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"Mr Nico." - Solangelo AU.

Nico sighed as he sat back on his desk chair, watching the hand tick slowly on the colourful clock. He couldn’t help but feel eagerness possess him as the hand neared three, the anticipation of the weekend making not only him sit on the edge of his seat, but the group of children that surrounded the colourful tables in the centre of the room.

Nico love being a teacher and usually weekends didn’t excite him as much as they did in that moment, but after a particularly shit week of trying to teach six year olds about foods from different cultures which ended up on the floor Nico was more than happy for the weekend to grace him with its presence. That and the wonderful fact that his husband also had the weekend off.

“Mr Nico?” A small voice caught Nico’s attention and he turned to see a small boy standing before his desk. “Mr Nico, can we have pizza again?”

While the school wasn’t particularly happy with having the children call Nico by his first name he found it was easier for them to say than “Mr di Angelo-Solace”. Some of the children tried to call him by his surname, probably by instruction of their parents, but for the most part it sounded like “Mr An Jello-Solant.”

“But pizzas not good for you if you eat too much of it, Connor.” Nico told the small child with a smile. The child furrowed his eyebrows as if he couldn’t understand how pizza could be unhealthy. “How about I make some different Italian food that is good for you so your mommy and daddy don’t shout at me. Okay?”

“Okay!” Connor smiled a toothy grin and raced back to his seat, announcing loudly that Nico was going to make them more food.

When the bell rung to announce the end of the school day Nico opened he door to find a crowd of parents standing outside.

It was a odd rule to have the children be picked up right at the classroom instead of Nico dismissing them outside like he had been when he was young, but at least this way Nico could ensure each child went home with the correct person.

“Guess what Mommy!” Daisy told her mother as Nico helped her put her coat in before letting her walk to her mothers arms. “Mr Nico said he gonna make us helfee food from where he comes from.”

Her mother, a small stout woman, raised an eyebrows and gave Nico an “ohh?”

“As part of learning about different cultures I introduced the children to foods from different countries,” Nico explained. He was used to this, having the explain his choice of teaching methods to parents. “I told your husband of it a week ago. I had friends of my make foods from cultures they grew up in such as Spanish and Cherokee cultures to ensure it was healthy and suitable for children. I made Italian food and they requested more so I decided to make some more for them as we begin to learn about different countries.”

The woman nodded, satisfied with Nico reasoning and said goodbye to Nico. Daisy shouted over her shoulder at him until she was out of sight.

Nico looked up at the next parent and called back for Archie to get his stuff. Nico could hear the small boys excited movement as his mother began to speak to him.

“There is a man standing with the parents,” She explained, gesturing vaguely behind her. “I’ve never seen him before and I don’t think he’s with a child.” Nico prompted for a description of the man, acting calmly despite the knot that began to tie itself in his stomach. “Tall, tanned, freckled with blonde curly hair-”

The smile that broke out on Nico’s face made the woman stop. She called out to him curiously. “Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs Arning. That’s my husband.”

“Husband?” The woman inquiries, bitterness in her tone. Nico nodded, expressionless. He hated when peoples tone turned bitter at the mention of his husband. “That’s not really professional, is it, Mr di Angelo?”

“He didn’t know I was picking him up,” a fair voice said from behind the woman. She turned as moved as Will gently pushed through the crowd. “I wanted to surprise him.”

Will smiled at him softly before pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. It was nice to see him out of scrubs or pyjamas, Nico thought. Will had been working more and more recently and wearing normal clothes - dark jeans with a bright orange tshirt that remind Nico of the Camp Half-Blood ones they used to wear - seemed to be a vague memory.

“Well, I am surprised so well done, you dork.” Nico nudged his husband with his shoulder and called out another child’s name.

When all the children had gone home with the exception of Caelynn-Marie Nico invited Will into the classroom. Caelynn’s parents worked late so she was often the last one to be picked up, sometimes half an hour after the bell had rung. Nico didn’t mind. Caelynn was a quiet, sweet girl that usually just coloured until her parents arrived.

Will sat by the girl, who offered him a crayon and a tender smile, and began colouring with her. Nico watched as Will told her about how he was a doctor for sick children and praised her drawing. Caelynn laughed at Will’s corny jokes and giggled as she pointed out that Will had coloured outside the lines.

“Archie told me that the reason Mr Nico doesn’t have any children is because he’s a homo,” Caelynn told Will, voice loud enough for Nico to hear as he sorted out papers on his desk. “He said his mommy said that homos are bad people. Is that true, Will?”

Will looked up to Nico, eyes wide as if pleading for help. Nico shrugged. It wasn’t a conversation he wants to have with the six year old.

“Well, it’s true that Mr Nico can’t have any children of his own because he is… Erm… Homosexual,” Will spoke slowly and Caelynn hung onto his every word. “Two men can’t have children like a man and a woman can. But that doesn’t mean that two men loving each other is bad. It’s not and if Archie tells you that it is again you tell him he’s being silly. Okay?”

Caelynn’s tongue poked out of the side of her mouth in concentration. “Do you love Mr Nico, Will?”

“I do.” Will nodded.

