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Scenario: Yuri P. notices his s/o doesn't cry around him anymore and learns it's because she heard about that time he raged at Yuuri K. for crying in the bathroom and wants to avoid that.

Yuri’s s/o used to be more open when she was upset. __ had never had a problem expressing her emotions and always let herself cry when he was around.

Now, even though Yuri knew she was close to tears, his girlfriend turned away, rubbing at her eyes before the tears could fall.

He put a hand on her shoulder, asking, “What’s wrong? You don’t have to hide.”

__ just shook her head, keeping her face turned away. “Nothing—nothing is wrong. I’m fine.”

“Bull, I know something’s up. Tell me.”

She pursed her lips, struggling between talking to him and not. In the end, she said, in a small voice, “I don’t want you to get mad at me for crying.”

Yuri blinked. “Mad at you… for crying? Why would I do that?”

“I heard…” __ looked away, unable to meet her boyfriend’s eyes. “I heard that you yelled at Yuuri for crying, once.”

Yuri paused, then pulled his s/o into a comforting hug. “I wouldn’t do that to you. I was an idiot then, and I’m sorry I made you feel scared to be honest with me.”

She sniffled. Tears began to trail down her cheeks as she buried her face into his shoulder.

“Let it all out. It’s okay; I’m here for you.”

Completely Mad

Member: S. Coups
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1,409

You angrily groaned into your Chinese food as Seungcheol’s hand gently rubbed circles on your knee. Both of you laid in bed with the TV droning on in the background, however, you couldn’t seem to focus on that. With the stress from the upcoming wedding that seemed so close but so far away at the same time you hadn’t the slightest idea what to do. There were so many choices you had to make, most recently you tried to choose where you would hold the wedding, it seemed impossible to gather all of your friends and family together along with Seungcheol’s friends and family in the same place at the same time. With your mind running through conflict looking for a way to work everything out it was Seungcheol’s steady fingers that always subconsciously touched you, “I mean, all of our friends and family together at once, it feels impossible.” You vented to Seungcheol as you shoveled another bite into your mouth.

Seungcheol’s head tilted upwards to face you, his fingers never stopping, “It’s absolutely mad,” Seungcheol smiled sweetly and suddenly all your worries just like that washed away. That’s what he seemed to do, the world could be ending but as long as he told you everything would be alright you would believe him.

“Borderline insane.”

“I can’t wait.” He hummed before placing a tender kiss on your knee and holding up some noodles for you to try.

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UT and UF Mettatons reaction to their s/o being pregnant with their kid. ( I know they are robots but they were once ghosts so monster magic is most likely the cause)

UT!Mettaton has been done here!


He’s scared, mostly. Scared for you & scared for them. The Underground is so dangerous–not at all the place for a child, much less a baby. He’s seen what the kids who grew up in such a toxic environment turned out like, & he’d hate for that to happen to his own child. Not to mention that he’s a widely disliked celebrity…there’s always the chance that someone could try to get to you in your state of vulnerability, or to them, to get at him. His caution levels are constantly on max from the moment you tell him the news, & he spends 90% of his time on high alert, making sure that you’re safe.

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Could i have rin opening a letter on christmas morning from his s/o's daughter who is 2 years old and inside is Adoption papers.Hes been there for his s/o and daughter since she was pregnant while the dad wasnf in the picture.

Okay, so I have to admit that it took me a while before I could work on this one. I was a bit confused about this at first, and I didn’t want it to come out crappy so I did a lot of research. Anyway, I hope this is okay! Everyone is free to correct me if ever I did something wrong.


Rin laughed as ____’s daughter handed him an envelope despite how many times he told her that he wasn’t really expecting anything in return for the Christmas gifts. 

“I already told you that you don’t have to,” He ruffled her hair and she smiled up to him. “But thank you.” 

“You’re welcome, daddy!” Rin smiled again before turning his attention to the envelope. He wasn’t really her biological father, but he treats her like she was his own anyway, especially when he learned that her father, ____’s ex-boyfriend, rejected her and left them while ____ was pregnant. She was very miserable during that time, with no idea how she could make ends meet and raise the baby on her own. But she was very lucky meet Rin during that rough phase in her life. He was the only one who gave her hope and encouragement to continue living her life no matter how hard it is. After a year, Rin finally proposed to ____ and married her. 

