I don’t normally like doing this but… I really love(d) this scene. This was the third take. I remember it was a tandem day (shooting 2 episodes at once— finishing one and starting another), and we had wrapped this scene after the second take. They were rushing everyone out so the other unit could start, but I didn’t feel right. I felt like i did a good job but, i felt like i could do more. I asked Tunde (Olatunde Osunsamni: Director, who was being pressured to wrap it up), if I could do it again, told him I felt like i could do more. He said, ”Alright, let’s do it then.” And this happened. The scene turned a completely different direction than I planned. I mean, I thought i was gonna be angry the whole time… then this happened. and for that i love it. Ivana Milicevic is a beauty to work with. 🙇🏼‍♀️❤️✨