GUESS WE CAN PUT UP PAGES NOW!!! Here are the kids meeting m'dude ELFANGOR :,)

Even though I didn’t get the job, I can’t WAIT for an Animorphs comic!!! The books meant a lot to me growing up, and it’ll be amazing to see the comics inspire a new crop of kids to make their own stories!!! 

Okay, but actually, did any kid actually have access to all the Animorphs books? Every fan I’ve talked to seems to have had this bizarre experience where the available libraries only had the first five books, and then like a handful in the 20s-40s, thus forcing kids to develop a desperate trading system because no one owned all the books either.

“A Niffler is a creature with a long snout and a coat of black, fluffy fur. They are attracted to shiny things, which make them wonderful for locating treasure, but this also means that they could wreak havoc if kept (or set loose) indoors. Niffler’s in general are usually harmless.“

“The mask… it won’t come off! It’s like it’s stuck to my skin!”

The Haunted Mask was my favorite growing up. I believe I have it to blame for my obsession with monsters and masks.


New Fantastic Beasts covers, coming out 14 March 

  1. British Bloomsbury cover
  2. American Scholastic cover
  3. Pottermore ebook cover

These updated editions will feature 6 new beasts, a new foreword by Newt Scamander, and new line illustrations by Tomislav Tomić


The school year is fast approaching - please tell your elementary school teachers to order my book, ‘Please Say Please!’ for your school’s book fair! It’s perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade children. Did you know that most picture book authors get the vast majority of book sales through book fairs, and *not* through bookstores or online stores?

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