However, the smile that his reminiscence brought to face has quickly disappeared right after reading the documents inside the envelope. Tears fell from his eyes as he realized that the adoption papers they’ve been working on for a long time now was finally approved. He quickly pulled her in for a hug and kissed her cheek. 

“I really am now your daddy,” He told her and the two of them laughed. Soon, ____ went to the living room and knelt down next to Rin who quickly pulled her into the hug as well while sobbing and thanking him for being there for the two of them. 

He wasn’t really asking for a lot on Christmas, but today, Rin received the best gift ever. 

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Hello~ could you do something Involving Yuuri getting hurt on the ice during practice? If it's not too much of a bother ... :)

No problem at all!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the question @thetalkinglollipop

Ooooh this is a interesting question I feel like I could go a lot of ways with this. I hope you don’t mind me shipping him with Victor in this. 

“Yuuri, I don’t know how else to teach you how to land quad flip! I can show you a million times but, ” Victor sighed, usually he has more patience with Yuuri but his hangover was causing his fuse to be rather short. 

“I’m sorry” Yuuri replied. He’s panting and hunched over, after 6 falls his confidence is definitely shaken and Victor can hear it in his voice. 

“Perhaps we should take a break?” Victor guessed a quick break for tea would allow Yuuri time to rest and regain some resolve and besides tea might help calm the migraine brewing in his head. 

“You know what, as your coach I’m forcing you to take a break. Stay here I’ll go get some tea from that cute shop down the road. I won’t be long and remember Yuuri you should never disobey your coach.”

“Is here serious?” Yuuri thought, that last bit seemed rather targeted. Victor knew he couldn’t just rest, not while he kept falling on his jumps. His determination to succeed wouldn’t let him rest when he had so much work to do.  

“Victor wai-” But he was already out the door and likely already on his way down the road to the tea shop. Yuuri clenched his fists, he wouldn’t, no he couldn’t just stand idly waiting for Victor to get back, he had to practice. He wasn’t tired, Yuuri felt like he had at least 3 or 4 good jump attempts left in him. So he began skate again, gaining speed until he felt he had enough to make attempt the quad flip. He swung his arms the way Victor had shown him and twisted his body before launching himself in the air. He brought his legs together as quickly as he could and got in two rotations before falling on the ice left hip first with his left arm splayed in front of him. As he was lying down on the ice Yuuri winced, and when he tried to stand up he cried, the pain in hip was excruciating. He certainly pulled a muscle, and he certainly couldn’t stand up. 

“Yuuri?” Victor called out. Unable to see his protege collapsed by the fencing around the rink. Yuuri tried to stifle his cries, but it was useless Victor heard his sobs. 

“Yuuri” Victor cried, eyes wide and full of concern. 

“What happened?” He tried to cradle Yuuri’s head in his arms but Yuuri cringed when Victor tried to lift him.  

“I tried the quad flip on my own, and I…I fell.” It hurt Yuuri to admit that but he needed Victor to help him. 

“This is gonna be uncomfortable so bear with me,” Victor wrapped his arms around Yuuri’s waist and pulled him to his feet. Once he put weight on his skates Yuuri fell but this time Victor was there to support him. Victor guided him off the ice and instructed Yuuri to lay down on the bench out side rink. Yuuri laid chest down on the cold surface, his pain didn’t subside but he didn’t see the point in crying anymore, he knew he would be taken care of. 

“Here maybe this will help” Victor pushed Yuuri’s sweatshirt above his waist and pulled his pants down until they were sitting low on Yuuri’s hips. He than began to slowly massage the afflicted area. Slowly and tenderly. Yuuri felt his pain immediately leave his body. Victor chuckled, “See what happens when you disobey your coach Yuuri?”

The Time Traveler & The Immortal

// Reader x Do Kyungsoo // Word Count 2824

Summary: You have gone to the past, present, and future; anywhere you end up, he is there with the same playful glint in his eyes. When the two of you come together, you decide to play a little game. [Trigger Warning: Car Accident, Blood, Body Horror]

Originally posted by kyunseu

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What would be the ideal horror/thriller movie to watch with each of the boys?

Note: AHHHH SORRY I’M SO LATE WITH THIS ONE!! Now is a good time to do this one, though, since I’m having a friend over tomorrow night so we can watch Deliverance. It’s the only movie that’s managed to scare the snake program director, so I’m expecting great things. Also, I’m gonna go with a style of horror movie, and maybe a recommendation from that style, cauSE THERE ARE SO MANY HORROR MOVIES DAMMIT


Psychological! Nothing else would really scare him. He’s a demon, dude, and one who’s been through a lot of shit at that. I recommend Psycho personally, bECAUSE THAT TWIST AT THE END DAMN IT GOT ME BAD WHEN I WATCHED IT. The most it would do is make him hold your hand a little more in public the next few days. He doesn’t want a crazy person taking you from him.