The sight was doing something to Nico, because his chest felt warm and a smile tugged to his lips. Seeing Will like that, like a father…

“If you and Mr Nico want a baby why don’t you ask a man and lady that don’t want theirs to give it to you?” Caelynn asked. Will told her that he never though of it.

That wasn’t true. Nico new that Will thought of adopting a kid with Nico every time he saw a child, which was a lot in his line of work. Nico wasn’t opposed to the idea of children, but it was the fact that both of them worked so much that Nico couldn’t bare to think of. He worked with children and then to go home and have another child to deal with without Will’s help, another child that was his and that he had to teach to grow up to be a functioning member of society… The idea just terrified Nico.

A knock at the door distracted Nico from his thoughts.

Caelynn ran into her fathers arms the second he peers through the door, showing him all the colourings she had done.

“Wow, sweetie. These are fridge worthy.” Her father told her. Caelynn giggled and began telling him all about what they did that day.

Will wrapped an arm around Nico’s waist and pulled his husband against his side. Nico nuzzled his head against Will’s shoulder and watched as Caelynn and her father left with a quick goodbye. Will sighed through his nose as he pressed a kiss against his hair.

“Will?” Will hummed as Nico said his name. “Let’s adopt a kid.”


Guess who’s out of hospital. Me. So have some cute Solangelo to celebrate.

Slow everything down. Stop rushing around like you having got years left to figure out where you are going, you have all the time in the world. Unwind the coil of stress that has become a constant fixture in your mind. Untwist the crank in your posture which is stopping you from merely existing. The world will continue on and nature will proceed to grow, you may as well slow down and enjoy.

Slow it down by Amy Kennedy


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Could you link me to "Beauty or the Beast" by oopsimaphangirl? Thank you! :)

Beauty Or The Beast?Dan Howell is the best male actor at his school, and the drama teacher Mr. Faivre knows it. Paired with Cat Valdez, the two are a cinch for the two leads in every school show. So when the Fall show “Beauty and the Beast” is announced, Cat and Dan are ecstatic. However, at the audition, things aren’t what they seem. Not to mention that Phil Lester, the goody-two-shoes (who Dan Howell hates with a passion) auditions, things really turn upside down.

- Tori



Sorry for sucking at everything.

This is mostly just an overview of how I use one particular app. Stay tuned for a video to come of a couple different app options for Android tablets or phones, as well as pros and cons to each.

For today’s video I tried something new, which included no recording of myself, and only recording the screen of my tablet instead. Not sure how much I like it, so I’ll try to go back to the other style soon. Mostly I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things.

For this video I used:

Keep an eye out for upcoming videos including

  • Lecture notes on a tablet
  • What else to use a tablet for in school
  • A review of my tablet and my stylus
  • How I organize my paper notes
  • Class binders
  • And more!!!!!
A Day With Dad

Anon prompted: Blaine gets a horrible case of food posioning, and the only one he is home with is his dad. Although they have had a strained relationship since Blaine came out he takes care of Blaine until he feels better.

When Pam goes on a retreat, leaving Blaine and his dad to fend for themselves, Blaine ends up getting sick.  Surprisingly to Blaine, his dad takes care of him and talks to him.

2285 words.  Rated: PG

“You sure you don’t want to just spend the week at my house?” Kurt asked Blaine after hearing that Blaine’s mother was going to be out of town for a week.  The school day had just ended and Kurt and Blaine were walking with each other out to the parking lot to their cars which were conveniently parked right next to each other.  “I’m sure Dad and Carole wouldn’t mind if you stayed over.”

Blaine shrugged.  “Dad’ll never go for that.  Besides, he’ll stay in his office.  I’ll stay in my room.  We’ll be fine.”

“If you change your mind, don’t hesitate to call.”

Blaine smiled, and leaned forward to quickly kiss Kurt before anyone saw them.  “If I change my mind, you will know.”  Blaine opened his car door and tossed his messenger bag in.  “Dad and I just don’t know how to act around each other, so we don’t get around each other.  I’ll probably only see him passing through the kitchen around dinner time.”  Blaine hugged Kurt goodbye before hopping into his car and driving towards his home.

When Blaine arrived home, his mother was already gone to the retreat she and a few friends planned on going to.  His dad’s car was sitting in the driveway, and Blaine could see the light in his dad’s office already on.  He grabbed his messenger bag and headed inside the house, stopping by his dad’s office briefly to tell his dad that he was home.

“Dad,” Blaine said, peaking into the door of William Anderson’s home office, “I’m home.”

“Okay, Blaine,” the man said without looking up from his laptop screen.  “I was going to order pizza for dinner.  You want your usual toppings?”

“Sure,” Blaine answered.

“Okay.  I’ll call you when it gets here.”

“Okay.”  Blaine shut the door once more and headed up the stairs to his bedroom.  He slung his bag into his desk chair, grabbed his laptop, and surfed the internet for a little while.

This is how it was for the first few days of just the Anderson men.  Blaine would come home from school, his dad would order something for dinner, and the two would stay in their spaces until the food came.  Neither had much contact with each other, and Blaine thought that maybe it was better this way.  

Then, Blaine got sick.

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