Winter Translations’ Saga, more twists and turns than GoT. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to instalment #6 of my realer than real story about Winter Translations’ administrator, Azusa/Chua Jia Ying/Ayaka/Eunji/Zoey Phan/Paige Denton/Amelia Chua/Kyuzi called “What a lot of Effort”.

Chapter 6 will be titled as “Quod me nutrit, me destruit”.

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Did you guys enjoy that splendid chapter 5? Are you guys ready for more? It’s going to be another long long sweet read. My folder of Azusa’s shit has ballooned to almost 1.7GB. Sweet.

Alright, this will still be image heavy. Be warned!

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dr who as i know it so far
  • One:v whiny baby with wig
  • Two:100% gay for kilts
  • Three:the one with a penis gizmo
  • Four:the candy dealer
  • Five:single parent at 600 with 5 kids&co
  • Six:a fancy coat with character development
  • Seven:the dark schemer with musical spoon skills
  • Eight:an amnesiac at always the age of 3
  • War:a hedgehog with an ammo belt
  • Nine:is friends with a dead titty tree
  • Ten:really attached to people and much guilt everything is horrible
  • Eleven:a flamingo with talent for speeches
  • Twelve:tumblr user by default, wears pijamas and avoids physical contact

Introducing Schemer (by Google)


Trying out the new Google site, Schemer.

Schemer lets you discover new things to do, share schemes with friends, and make the most of your day.