I don’t think it would really matter what kind of horror move you watched with him. But, I do think one of those old horror movies about a fatal epidemic/flesh-eating virus would take the smile off his face. He’d trace his fingers all over your skin that night just to make sure you even still had it LMAO.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE HIM WATCH REAR WINDOW. Alfred Hitchcock movies are masterpieces, for one, but it would make him so paranoid. All of a sudden your neighbors are ax murderers and he has a pair of binoculars from nowhere??? Let’s just say he keeps the curtains closed for the week after and makes sure to hold you close to him a lot.


Straight-up slasher flicks. Just…all the blood. I’m not a fan of these movies, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween are good choices from what I’ve heard. He’ll like all the carnage and probably grin through the whole thing while he holds you. It may help him discover he has a blood/biting kink…do with that what you will.


I feel he and Roen wouldn’t really like the brutal movies. I’d stick with a moving about a haunting or something with him. No matter what you chose, though, he wouldn’t get scared. Which is a good thing afterwards, since he’s primed and ready to whisper sweet nothings in your ears to make you feel safe.


To be honest, he doesn’t seem like a horror movie type. But he would like a clever/intelligent one if he was to watch one. i think of Silence of the Lambs for him. He’d get a new look at the human race from it, and I think he’d like the character of Hannibal Lecter, be that a good or bad thing. If you get scared, he will use that against you and tease you mercilessly for the next month or so.~

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Yay NSFW allowed! But I'm so sorry please don't do it if you're uncomfortable... so, maybe, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Oikawa, and Iwaizumi walking in on you masturbating. I'm so sorry >~< Don't do it if you're uncomfortable please!

honhonhon my favorite type of nsfw 


Slipping off his school shoes and nudging them to the mat with his foot, Tsukishima adjusted his glasses and shut the front door behind him. He peeked into the living room, and upon not seeing you there made the natrual assumption that you were either in the bathroom or bedroom. You had stayed home from school so that you could help your parents with something, and he’d decided to stop by after they left for the rest of evening.

Just incase that you were sleeping he refrained from just calling out your name, instead stepping down the hallway and stopping in front of the bedroom door. It was cracked open, not enoough to see inside, but enough to allow him to hear the short, uneven breaths that you were taking in and releasing.

For a brief moment he frowned in confusion, unsure of what you were doing, but when he pushed the door open and took in the sight before him a smug expression took over him. “Ah, I’m here.” He stated dully, eye brows raising.

From your spot on the bed, body naked and flushed with your hands in between your legs, you jolted and felt your stomach drop as you turned to see Tsukishima standing in the doorway. Almost immediately you jumped up and ripped the covers over yourself, covering your shaking form. He actually chuckled at the sight of you scrambling to cover yourself as he stepped inside the room and sat down at the chair set next to your computer stand. He lounged back and crossed his arms, clicking his tongue. “Well? Don’t let me stop you.”

In embarrassment you flushed even darker, staring at him in bewilderment. “You’re kidding! No way I’m doing this in front you!” 

Tsukishima’s golden eyes narrowed. “It’s not like I’ve never seen you like this before.”

You choked back an insult. “It’s different, right now you’re just watching!”

“Are you saying you want me to join you?” A smug smile stretched over his lips. You sucked in a breath and mentally cursed him for teasing you like this. At your lack of reply he pushed himself from the chair and stood over the bed, looking down at you with that same content and snarky expression. His hand tugged at the blanket covering your body and he pulled it away swiftly. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Kuroo quietly shut the door behind him while he made his way silently into your house, softly kicking his shoes off and watching out for any signs you were near by. Thankfully you weren’t in the kitchen, or the living room, or the dining room for that matter. Knowing you were in the bedroom, a sly grin took over the raven-haired boys features. you’d missed him so much during his training camp week, and now that he was back he was sure to surprise you with his return. 

As he crept down the hall and slowly turned the doorknob to your bedroom, he could almost imagine the scenario in his head. You, laying on the bed, so hopeless without him, would leap up while he bursts into the room, grabbing him close and crying how much you missed him. At the imagination Kuroo hummed contentlly, all in one movement swinging the door open and loudly proclaiming his arrival. 

