Verdrehte Welt

Wisst ihr was eigenartig ist? Die gesamte Gesellschaft hat ein gutes Bild von Pop- bis Schlagermusik; wenn man diese Feiern jedoch zum Beispiel mit Hardtechno Events vergleicht, merkt man erst wie falsch man mit dieser Annahme doch liegt. Auf den Festen der weit verbreiteten Musik wimmelt es nur von aggressiven und größtenteils betrunkenen Menschen. Im Gegensatz dazu findet man auch auf den größten Tekkno Events hauptsächlich nur rücksichtsvolle Menschen. In dieser Szene werden physische, wie psychische Gewalt in keinster Weise toleriert. Also überlegt euch bitte zwei Mal bevor ihr über die in Schwarz gekleideten, zu lauten, wie schnellen Bässen tanzenden Menschen urteilt.

eurovision alignments
  • Lawful ballad: Typically kind of boring, but qualifies because you can't NOT vote for it or else you'll look like a jerk. Probably about love. Or peace.
  • Neutral ballad: Trying to be a power ballad but the singer just isn't that good. Maybe about love, but not in a guilt-trippy kind of way. Sounds better in studio.
  • Chaotic ballad: Strong, overly dramatic power ballad. Either the best thing you've ever heard or just way too extra. There is no in between.
  • Lawful schlager: Upbeat and really generic, like it's trying to make sure it qualifies. Probably written by someone from Sweden.
  • Neutral schlager: Passes for a normal pop song, at least mostly. Incredibly radio-friendly. Gets a lot of jury votes.
  • Chaotic schlager: Not quite a joke entry, but could be mistaken for one if you squint. Lots of glitter and exposed skin. Why people think Eurovision is gay.
  • Lawful crazy: The staging and outfits and pretty much everything looks like a fever dream, but the entry still resembles a song. 10/10 would dance to while drunk.
  • Neutral crazy: Any entry that just screams, "hey, we REALLY don't feel like hosting next year." Almost never qualifies. Just as planned.
  • Chaotic crazy: Looks and sounds like a shitpost, because they put serious effort into making sure it looks and sounds like a shitpost. Gets a fuckton of televotes.

🇧🇪 Belgium
Lara Fabian - Growing Wings
Release date: August 2017

I love Lara Fabian because language has never been a problem for her. She has sung in English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Hebrew in the past 30 years, only to become more famous each time she goes. In 2017, she will be releasing another English album, and Growing Wings is the first single. Simple song but very elegant :D

heyyyy! You’re learning german? Cool!! German is my mother language so maybe I can help you with some media for improving your german. v cool and up to date.


  • german rap. hugeee scene. from ghetto to deep
  • germany also has pop music
  • do you know “schlager”? don’t listen to it.

my fav artists 

  • CRO (v good, pop & rap)
  • Marteria
  • SXTN (girl power yea)
  • Knontra K
  • Mark Forster

spotify playlists


  • don’t read the classics if ur german isn’t v good. even I sometimes don’t understand them so
  • Marah Woolf & Kersin Gier write ya literature & are one of my favorite authors
  • try the german trans of books you already read
  • “Die Seiten der Welt”


  • “Luke, die Woche und ich” is a comedy show & very funny (he’s also a youtuber)
  • watch german news
  • “Fack ju Göhte” (u won’t regret it)



Breakdance in Lederhosen - Full Show - Das Beste Der Feste | DDC Breakdance


Not spotted any Eurovisions in the mix here, but a colllction of the best key changes of all times, in one take? Yes please (heart CDZA btw)

idk why I forgot about that but when I saw green day at southside festival and the power went out the crowd started singing random songs and one of them was a german party/schlager song called hey baby and billie was so confused by it he was just running around on stage and tried to kinda join in it was so cute