In the end, it was Bittersweet - Part.6

You sat on your couch, blanket rolled tightly around you, surrounded by used tissues. You heard the doorbell and tried to get up but found yourself strengthless. You yelled with a hoarse voice “it’s open!”

Jungkook came into the livingroom with a bag in hand. He looked at you with sad eyes as he sat down beside you. “Are you okay?” You felt your throat sting and your eyes wet as you looked at his pale face. Before you knew it, Jungkook had pulled you into his embrace and your tears rolled down your red cheeks.

He soothingly stroked your back as small whimpers escaped your ajar mouth.

He continued to hold you tight until your crying stopped. You leaned back and looked at his face once more. This time you were suprised to find small streaks of tears on his cheeks. You had never seen Jungkook cry before, and you cupped his face without thinking. As your thumbs stroke away the tears he looked down at you with glistening eyes.

His hands found your face as he too, dried your tears.

After a while he smiled as he asked you “so what can we do to distract ourself from this fucked up situation?”

“You know… I kinda wanna blow something up”

“Eehh… what?” He looked at you with furrowed brows and a confused look in his eyes.

“Overwatch stupid. You can snipe everyone with Widow and I can blow everyone up with Junkrat”

His eyes turned soft as a small laugh escaped his throat.

“That is a good distraction indeed"

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How would the uf, ut, and sf skelebros react if their s/o or crush gave them a nickname??


As long as it’s not “Bone Daddy,” he’s fine with it. You wouldn’t not believe how often he gets that one. He prefers just being called by his name, but if you’re determined to give him a nickname, he’ll just smile & deal with it.


Oh!! Yes, this is to be expected, his Dating Manual said so!! So!! He must also come up with an equally wonderful & adorable nickname to adorn you with!! Sugarlumps!! Sweetheart!! Babycakes!! Icinghair!! Cookieface!!! Spaghettilover!!!


He’s fine with it, he’s gotten more than his fair share of uh…”nicknames” from the crowd down at Grillby’s. The fact that yours are more genuine, though, leave him equal parts confused & happy. But hey, he’ll take “Sansy” over “Bonehead” any day.


(lemongrab voice) UNACCEPTABLE!!! No seriously, don’t do that, all you’ll get in return is a shrieking (blushing) skeleton who will banish you to the Couch Zone if you so much as call him “Papy.” What a whiny skelebaby.


HA! Two can play at that game, date-mate!! He won’t lose to something as simple as s…”sugarskull”!! So prepare yourself–honey!! He won’t back down so easily from a challenge…cutie!! You won’t win against him…baby!!!


Sure, do what you want. He doesn’t really care one way or the other. It’s actually kind of cute, you always sound so sincere. So lay it on him, sugar, he doesn’t mind a bit.

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Oh my god, you're do kind, I love you (^3^) 💕, I can request again. Shinsou and his s/o go the beach and all people look at his s/o when they wear swimsuit, that make him uncomfortable. He wanna prove that his s/o is his, and do sth to make those people stop looking at his s/o. Thank you so much ≧﹏≦

No worries lovely =) I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!

Shinsou is quiet, a small frown spreading over his face. On one side, he’s not okay with people staring at his partner and on the other side he doesn’t want to appear like a possessive asshole.

“I don’t like it.” He admits when they’re a bit away from other visitors of the beach and just as his partner has set down their towel. They glance up at him questioningly.

“What do you mean?” They ask, getting up and brushing sand from their fingertips.

Shinsou inhales and keeps his shoulders from hunching in a little. “I don’t like those people staring at you. It makes me uncomfortable and…I don’t like it.”

An understanding expression spreads over his partner’s face, who takes a moment to glance around. A short flash of surprise shows in their eyes when they notice that yes, some people are looking at them. Then they look back at Shinsou and step closer, giving him a reassuring and warm smile.

“Well, if you want to, we can start with you kissing me.” They offer, reaching out to gently entangle their fingers with his. They raise one of his hands to brush their lips along his knuckles. “I very much would like to kiss you too, after all.”

Shinsou feels a lopsided smile, almost grin slowly spreading over his face and his frown smoothes out. Letting go of their other hand to touch their cheek, he leans in and kisses the corner of their mouth and then tilts his head to press his lips against theirs in a slow, soft and chaste kiss.

When they separate again, his partner reaches up with their free hand to brush a strand of hair behind his ear.

“I wouldn’t mind another one.” They say with a warm grin and a small wink. “Or a third one.”

With a quiet laugh, Shinsou kisses their lips and then their temple, before he takes a step back, feeling both comforted and reassured. He tilts his head towards the shoreline.

“Let’s go swimming, that is what we came for after all.”

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Rose are red, violet are blue, I will never stop luvin u .CUTIE PIE! Love your blog ! Can I request? Can I? Can I? If I can, can I have a scenario where Todoroki is taking care of is SO like massage cuddle, a sweet moment ? If the request are not open shame on me. Anyway I luve u and I live for ur blog. ~yours truly The psychopath Anon

THANK YOU! I appreciate the poem :’)) that is the sweetest thing i’ve seen all week. And hells yeah you can!