“___, guess who’s hom-” 

His eyes met your own, wide as he drank in the sight before him. You were naked on the bedsheets, your bra pushed up over your chest to reveal your breasts, and one hand was buried in between your leps while the other helplessly gripped at the mattress. For a few seconds there were no words, only shock.

Like a titdal wave you came to your senses, dread coming over your soul as you shoved your bra down to cover your chest and flailed to try and pull the blankets over yourself. 

While you assumed he’d leave the room, instead he actually laughed out and shuffled into the room, shutting the door behind him. “Hey, hey, calm down,” He started with an almost feral grin. “This is an amazing welcome gift.” He stopped your efforts in covering yourself by grasping the blanket, pulling it off the bed. 

You stared up at him wide eyed and blushing. As he sat on the bed, turning to settle in between your legs, you watched him in awe. “You couldn’t wait until I got home, hm?” Kuroos hand wandered up your leg and stopped at your inner thights. Breath stuck in your throat you twitched at the feeling of his fingers running over your sensitive skin. He hummed softly. “Let’s not make you wait any longer.”


“I’ll be home in a few, ___!” Oikawas voice came from the front door. Snuggled in the blankets in your room, you refused to get up. He was just running to the store, after all, he’d be back soon so there was no point in moving.

“Okay!” Came your reply, half muffled from the comforters covering your body. As you heard the door shut you bit at your lip, ironically sitting up and shoving the blankets off your body and letting out a deep breath. In knowing that you only had a small window of time you quickly shimmied out of your pants and underwear, letting them fall to the floor while you laid down flat on the bed once again. However, this time you had no intention of just relaxing.

Since the moment Oikawa had accidentally brushed along your inner thighs while getting comfey under the blankets, you’ve had an increasingly difficult time in keeping your composure. You hated how such a small thing set you off but the moment it happened all you could think about was how you wanted more of that feeling.

Hearing his car pull out of the driveway you let your head fall against your pillow, staring at the blank ceiling while you started to take care of yourself. While doing so all you could imagine was, of course, Oikawa. You imagined he was on and over you, touching you everywhere, saying things that had you squirming. 

Whining out you shook atop the mattress and allowed yourself to fall into your fantasy, focusing on how his voice would sound, how his touch would feel, how his body would mold against yours.

In your daze of pleasure and fantasies you didn’t hear the front door open and close, nor did you hear the pitter padder of Oikawa’s feet rushing to the bedroom. He swung the door open, stepping boldly right into the room. “Unbelievable, they’re all out of-” He stopped dead at the sight of you, as you stopped dead at the sight of him.

“Oikawa!” You shouted, clamping your legs shut and pulling your shirt helplessly over your thighs. 

Despite the obvious blush that was on his cheeks, he shifted his weight to one leg and placed a hand on his hips, eyebrows rising at the sight of you trying to cover yourself from him. 

“This is a surprise,” He sang. “If you were so bothered I could have taken care of this for you.”

“I’m sorry for this I was just-”

“Don’t be, ___.” His hands grasped at your knees. “I could finish the job for you, if you’d like.” 

Albeit hesitant, you nodded.


Iawaizumi’s sleeping body sat undisturbed agasint your own, cuddling you to his side on the couch. The movie playing softly uliminated the dark living room and while the situation would normally fill you with peace and comfort you were anything but relaxed. 

The dull ache between your legs was definitely something you couldn’t ignore any longer, and not wanting to wake up your partner you carefully rolled off the couch and sauntered down the dark hallway and into the bedroom, where you plopped down on the bed and let out an irriated sigh. Already in your tanktop and shorts you just carelessly removed the articles of clothing and tossed them off the side of the bed onto the floor. 

the only thing you could hear in the silent bedroom was your own breathing, accompanied by your heartbeat, and making sure to stay silent you allowed your hand to drift down your body and press at the sensitive area between your shivering legs. 

Small gasps and whines found their way past your lips, caught in between your teeth, and you arched every so slightly off the mattrees while you pleasured yourself to your hearts content. However, in your state of pleasure, you heard a voice you hadn’t been expecting.

“If you wanted to touch yourself so badly you should have just told me.” 

You sat up quickly and swallowed, squinting in the darkness. It wasn’t that you were embarrassed, since it wasn’t like he’d never seen you like this before, but he really did catch you off gaurd. His gruff voice cut through the bedroom and you shivered the sound of it. 

