Schizophrenia awareness

Please do not treat schizophrenics as lesser than you or like they’re animals to be stayed away from. That’s rude, awful behavior.
My grandmother had schizophrenia, and one day she decided she’d hold a knitting/Tupperware party for all the ladies in the neighborhood. She invited them to come over and had set everything up and was anticipating it. Nobody came. And you know why? Because of the stigma against her. Because she was thought of as “weird” and “not right” and “crazy”. Because all those people didn’t bother getting to know her. She was a loving, caring grandma who would have done anything for me and to think that people would act that way towards her is frustrating, and that people still act that way towards schizophrenics today.
Please don’t be ableist. Take the time to actually get to know someone with schizophrenia, they are probably a wonderful person who needs to be understood, not disregarded and disrespected.

(Now I am not schizophrenic myself, nor do I currently know anybody who is, so those who actually have it, please let me know if I should add more or if I worded something the wrong way! Thank you!)

Schizophrenia needs awareness. Dissociative identity disorder needs awareness. Obsessive compulsive disorder needs awareness. Dementia needs awareness. Depersonalization needs awareness. Tourette’s syndrome needs awareness. Kleptomania needs awareness. Bipolar disorder needs awareness. Dermatillomania needs awareness. Trichotillomania needs awareness. Schizoaffective disorder needs awareness. Selective mutism needs awareness. Borderline personality disorder needs awareness. Narcissistic personality disorder needs awareness. There are so many things that need awareness. Don’t preach advocacy for the well known disorders or conditions and then shove everything else to the side. Please, don’t limit your knowledge to just a select few.

hi its about damn time someone said something about this 

yea im here to talk about this mental illness that isnt depression or anxiety, and due to the stigmas behind it some people who may know nothing about this disorder perceive it as scary.  i myself dont suffer from schizophrenia, but i am very close with someone who does and it breaks my fucking heart to watch them not get the support that they deserve. i obviously cant speak directly to the illness itself, but i can talk about how the ideas behind mental illnesses that might be thought of as ‘scary’ need to change. these people deserve just as much love and support as anyone with a mental illness and im sick of people pushing serious illnesses off to the side because theyre ‘hard to deal with’ or ‘the people are crazy’. this needs to stop. 

and to anyone who suffers from schizophrenia:

you are loved you are wonderful and i hope you have a wonderful day 💖

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Is it true that schizophrenics have multiple personalities?


But before I get into that, people are not schizophrenic. People have schizophrenia. The easiest way you can help to change the stigma around mental health is to change your language. People are not defined by their disorder.

Schizophrenia and Dissociative identity disorder are different disorders. Dissociative identity disorder is characterized by multiple identities or alters. When people with schizophrenia say “we/them/they” it is often in reference to whatever hallucination or delusion they may be having. The term schizophrenia refers to a mind split, not split personalities.

Thank you for asking! Send me questions about psychopathology!

I don’t think you guys understand. this entire month is bpd awareness month. the tag isn’t even close to trending. even on our awareness month, with our extremely high rate of suicide,with the horrible stigma around bpd, we’re invisible. I’ve seen more posts about ace day than posts about bpd (basically 0) on my dash this entire month.

Mental Illness Project

So I thought about starting this project where I will try to make a video portraying what having a mental illness is like so if you suffer from a mental illness please retweet this and add which mental disorder(s) you have experienced and describe them in one word. (The video will be completely anonymous)

I’ll start.

Anxiety: Terrifying

It’s schizophrenia awareness week!

As you may know from my personal posts recently, over the past few months I’ve developed and been diagnosed with schizophrenia, so I’m going to talk a little about it in honor of this week. 

When I was in 7th grade, my gifted class did a unit on abnormal psychology and we learned about all the different mental illnesses. We all drew from a hat for the illness we’d do our final project on. I drew schizophrenia and convinced someone to trade with me because of all the mental illness we covered, I just couldn’t understand exactly what schizophrenia was. It made no sense to me. I just couldn’t grasp it. I was afraid of it–aren’t schizophrenics the ones who kill people? 

Now I understand schizophrenia in the most horrible way. 

It’s been really hard for me to accept my diagnosis. I was in denial for a long time, and I’m still struggling to come to terms with it. A big part of the problem for me was deconstructing all of the stereotypes and stigma surrounding schizophrenia. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to have a life, a job, love. Sometimes I still wonder if I’m worthy of any of that, if I’ll ever find someone who will accept me despite my illness.

This is why awareness is so important. I’m a fairly successful student, studying physics at university. I’m an artist and a writer in my free time. I’m a bit of a nerd; I love Star Trek and cats and vintage fashion and clothing. I leave lipstick stains on everything I touch and I love frozen yogurt. My favorite music artist is Kaki King. I have a red car with a Space Shuttle tag. I’m super cute. I’m a person, and I’m here to show you I’m so much more than “schizophrenia.” 

I am not my illness. 

I still have a lot to work through, but I’ve had the support of my amazing friend biobastard and others along the way, and for that I am beyond grateful. 

Schools need to teach more about mental conditions

For one thing, mental illnesses are poorly taught in health. Yes, nutrition is a very important thing to learn, but do we really have to spend an entire quarter on it? And while schools are getting better at that, they need to teach that mental illnesses should be taken just as seriously as physical conditions.

Like, I was in a school play last year and one day (due to the extreme standards of my old school added to my anxiety), I was too stressed out to function. My parents let me stay home. The next day, at rehearsal, I explained my absence, and the director told me it was inexcusable. But of course, someone throws up and staying home is encouraged. They should be treated almost the same.

And even in classrooms, it’s a problem. My biology teacher hated me because my hypochondria made one of the chapters very difficult for me (the one including different diseases, some I could still potentially get) and my having to leave the classroom to go to study hall was a disturbance.

We need more awareness of mental conditions.

I mean, I don’t even know how to act around schizophrenics because I was never taught what they’re like. Same with autistics and all, and this makes me sad.


That gives you a brief idea of what you endure when you suffer from schizophrenia.Sometimes the voices are nice too.


💫 Hey friends, it’s schizophrenia spectrum awareness week, which means ya homegurl is coming at ya with bomb selfies to represent! 💫
I’m schizoaffective (bipolar 1 type) which means I have a blend of schizophrenia and bipolar 1 symptoms going on. Schizophrenia comes in a bunch of different forms and affects everyone differently. Please use this week to educate yourself on schizophrenia and its forms and look at all the other cuties uploading selfies this week! 💖