Two Shouto scenarios back-to-back. Lucky me! 

I’ll try and keep this scenario gender neutrel as much as i can.

A Cuddly Massage// Todoroki Shouto 

It started off with a simple hug after a long day of training. Aizawa had put the entire class through the ringer, not letting them even pause for breath. It had been intense and all Shouto had wanted to do was sleep.

When he felt a head land on his shoulder, he glanced down to see his s/o looking just as exhausted as he felt. With weary eyes adorned with dark circles underneath and sluggish movements, Shouto had never seen them so tired. A sudden wave obligation washed over him and, gently, pulled his s/o in for a hug. His s/o collapsed against him, sighing in relief and comfort as warm, strong arms held them so safely. It was heaven.

“So tired, Shouto,” they groaned, pressing their head to his chest, right where his heart was.

Shouto smiled down at them, stroking and gently kneading their back. They keened into him, humming gently as he continued his cuddle/massage. He placed a kiss on the top of their head, hands still petting and pressing.

“I think we’re both in need of a nap, my love.”

And with that, he swooped an arm underneath his s/o and promptly carried them off to his dorm. A nap was in high order for these two.

[not our image]

There’s this little tea house in the corner of downtown, secluded and very pretty. It opens once a year as the owner likes to travel around. The tea is infamously good, and one year, you’re able to get in- the line is always trailing out the door and down 5 blocks.
No one realizes that one person out of the masses never comes back out- until you drink your tea and stare into the bottom of your cup.

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May I please have the lazybones' reactions to their crush lifting them off the couch after the skele refused to move over for them?

Can I be on the receiving end of this plz

He’s snoozing on the couch, hogging the whole thing like an asshole. You try to get him to move himself by asking him to scoot over, but he shrugs. “sorry, bud, i’m bone tired at the moment.” You ask him again, but he gives you another lame pun in response. That does it! You scoop him up bridal style and drop him back down on one half of the couch, then collapsing into the other seat in a pouty huff. He’s a little taken aback; did you really just lift him up? No one’s ever done that to him besides Pap, so it takes him a moment to fully grasp what happened. Then, after a minute in thought, he chuckles and puts his hands behind his head, crossing his legs. His cheeks are faintly blue.

Underfell!Sans aka Red
When you first tell him to move, he sinks further into the couch with a shrug and a mumbled “firs’ come, firs’ serve, doll”, kicking his feet up in a form of mockery. He doesn’t like being told what to do. You ask him again as politely as you could. He gives you a smug looks, and growls “make me”. This makes you snap, and without thinking, you just tear him off the couch. He immediately regrets provoking you and goes bright red. He’s not the lightest guy; far from it, actually. He’s a little sensitive about it, too. Sure, it makes him look tougher, and it helps him grow thick skin (metaphorically). He can usually handle it. But being fucking carried is something he can’t handle. You throw him back down and take a seat, crossing your legs in anger. You both sit there for a while, you still fuming, and him still glowing red.

Underswap!Papyrus aka Stretch
He’s even worse than Sans. He’s so lanky and tall that even him just sitting and man-spreading has taken up the whole of the tiny couch you two share. He’s kicked back, his eye sockets closed contently and a cig resting in his jaws, as usual. You ask him to move over some in a huff; it’s been a long day, and you don’t wanna put up with any of his funny business. He doesn’t budge; he simply opens one eye socket and gives you a sarcastic look: “can’t. ‘m havin a smoke.” With a deep inhale, you ask again, sparing him the politeness of the first. He refuses again, claiming “smoking requires all my focus and energy”. With an angry hiss, you loose it and lift him up to move him yourself. He’s shocked at first; what the hell are you doing? But then he realizes… seeing you lift him up is like watching a tiny bear cub lift up a loose jumble of sticks; he just starts laughing, his cheeks dusted orange. He doesn’t ever let you live that down.

Fellswap!Papyrus aka Mutt
If he isn’t moving for you, it’s likely he’s had a long day. Usually, he’ll scoot over to make room for you (he’s not one to defy you for something so simple) but he’s just so out of it that the question didn’t fully register with him. He’s almost asleep, actually. He probably didn’t even hear you. You repeat the question a couple times, but to no avail. He’s fully checked out. But the second you scoop your hands under him to lift him up, he jerks awake in a panic, and winces in surprise. Then he realizes it’s you. He calms down, and musters a small chuckle and a sheepish “m’sorry, darlin” as you plop down next to him. Luckily, the both of you brush it off pretty quickly after that.

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Can I request a scenario with Tokoyami & his slightly chubby s/o? Like he finds them staring at themselves in the mirror, criticizing them self & he comforts them?

I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!

Tokoyami pauses once he notices his partner’s unhappy expression while they look themselves over in the mirror, moving a little from side to side to get different angles on themselves.

