Pixies

·         Goblins

·         Will-o’-the-wisps

·         Grindylow

·         Gnomes

·         House Elves

·         Thunderbird

·         Horned Serpent

·         Pukwudgie

·         Wampus

2nd Year:

·         Salamanders

·         Cockatrice

·         Sprites

·         Saturs

·         Introduction to Merfolk

3rd Year:

·         Leprechauns

·         Boggarts

·         Chimaera

·         Harpies

·         Sirens

4th Year:

·         Kelpies

·         Banshees

·         Sphinx

·         Ghosts

·         Cyclopes

·         Expansion on Merfolk

5th Year:

·         Changlings

·         Elves

·         Trolls

·         Hippogrif

·         Werewolf

·         Cerberus

·         Minotaur

·         Pegasus

·         Hidebehind

·         Giants

·         Introduction to Fae

·         Introduction to Dragons

·         Expansion on Merfolk


6th Year:

·         Griffins

·         Centaur

·         Acromantula

·         Basilisk

·         Introduction to Dementors

·         Expansion on Fae

·         Expansion on Dragons

·         Expansion on Merfolk

7th Year:

·         Unicorns

·         Sea Serpent

·         Phoenix

·         Thestral

·         Inferius

·         Vampre

·         Doppelganger

·         Wendigo

·         Expansion on Dementors

·         Expansion on Fae

·         Expansion on Dragons

·         Expansion on Merfolk

If there are any other areas you would like my to go over, send me a message and I’ll probably include it!

Professor L. Curtis - Professor of Magizoology and Herbology

على اليمين: لوْحة “القُبلة"، 07 - 1908، للرسّام النمساوي جوستاف كليمت، أحد أشهر لوْحات القُبل في التاريخ، حبيبان مُتعانقان؛ مُتشابكان.

على اليسار: صورة "القُبلة” 2007، بعد الأولى بمائة عام، للمصوّرة الفوتوغرافيّة كلوديا فيجا، مُحاكاة للوْحة كليمت، إِسْتَدْعتهم للوجود.

Artwork Credits: “Kiss” by Gustav Klimt, “Interpretation of Klimt Kiss” by claudia veja

Mini & Jr D/Ts and Groups

Mini Duo/Trios

1st: Signature Dance Academy – B.E.A.T.

2nd: Breeonna Fiamengo – The Voice Within

3rd: Shooting Stars Dance Studio – Lean on Me

Junior Duo/Trios

1st: The Company – Upon Contact

2nd: Breeona Fiamengo – Rhythm of Love

3rd: Independence Dance – Pull of the Past

Mini Groups

1st: Project 21 – Can You Do This

2nd: PAVE School of the Arts – You There

3rd: Breeona Fiamengo – Fabulous Life

Junior Groups

1st: Project 21 – Bohemian Rhapsody

2nd: Independence Dance Company – Trophy

3rd: Project 21 – The Singer

Mini Lines

1st: Project 21 – Dance Like Yo Daddy

2nd: Project 21 – Bird Set Free

Junior Lines

1st: CanDance Studios – All That Jazz

Junior Ext. Lines

1st: The Rage – Chains

High Score by Category (Mini)

Contemporary: PAVE School of the Arts – You There

Jazz: Project 21 – Dance Like Yo Daddy

High Score by Category (Junior)

Contemporary: Project 21 – The Singer

Jazz: Project 21 – Bohemian Rhapsody

Hip Hop: CanDance Studios – Flex

Musical Theatre: Independence Dance Company – Take Off With Us

Specialty: Independence Dance Company – Breathe

Mini Best of Radix

Project 21 – Dance Like Yo Daddy

PAVE School of the Arts – You There

The Rage – Bang Bang

Junior Best of Radix

The Rage – Chains

Independence Dance Company – Trophy

Project 21 – Bohemian Rhapsody

Adjudications under the cut!

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duncanson & mapplethorpe

time to talk about some cool artists

duncanson was this guy born in new york and he came to cincinnati and starting painting giant wall murals in rich peoples houses and moved to europe to go on and become even more successful as an artist and escape the racism that he faced in the u.s.

now lets talk about mapplethorpe. mapplethorpe was this cool guy who grew up in new york and went on to become a professional photographer and was famous for his work in black and white photography depicting flowers and portraits, and was known for his commentaries on race and sexuality. after his death to AIDS, his magnum opus, a travelling exhibit by the name “the perfect moment” would be shut down in the city of cincinnati under an obscenity charge for its display of nude models, despite the precdent for nudity in art. many believe the show was shut down because of his being a homosexual.

these artists are some of my greatest inspiration for the courage they had to create in the face of those who said they were too avant garde, too different, too beautiful for this world. they didn’t care what you had to say. they did it anyway


I have no original ideas anymore so I’m finishing up old sketches from when I cared about things + I wanted to practise drawing shiny anime hair. This pic & others are available on my redbubble.