mysweatymakerstudentworld  asked:

U know, when I saw the two girls in the Club (Yellow trailer) I thought they were from this fairy tail about two sisters called "Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot" They're called that because of magical roses (White and Red ones) protecting their House from an evil dwarf Just thought this was kinda funny

Please don’t tell Yang, guess she wouldn’t like being the evil dwarf. 

In English the tale is called ‘Snow-White and Rose-Red’, how do they not get confused. Snow White, the one Weiss is based on, the one with the Disney movie, is a totally different fairy tale. 

Why did we call one girl Schneeweißen and one Schneewittchen, who came up with that idea.

Anyway, the dwarf is also quite protective of his hair, in his case his beard. There is also a bear in that tale and he ends up killing the dwarf, hope that’s not foreshadowing.