“Is something the matter?” He asks and steps up to them. His partner stops in surprise and glances at him. For a moment he can see them wavering, ready to brush this whole thing off like nothing, before he sees the way they seem to shrink in on themselves a little.

“I don’t…like how I look.” They start, voice a quiet mumble and they tug at their clothes, trying to smooth the fabric out. Tokoyami feels a small frown tugging on his face before he understands.

Stepping closer, he offers his hands and once his partner takes them, he gently curls his fingers around theirs.

“I love you.” Tokoyami says, seriously and sincerely. “All of you.”

When his partner looks aside, he lets go of one hand to lightly touch their face and encourage them to look back at him.

“I mean it.” He says and leans forward to rest his forehead softly against theirs, his hand cradling their cheek. “I think you are wonderful and I’m here for you. Whatever you go through, whatever you think, you have me. You are deserving of as much love and admiration as you want.”

His partner hesitates and then hugs him, their hands curling into the back of his shirt. Tokoyami hugs them back, brushing a hand over their head and he leans his head against theirs once they rest their forehead on his shoulder.

“I just…I look at myself and I hate what I see.” They admit and Tokoyami feels his chest clench a little and he wishes he could just smooth those thoughts away and make his partner see what he sees. He wished he could make them see how beautiful they are and how happy he is they chose him for their affections. He hugs them a bit closer.

“I can only tell you what I see. And I see you, I love you and you are beautiful. And no matter what you want to do, or what you figure out for yourself, I’m here for you. You can count on me to have your back.” He presses a light kiss to their temple. “And if your thoughts ever get too loud or too much or you find yourself thinking this way again, you can always come to me, I’ll be happy prove how much I love you and your body.”

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I'm gonna go ahead and ask <3 i'm loving your writing. It's super fun too! I love scruffy jesus so what about an imagine or hc (whatever you fancy) of aizawa dealing with a quirkless s/o that has too much courage than what is safe for a quirkless person and at the same time seem to be extra unlucky (always finding themselves in dangerous situations by accident). Like how he would deal with the worry/exasperation of that combination lols

I hope you enjoy, i know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but nonetheless enjoy it! <3

Being quirkless wasn’t as bad as it seemed, you were like a rare animal, people just stop and wonder, ‘aww, how does it survive?’ Funny story, you don’t survive. Not having a quirk in this day and age was terribly stressful, because you’re very unlucky and have a terribly cocky mouth for someone who had trouble opening large doors. You and your boyfriend were walking through town, shopping for a birthday present for Hizashi, when Shouta received a phone call.

“I’ll be right back,” he said before wandering off, his phone pressed to his ear.

Now you could actually find something Hizashi would want. As you stepped out of the knitting store Shouta pointed out, you ran ran right into someone’s argument.

“Hikaru, just leave me alone! I’ve told you before, we’re over, now let me go!” a tall, tan skinned woman yelled. The man, Hikaru, held her by the arm tightly, refusing to let go.

Well, since you were right there, might as well put your nose where it didn’t belong. You puffed your chest, put on a brave face, and approached the much larger man with huff. His large, meaty hand had a hold of the woman’s arm, and you pried his hand off of her using all of your strength.

“I think she told you to piss off, and I’m pretty sure you at least have the comprehension skills of a five year old, so you should be able to understand that stop means to leave her alone.”

The pale man’s neck flushed with embarrassment, adding onto your internal victory. The woman shot you a thankful smile before hurrying off, leaving you alone with the brutish tower of a man. You awkwardly clapped your hands and pressed your lips together.

“Well, now that that’s settled, I should be going now. Um, you have yourself a gr- no. I hope you have a shitty day, because you don’t just man-handle women on the streets. Learn some manners before coming back into society, friend.”

As you turned around to leave, an idea of what to get Hizashi in your head, his hand shot out to harshly grip your shoulder. He flipped you so he could look at you.

“I don’t know where you get off of telling me what you just did–,”

He stopped speaking as a grungy looking piece of fabric wrapped around the back of his head. His hand released your shoulder as his eyes frantically looked to find what was happening to him.

“You really need to stop doing this every time I leave you alone for five minutes.” your boyfriend sighed, releasing the man from his quirk. The large man scurried away, leaving you with Mr. Broody.

You sheepishly smiled at Shouta, “Well, it’s kind of a long story.”

He rolled his eyes at you. “I’m sure it is. What is it this time? Did he try to steal someone’s dog?”

“No, actually. And that was one time, and it was a cute dog!

“You have to stop throwing yourself into shit like this, Y/n. I know you have a good heart and want to help, but sometimes you just can’t help.”

You bit your lip, but held your ground. “It’s because I’m quirkless, isn’t it?”

Shouta ran a spindly hand through his hair, his face now damper with the change of your tone.

“If you want the honest truth, then yes, it’s because you don’t have a quirk.” You sneered at his response, but he held up a hand to stop you before you said anything incriminating. “I don’t think you’re incapable of handling yourself, it’s just that whenever you go and pick fights, it’s with people who have fifty pounds on you. If you want to start shit, start it with someone who you could beat.”

