Hundreds Romanians rally in front of their embassy in Berlin against corruption in Romania. Later they march to the nearby Brandenburg Gate. The activists follow mass protests against the government in Romania. 02/05/2017.

Furten furten 
Ein sehr häufig anzutreffendes Verkehrsschild in Island. Dieses Warnzeichen steht immer dort, wo der Fahrer eines 4x4 Geländewagen im weiteren Streckenverlauf einer F-Straße Flüsse durchfahren muss.

Crossing of a ford 
A very common road sign in Iceland. This warning sign is always there,
where the driver of a 4x4 off-road vehicle has to go through the river in the course of an F-road.

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Animal rights activists rally outside the Urania in Berlin to protest against the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji while the Japan Festival took place inside the building. They call Japan to stop the killing of dolphins and whales. 01/21/2017.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Emily Schild connected her inbar full to her komova II and upgraded her DLO to a FTDLO and beat Ashton at nationals and went to worlds over her? Like imagine being a one trick pony and getting owned by your younger teammate who isn’t a one trick pony and has already committed to NCAA while you’re in the midst of a “pro” career that’s destined to be woefully unsuccessful 😂


Dozens of Romanian activists joined a rally in front of the embassy of Romania in Berlin to protest against corruption and the government in Bucharest. They said “No to corruption” and later marched to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. 02/19/2017.