“Sorry, did I wake you?” You asked softly, breath still coming out in short pants. 

He was closer than you had expected, and you soon felt his weight press down on the bed while he sat beside you. “No,” he sighed. “I just got up on my own and saw you weren’t there.”

You laid back down and nodded, glad to have not been the cause of Iwaizumi waking up. Still, there was something left unfishined. “H-..Hajime, can you…?” 

The soft chuckle next to you made you whine and sure enough you felt his large hands press at the very core of your sex, thumb rubbing circles against your clit, to which you gasped and arched against his touch. "Next time just wake me up.”

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How about the main 4 dancetale reacting to their S/O's dance style being jumpstyle/hardstyle?

Ah yes, that one style Mod Sync has looked up before for story idea reasons. You guys should see some of the things on Youtube. It looks pretty simple, but no it ain’t. - Mod Sync

Dancetale Sans

You cannot convince me that Sans doesn’t know this style, at least in part. He’d probably raise a browbone at you, amused a bit. He might give you pointers, but since it’s not his main style, he can only do so much. He admires, though, how skilled you are at such a niche style of dance.

Dancetale Papyrus

Human, what a unique style! He loves how much energy it has, especially jumpstyle, but they are very niche and almost minimalistic in nature, so at the same time, it would be very hard for you two to be able to sync up your styles. Something about it reminds him slightly of his brother. Even so, it gets him very excited!!

Dancetale Undyne

She’d like Jupmstyle the most since it kinda works a bit with her own style, and she’d be able to help you with your jumping if that’s your style, but she’s entirely lost if you’re Shuffling or anything else, but she likes how active it is! Even if there isn’t always a whole lot to it.

Dancetale Alphys

She’s not entirely sure how to react. It’s a very unique style, with a lot of energy behind it, and she admires how much work you put into it! But it’s so different from her own, so she’s a little hesitant. She might just end up admiring you from the sidelines.

miraculouslykawaii  asked:

((I asked this already, and I'm sorry if this is kinda repetitive-and also im so sorry flowey)) what if flowey had a human SOULmate that got killed by asgore then omega flowey happened then they got reunited (undertale and underfed please)

UT!Omega-Flowey has already been done here! Like I said before, I’m unsure if the S/O in question is an adult or a child, so until specifics are given, I’m going with Canon Flowey.


Technically, he’s Alpha Flowey, not Omega. Not exactly a Monster made of stolen SOULs with ill intent, but rather one trying to do what he can to help. Yes, it was still wrong of him to even take the SOULs–they weren’t his, & he had no right to absorb them. But he’d thought it was the right thing to do at the time, & now that you were with him again, he knew it was. He might have lost you before, but he’ll never make that mistake again. No matter what happens after, he knows it’s going to be okay, but you’re always with him.


Boyfriend Dean: Moodboard 5/??

  • calls you “bae/babe”, or “kitten
  • likes it when you play with his hair (also likes to play w/your hair)
  • visiting your family for dinner cus he loves your moms cooking
  • acts innocent and becomes a total kiss-ass in front of your mom
  • people think he’s really pure and sweet but you know the truth
  • flirts with you from across the room
  • does that little hand rubbing thing
  • lets you listen to his music at the studio
  • grabs your butt while he hugs you
  • bites your lip when he kisses you
  • takes you to museums/art galleries
  • sends you sc’s when he’s missing you
  • writes songs about you
  • i mean rated songs
  • like he’s singing about eating you out hearing you moan lol
  • loves to kiss you on the head,your hands, and ears
  • runs his hands up & down your arms and back
  • you two sing his songs at the top of your lungs in the car
  • late night drives
  • eats your food off your plate when you’re not looking
  • likes to lay his head on your ass and slap/grope it lightly while he’s on the phone
  • road trips
  • matching hats,shoes, or jewelry
  • has a daddy kink
  • whispers in your ear a lot
  • and its not even always sexual
  • he’s just doing it cus he knows your ears are sensitive
  • and he loves to see you squirm
  • kisses from your nape to down your spine
  • 24hr diner at 3am
  • cafe/coffee shop dates
  • loves to grope and stroke your thighs
  • loves to buy you lingerie
Purple Jewels (M) | 02

Word Count: 6,730
Member: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Smut, Supernatural, Fluff & Slight angst

Genie!Jimin ⇢ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Ongoing

When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help. 


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