That was oddly sweet. He was right, though. You did have a tendency to march up to the people who towered over you; but you couldn’t help it! You only did it when those particular people were being douche canoes to other people– you can’t just stand there and let them get away with it. And besides, it wasn’t like you went searching for it, it just popped into your face.

“What I’m saying is, is just be more careful. Your luck is fucking awful and your mouth runs faster than Usain Bolt. I don’t want to see your picture on a milk carton saying that you’re missing because you messed with some drug cartel.”

Shouta stood beside you and subtly hugged your side awkwardly.

“You just made your speech useless with that pathetic hug.” you smirked, nudging him with your side.

“I will lock you in the house if you don’t shut up.”

“Duly noted, mummy man, duly noted. Let’s go find that screeching cockatoo a present he’ll never forget!”

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Can I ask for a fluffy scenario or headcannon of Toshinori finding out his s/o is pregnant? C:

You definitely can, dear! I just wrote him when he was younger, like, before he even got that terrible wound, you know? Enjoy!

Word count: 740.

Toshinori Yagi:

When [Name] had found out that she was hosting a small human being within her, she didn’t know how to feel. She was overjoyed, of course, and she was highly sure that her husband would share her happiness genuinely.

But then she started to overthink. Toshinori Yagi, more commonly known as All Might, was not only her dear husband; he was so much more. He was a hero, the top hero, the Symbol of Peace to make it worse.

She loved that he could save lives, but for once she just hoped he would be an average man who could love his child without having to face death on a daily basis.

Even if her heart told her that he would be as utterly happy as she had been upon finding out, a dark corner in her mind whispered to her during the most silent nights before falling asleep: he wouldn’t want the baby.

What if it’s a bother for him? What if it ruins his passion as a hero? What if…?

Often, he would embrace her during the night in his strong arms, when she woke up startled by a nightmare; only she knew they featured her most recent fears, but she never told him.

She hadn’t told him she was enceinte.

But All Might wasn’t blind, nor dumb for that matter; morning sickness, cravings, constant need to go to the bathroom… Everything became very evident after the first weeks after she found out. She was one month and half pregnant by then.

And she couldn’t look more stressed out.

Every time Toshinori would talk to her, she would visibly tense up and stutter, and would try to avoid talking about anything that had to do with her physical condition, almost painfully obvious.

One day, he finally decided to sit her down, and talk clearly.

“You haven’t been yourself lately,” he stated, standing in front of her as she sat on the couch. Her fingers twiddled in nervousness, and his blue eyes softened. “What’s wrong, my love?”

“I-I think I’m just sick, you shouldn’t worry about it,” she lied. And he knew she was lying. A stern frown took over his features, hands finding her trembling ones.

“Hey, a stomach flu doesn’t last three weeks,” he sighed, looking straight into her eyes. “Please, tell me what’s wrong. I can’t stand up seeing you like this.”

After weeks of not-so-well-acted pretending, she broke.

“I’m pregnant,” the words left her mouth as a shattered whisper as she anxiously waited for his reaction. But he just stared at her, eyes wide and obviously surprised.

“H-How long?” He sounded as if he couldn’t breathe, and she bit her lip.

“Around two months.” A mere second after her words left her lips, she was pulled up into a strong embrace and spun around by an overjoyed blond.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?!” He asked, setting her down and kneeling in front of her. She couldn’t even answer, and just stared as he pressed his head against her belly, barely, if even slightly, swollen.

“You’re busy with the heroic stuff,” [Name] mumbled, ashamed by his reaction, which was far more different than the one the negative corner in her mind had pushed into her, striking the poor girl with fear. “I thought you wouldn’t have time for it… Anxiety got the best of me… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” he shushed, smiling widely. “But don’t keep it from me again, please. Something so important, I want to be by your side from the first second.”

The tears streamed down her face, and she fell to embrace him, pure relief washing over her. When she looked into his eyes, he saw crystalline tears of his own well up, and she wiped them before they had the chance to fall. She then kissed him, long, sweet and grateful, pouring her emotions and excitement into a gesture that he happily returned.

“Wait…” She breathed against his lips, a small smile tugging at her lips. “You asked me not to keep it from you… again?” A small chuckle broke the air, and she nuzzled his nose. “Would you really like to try for another baby?”

Toshinori chuckled, pecking her lips sweetly.

“As long as you tell me that you’re pregnant the second you find out, I wouldn’t mind forming a big family with the person I love, if you’re okay with it.” [Name] smirked.

“We will see about it.”

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Scenario of Akashi when his s/o is kinda sick or in some kind of physical pain and refuses to eat or even talk due to discomfort, but when Akashi checks on her later on she's trying her best to eat the food he brought her because she feels guilty for making him sad about her condition or smth, I hope that wasn't too detailed lol thanks ;)

woah that was rly soft fam my heART

“Please, at least take a few spoons.” he begged. 

You’ve been going through a hard time ever since the surgery you got and as much as he wants to give you your time and space, you weren’t making it easy for him. 

