Pocket Puyo Sun’s Tarot Cards, including Rulue’s servant and The Goddess of Time

this is really the only good thing about this port next to the extra content, otherwise it’s really boring compared to console!SUN and Pocket Puyo~n

it feels weird to see Skeleton-T portraying “death”


June Bride by リト 

Part 1

Arle: This is June bride, every young girl yearn for this wedding dress. 

For once, I’ve always want to see myself in one. 

Schezo: if you want to see yourself in it, why don’t you try to put it on? (this one isn’t bad at all) 

Arle:  Eh? (was that a proposal?) 

Schezo: Eh? (so are you going to try it on?) 

part 2

Arle: why did I have to do as he please? I really did try on the dress after all. 

He must be scheming to tease me around.  

Schezo (Arle’s imagination:) haha you fool, you actually put it on. 

Arle: so how is it? just say that it doesn’t fit me already. 

Schezo: ? that’s not how it is, you look pretty.  

Arle: Fu!?       Schezo: Arle ?  

T/N: Enjoy this one while it last :) (after I contact the artist for permission) 


Valentine’s day by  よねぞう@ぷよ主義B-83  

Arle: Here Schezo! it’s for Valentine! 

Eh you’re not happy about it? 

Schezo: wonder if this is something isn’t ca cao bean but curry roux you’re trying to give to me.  (this one is little hard to translate)

Erla: How rude!  I have confidence this time!  

Schezo: ho… well then not like anything good will come if I eat them.

(opens box)  so so cuteee  

however, I must eat these guys or else I lose.  

I will eat them!  I swear by my pride as a dark magician ! But what is this feeling of guilt! This feeling of guilt !  

This must be your doing before… 

Arle: May have your on white day in return then?  
*The “you” Schezo using in his speech here is a very impolite form you. Kisama*