Not when you won’t even drink or eat anything to help yourself get better sooner. You weren’t taking care of yourself properly and he hates seeing you like this. You looked tired, frail and weak.

As happy as he was you were finally out of the hospital and back home, he wished you wouldn’t slack on yourself but make sure you’re getting and doing everything you need to become better.

You were the one person he’d do anything for, literally. He just wants to see you happy and healthy in life.

“I know you’re going through a hard time right now, but you cannot keep doing this. As much as I wanna see you become better and help you, you’ll need to wanna help yourself first.” he sighed.

You didn’t say anything but instead avoided looking him in the eye.

He put the food he had brought for you earlier on the table in front of you and stood up.

He gave you a kiss on the head and whispered “I love you.” before leaving the room to give you some time alone. 

You wanted to cry for having such a sweet and wonderful boyfriend. You truly did appreciate everything he’ve done and keeps doing for you. You wouldn’t trade him for the world. 

You know you haven’t been the greatest to him lately, you barely even said a few words to him. You just hated being like this, not being able to do everything together like you used to. You hated feeling weak and unable to have as much fun as you used to.

You knew it was only a matter of time until you get better and become your normal self again, but right now it was a bit hard to act like your usual self.

As much as you hated feeling this way, you hated seeing Akashi worried a whole lot more. 

You grabbed the food he got for you and started eating it.  

Little did you know Akashi was actually standing there all along. It’s true he did leave but not too far away, just enough to check up on you where you couldn’t see him. 

The minute he saw you reach out for the spoon, his lips formed into a smile and his heart felt at ease once again. 

He was so lost in his thoughts until he heard your voice. 

“Owwwwww. Ahh, ouch!” you groaned. 

You were sitting on the couch as he ran to you and bent down, cupping your face in his hands.

With his face full of worry, “What’s wrong? What is it? Where does it hurt?” he asked.

You started giggling and cupped his face back. 

“Did you really think I had no idea you were there all along Sei?” you laughed.

You jumped onto his lap and hugged him as tight as you could. 

“I’m really lucky to have you, you mean the world to me Seijuro.” you whispered.

First Time With Them: JI CHANGWOOK

/ Kim JiSoo // Ji ChangWook /

/ ASTRO // B.A.P // BtoB // BTS // EXO // GOT7 // KHH // PENTAGON // SF9// WINNER // SEVENTEEN // NCT / 

  • Can you spare me the time of your life to talk about our lord and saviour Ji ChangWook? ;
  • Literally the sweetest;
  •      Sexiest still;
  •           Little man;
  • I am cryi— ;
  • You’d be so small in his arms;
  • And just the small in the relationship let’s keep this real like;
  • Would literally smother you in kisses okay;
  • And he’d be the gentlest man ever;
  • From slowly saying how much he loved you;
  • How much he wanted you;
  •      Needed you;
  • To slowly laying you down;
  • Kissing you everywhere;
  • Grazing his teeth along your exposed shoulder as he took off your clothes;
  • And he’d be totally into praising;
  •      Just saying;
  •           Not degrading- not in a billion years;
  • His pace would be slow and steady, too;
  • He wouldn’t want to rush that night;
  • He would want to savour it;
  • Explore your body as much as he could without exhausting you too much;
  • Crave every crevice of your naked body into his mind;
  •      Memory;
  • He’d totally be the moaning type tho;
  • But not the loud moans;
  • It would be pretty similar to small little grunts;
  • But as he’d lean into you;
  • Near cumming inside of you;
  • Right by your ear;
  • You’d heard his breath stutter;
  • A moan escaping;
  • And that would be the hottest sound on earth you’d ever hear;
  • So you’d clench around him;
  • Just to hear him make that sound again;
  • Besides that he would always be careful with using protection;
  • Not until you’d actually agree to move on from that stage and onto something more serious anyway;
  • And the morning after;
  • Oh god the morning after;
  • I am shooketh;
  • And so are you;
  • Your family;
  • Friends;
  • World;
  • The sweet little bean would just cuddle into you like a child;
  • The passionate man from the night before gone and in his stead there was that baby;
  • It’d be a nice morning though;
  • With you two just cuddling.

synopsis: the reader works at a flower shop and seokmin brightens up the place every time he comes through the door o(≧∇≦o)

genre: fluff

word count: 1,130 ヽ(>∇<)ノ

Blinding sunlight lit up the bright tile floors and assorted displays of the flower shop that afternoon. It was May, and before the overwhelming heat of a Seoul summer began, there were lovely days where you could simply watch people stroll by on their ways to work, school, or dates at the coffee stop next door. You could stare out of the panes for hours from your comfy area behind the service counter, but customers were always bustling and you hardly had the chance.

Anxious teenagers were your main customer base, as many were stopping by in a panic just before a date. They would shove a crumpled bill into your hands and you couldn’t help but giggle as you put a bouquet together. With pink cheeks and clammy hands, they would thank you and jog out the door, the pleasant sound of the overhead bell chiming behind them. Another group were the elderly who were still interested in filling their homes with fresh plants, or people visiting the nearby hospital. Being a florist truly allowed you to see your customers’s best and worst times.

That being said, it did get mildly lonely. It was usually you and one other employee during any shift, and you tended to work long hours. Though you had a few regulars, your daily encounters included mounds of shallow conversation and short interactions.

Another customer had just left with a wave and a smile when you saw him stroll past, probably headed toward the cafe for some afternoon coffee. One of your window arrangements caught his eye, however, and he stopped dead in his tracks to admire it. You could see his delighted chocolate-colored eyes from your spot behind the register and you subconsciously began walking towards the front. He slid his phone out of his pocket and took a picture, obviously pleased with his photography skills. Suddenly, he swung around and came through the door.

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How would kuroo react when he hears his s/o saying they're not good enough for him and that they don't deserve him and them bursting into tears?

In that moment he would feel so helpless, his entire heart sinking into the lowest part of himself because he loved you so much and the last thing he ever wanted was for you to feel insecure and like you weren’t good enough for him.
Because, God, you were good enough for him. You were better than good enough. He looked at you like he was seeing the stars for the first time and he felt so helpless because you didn’t know. 

Kuroo would immediately wrap his arms around you, holding you close to his chest as you sobbed. Every time you shook from crying his heart squeezed just a little bit tighter, because it hurt him when you hurt.

“I love you,” he’d whisper into your head. “I love you so much. And you’re enough, you’ll always be good enough; and I think you’re even better.” So close to tears he’d squeeze his eyes shut and say, “I wish I’d told you more. I wish I told you so you knew.”

You’d stay like that for a while, just holding each other.

anonymous asked:

(This is going to be very specific)Can I request a scenario of Oikawa and Tobio. Tobios on a date and he realises he's late for practice. His date went to the bathroom and by the time she comes out he won't mame it to practice.. He calls on the phone Oikawa for advice whether to leave the date without telling her or stay and miss practice. What would Oikawa say?

This was short, but I had fun writing it ( I actually laughed with this idea) and I thought it was good like this. Thakns for the request, and I hope that, even if it’s short, you enjoy it. 


As he heard the hysterical laugh coming through the phone, Kageyama instantly regretted his decision of calling Oikawa. 

At first he had thought it was genius. One of the things that first came to his mind when he thought about Oikawa was his charm. It was hard to ignore the sea of feminine hormones that followed him to every game. Even his owns teammates were jealous of his capacity to recruit fans.

And since he wasn’t going to ask him to teach him to serve, or something relatable, he had also thought the conversation was going to be a normal one. He would ask him, and Oikawa would evaluate things since he was beyond talented with reading and resolving situations, plus, he knew what was the deal with girls better than he. Or so he assumed.

The laugh ceased and Kageyama was between annoyed, and panicked. His date was about to come out of the restroom and he still had no answer.

“Oikawa, please. Just tell me what should I do.” 

“Well, if I were you, I would already be running to practice. Why did you even go out on a date when you have practice that same day?”

“Because I didn’t realize,” 

“Too bad, Tobio-chan,” Oikawa said as a goodbye.

“Don’t hang up!” he begged. The line didn’t cut, so he continued. “So I just leave?”  


“But won’t she hate me?”

“Probably. Those things happen. You’ll get over it.”

“What? I don’t want her to hate me!”

Oikawa sighed. Kageyama embraced himself. If he knew him well enough, he was finally taking his question seriously. “Why did you even call me, then?”

That took him aback. It should’ve been obvious why he chose him.

“Be-because you have experience with both things. You should know what I should do,” Kageyama said letting his annoyance be heard.

He swore he heard Oikawa snorting in the other side of the line.

“My last girlfriend dumped me because I was too busy with volleyball, you know?” he said. Kageyama didn’t answer, he just ended the call and he let his forehead rest on the hard plastic table defeated.

Of course.

He suspected there had to be something that Oikawa was bad at, and what a time to find out what the hell it was…

Serious relationships.  


Thanks for the request! I hope you liked it!

hirkaryishtar  asked:

Shiro's reaction to his s/o handing him a bag and saying "I saw this and it made me think of you" it's a shirt that says #1 space dad. S/o is wearing one that says #1 space mom that Lance and pidge picked out.

I wasn’t sure if you wanted this to be headcanons or a scenario, but I’ll write it more as a scenario sort of thing. I hate how vertically large that gif is, but it’s the only one I could find that would work with his reaction.

Originally posted by shiro-the-head

Shiro was having a perfectly normal day. So, he knew something was bound to happen. Staying alert, he turned immediately when he heard the sound of a door behind him. When he saw his beautiful girlfriend walking into the castle’s lounge, he couldn’t stop the smile that spread on his face. He didn’t even notice the bag she carelessly hid behind her until she held it out to him.

“I brought you a present,” she offered him with a smile of her own. “I saw this and it made me think of you.”

“Oh? I wonder what it could be,” Shiro replied, taking a seat on the couch behind him. She followed his actions, leaning onto him slightly as he carefully opened his present. “It’s not even my birthday, so why-”

His voice stopped when he saw what the present was. He was fine with the fact that it was a shirt. But Shiro’s expression deadpanned when he read what the white graphic T-shirt said. “#1 Space Dad.”

His eye twitched as the nickname befell him again. It was only followed by a sigh, as he decided to accept what seemed inevitable at this point. 

“Let me guess. The others were with you when you bought this,” Shiro said, side-eyeing her.

Her giggle was enough for him. “You wanna see the best part?”

“What could possibly be better than this?” Shiro asked.

He watched as his girlfriend stood from the couch and opened up the black hoodie that she had had on. When he saw what she was wearing underneath, Shiro couldn’t help but laugh. “#1 Space Mom.”

“Lance and Pidge picked them out actually,” she explained, holding the shirt down so it could be read properly. “Personally, I’m quite fond of it.”

Shiro rose and wrapped his arms around her. “Couple tees? Didn’t think you were the type.” She shrugged, but nuzzled her cheek into his chest. He chuckled, his chest vibrating as he did so, and kissed the top of her head. “I suppose I’m quite fond of it too, as long as it shows that you’re mine.”

“And you’re mine.”

We don’t know what crimes Dabi committed, we just know that they were ‘minor crimes’ so I’m going along with something like this, kinda Stain-esque? I hope it’s okay! Not super angsty, but beware just in case!

“Everyone, get down on the ground.” Dabi’s voice was assertive as he spoke. It echoed off of the pristine walls of the building. He wasn’t yelling, but it was still loud.

Most of the people in the lobby of the TV center building turned around to face you and Dabi. Your appearance practically screamed ‘villain’, so a handful of people did as told and got down on the ground. The others followed when Dabi threatened them with a growing flame from the palm of his hand.

You waltzed up to one of the ladies at the reception, though she, too, was cowering beneath her desk. “Where does the filming take place?” You demanded. “F-Fifth floor.” The lady squeaked, and you relented, happy with the answer.

You turned to Dabi to usher him along, but he was already at your side. You smiled at how well he could read you. Together, you rushed to the stairs, quick in your actions. But just as you were leaving the first floor, Dabi picked up on a noise. He grimaced.

“Someone’s called for heroes already. That gives us no more than five minutes to finish what we came here to do.” He told you.

You shook your head, “We’ll make it! We’re almost there…”

The fifth floor was emptier than the first. All the filming equipment was there, but it seemed that it wasn’t in use right now. You walked over to an expensive camera sitting on a desk and smashed it. Screw those so-called heroes who only cared about fame. Seeing them in advertisements on TV, the internet, in the metro, it made your blood boil. Fucking capitalism. You and Dabi set out to send them a message - destroying the TV center seemed like a good way to send it across.

The sound of a sudden commotion from downstairs reached your ears. Both you and Dabi shot to look at each other, sharing that same, knowing look.

The heroes were here.

“We have to go-”

No!” You cut him off, “We’re so close. If we leave now, the media will be able to cover up the story and no one will ever know it happened. We’re too close to go back now.”

Dabi sucked in a breath through his teeth. He agreed with you, but was it worth the risk? With pro heroes storming the place as they spoke, it would not be possible to destroy the equipment and air the recording they made before to the public.

“[___],” Dabi repeated, “We have to go. We’ll find another way.”

Still you shook your head. “I’m going to air the message. Burn the rest of the place down, and we’ll escape as soon as I’m done.” You pulled out the USB with the pre-recorded message and plugged it into one of the computers in the room.

Dabi glanced towards the stairs. He could hear rapidly approaching footsteps now. They were almost out of time. Feeling heat rush to his fingertips, Dabi set his hand against the wall closest to the stairs and let out a gush of flames. They began to lick at the plaster, and Dabi retreated to the window from which they would escape. Again he called your name. “There’s no more time! We have to go, now!”

“I can’t leave now!” You cried back, “I’m almost done-!”

But you never got the chance to finish your work. Heroes broke through the wall of flames and stormed the room. They did not see Dabi. You could barely react before one with a long range quirk threw you against a wall. Another hero tied you up with their quirk, immobilised.

Dabi could not wait around any longer. Soon the building would be consumed by flames anyway, and he had to get away before the heroes noticed you had an accomplice. The image of you, bruised and bloody and slung over a hero’s shoulder like a trophy made him sick to the stomach.

Hang on, [___], Dabi thought, I’m going to rescue you.

Mutual Understanding

Parings: Optional Bias x Reader
Notes: This is the first optional bias fic that I’ve written. It was unintentional, however, only because I didn’t know who to write into this, so please enjoy!
Summary: You weren’t exactly sure how it ended, but you knew that it did. It wasn’t a spoken break, but a very painful, very sad mutual understanding between the both of you.
Warnings: Angst
Word Count: 1090

You tried to understand, for him. You tried your very hardest to be there for him, to be the comforter when he was stressed or over-worked. But how was one supposed to do that when no one was there to comfort them. You didn’t want to admit, but you had slowly begun to get used to the lonely nights and the cold bed. You hated that nagging feeling in your chest of finally feeling forgotten, but that feeling would disappear for just a bit when your gaze would fall to the picture on the wall.

You looked very happy in the photo; one hand held high above the two of you displaying the v sign, while the other was wrapped tight around his neck. He was holding on to you by the waist as he grinned cheekily at the camera, your lips spread in a similar smile as you held each other close. That picture was taken a year ago. And yet so much can change within a year.

Of course you still loved him, in fact your heart hurt with how much you loved him. No one ever doubted that you loved him, and him you. There was so much love and so much good that had been shared between the two of you, but there was always so much bad.

Those late nights that he spent at the studio left you cold and alone. You knew that he was a busy idol, and that he had a very strong reputation to uphold, but those few days soon turned into weeks, and weeks into months that you spent alone because of this. You tried to occupy yourself with different hobbies, but nothing that you came up with seemed to rid your mind and body of the loneliness that you felt. Only one person could do that, and that was him.

On the rare occasions that he was able to stay home with you, you immediately noticed the tense shoulders and stiff words. Of course you eased his aching mind from the rough thoughts as soon as he saw your smiling figure in the doorway, and the sense of loneliness immediately lifted as you embraced each other warmly with love, but there was still something missing from him each time that he came home to you. His tired eyes would slowly drift down to his fingers as he’d listen to your words, his mind immediately drifting back to the studio and his work. He didn’t mean for it to happen, but it just did.

You took notice of how his mind wandered to somewhere different, and you let out a quiet sigh each time it happened.

You watched from a far as he slowly drifted further and further away from you, and once again you began to grow accustomed to the empty feeling next to you in the bed. This always seemed to happen between the two of you; when you had figured that maybe you could save your relationship, something always stood in the middle of you finally making the last and final stitch. You began to doubt him once again, to doubt his love for your and whether he actually felt something in his heart for you.

You knew that maybe this day would happen, but you wanted to believe that it wouldn’t, that you would be one of the couples to last despite all of the hardships. But as time went on you slowly realized that that just wasn’t the case for the two of you. The fleeting kisses and cold hugs just weren’t enough for you anymore. The dull looks and loneliness was beginning to weigh heavy on you, and you hated to admit it, but the relationship that you once had had finally fallen to pieces.

He knew this as well. And whether he wanted to come to terms that this day had finally come or not, he was soon faced with the harsh reality that the perfect relationship that you once had together, was now unattainable.

You stood there, cheeks stained with old tears as fresh ones continued to pour down your face. Your arms were wrapped tightly around your middle as he placed his hands gently on to your shoulders, and it felt as if his heart shattered into a million pieces as he looked to your pain stricken face. He pulled you close to his chest, his arms wrapping themselves around your trembling body as he rubbed your back soothingly. No words were exchanged between the two of you, for the both of you knew what this meant.

As you pulled away you tried to wipe away the tears, hoping to put on a strong face as you looked to him for the last time. But the streams of tears seemed to be endless as you looked up to him. The pain and despair that had settled in your chest began to grow rapidly, and it began to feel as if you couldn’t breath as you stared into his sad eyes. But neither of you had a choice in this matter; it was for the best, for the both of you. As best as you could you pressed against the balls of your feet, and grabbing on to his shoulders for support you pressed your lips on to his for the last time.

Despite the cold feeling of his lips against yours, you poured as much feeling into the kiss as you could. A few moments later you pulled away, and you gave him a wordless smile as he pressed his forehead against your own, an action that was once warmly welcomed by you. This time it was his turn to sniffle as tears threatened to fall down his cheeks, one of his hands hanging loosely by his side as the other slowly brushed your hair behind your ear for the last time.

It was a mutual understanding between the two of you in this moment. You had had enough of the lonely nights and passionless kisses, and he knew that. He had hated leaving you there, and he hated even more the feeling in his chest each time he realized what he was doing to you, and you knew that. But the love that had been buried in your hearts made this even harder for you, so you knew you had to do it, either now or never. You didn’t want to, but you had to leave, to save the both of you.

After all, it was a mutual understanding.

far away from home | namjoon

posted: tuesday, july 25, 2017

Originally posted by daeguboy

☽ pairing: namjoon x reader

☽ genre: angst

☽ word count: 1k

prompt: where you moved very far away from home just to be with namjoon

author’s note: this scenario came to life thanks to a dream i had not too long about almost exactly this lol. obviously i modified some lil things here and there to make it more entertaining and what not. i hope you enjoy this and please let me know what you thought of it here as feedback is more than appreciated. tag a namjoon biased person! also pls like, reblog, share and follow for more. <3 side note: i made sure this scenario was gender neutral for all my boys, non-binary, genderfluid and other pals out there. i’ll always try my best to make my works gender neutral. luv ya’ll. <3

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