As you wish, princess |Yoongi

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Summary: “Do you have a boner?” “Sorry but that apron is pretty hot.”

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Request: “Hi can I request a scenario with Yoongi, where you are a science student and working in lab, and Yoongi is coming to visit you since you’ve been all your time there.. and it ends up with smut.”


What you hated more then studying all day, was studying all day locked inside the laboratory of your college by yourself.

You were studying to become a chemist and your professor was by far one of the best professors in the whole country.

You had to study a lot in order to become one of his students, but your efforts were repaying you well.

You managed to become part of a project that could hopefully get you a safe job by your teacher’s side.

That was the reason why you ended up locked inside the lab for almost three days straight.

You haven’t had time to sleep but you managed to eat something and to send some text massages to your boyfriend who was worry sick.

Sure, being with Yoongi could be bothersome because he was always practicing in his studio, but you could make it work.

When you too didn’t have the possibility to meet up, he always rememberd to call you or FaceTime you in order to make sure that you were healthy and eating well.

You did the same and you also went to his studio with warm food when he was overworking himself.

The relationship between the two of you worked just fine because your personalities were pretty similar.

You two were quiet and reserved, you never fight and when you did, you managed to handle it well, like adults.

It happened that sometimes, especially when he was on tour and you were busy with school, you two ended up missing each other a lot but you made sure to make up for lost time when he came back.

You were trying to make a chemical reaction work when you heard your phone ringing.

You knew that it was Yoongi because you saw his texts but you didn’t had time to answer.


You muttered holding the phone with one hand while pouring the liquid in the flask with your other hand.

-Babe are you still busy in the lab? I need you.-

He said with a low-toned voice.

-Yes I’m still here. Everyone left so I’m alone.-

-Can I come?-

-If you come I don’t think that I’ll pay much attention to you.-

You hummed in response before closing the phone call.

You said taking notes on your notebook.

-I want to see you so I’ll come anyways.-

Even if he could seem cold on the outside, you were glad that he was extremely clingy and cuddly with you.

You loved when he touched you and when he played with your hair while you were reading or studying.

You truly missed his contact and you couldn’t even paid much attention to the work that you were spouses to do because all you could do was thinking about yoongi’s lips on your neck and his hands all over you.

You sighed closing your notebook and you waited for Yoongi who arrived in less than 5 minutes.

-Hi babe.-

You greeted him but instead of speaking, he closed the distance between the two of you, hugging you tightly.

-I missed you.-

He said, voice muffled from your hair.

-I missed you too. Staying in here is killing me. My teacher comes to check on me every now and then so I can’t leave.-

You complained with your arms around him.

-You know what is killing me instead?-

He asked looking at you in the eyes.

He brushed your neck with his hand.


-Needing you while you’re busy.-

He said and you noticed the bulge on his pants.

His hair was messy and he was wearing just a shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

You could tell that he came here as soon as you told him that no one was around.

-Do you have a boner?-

You asked and he cornered you against the counter were you were keeping the chemicals.

-Sorry but your apron is pretty hot, I couldn’t contain myself.-

He said while smirking.

-You’re something else.-

He hold your face with his hands before kissing you deeply.

He started to bite down on your lip and you let out a moan.

-Fuck Y/n I need you so bad.-

He whined.

-Yoongi we can’t do anything here, what if someone comes?-

You said with your hands on his chest.

-I locked the door when I came in.-

He said and that was all you needed to hear.

You took off your apron and you kissed his you letting your hands fall on his bulge.

He let out a deep moan.

-I want to fuck you against the counter.-

He said in between the kids that he was letting on your neck.

He sucked lightly your skin, enough to leave some purple marks.

-Then do it.-

He took off your shirt, leaving you with only your bra and he put his hand inside of your panties.

You let out a loud moan.

-So wet for me.-

He hold you tight with your right hand while the left hand was moving inside you and you couldn’t help but gasping.

-Yoongi you need to do something.-

You said feeling already at your limit.

He nodded and he hold on tight on your hips, letting his member out of his pants.

You could tell that he was dying to be inside you.

He thrusted you, making you both groan from the pleasure and you closed your eyes feeling his wet kisses on your breasts.

-Fuck Yoongi.-

-Y/N you feel so good.-

He started to thrust more and more violently leaving small bruises on your hips because he was holding on tight with his fingers.

-I waited so long for this, you have no idea.-

He grabbed your ponytail and you moaned at the feeling of your hair getting pulled.

Sounds of your skin slapping could be heard in the whole lab and, even if someone could come in from the back door, you couldn’t care less.

You were craving the feeling of him inside you and now that you were actually having sex with him, everything didn’t matter anymore.

Nothing was on your mind, except from him.

-God Yoongi, faster please.-

He slapped your ass as he left wet kisses along your back.

-As you wish, princess.-

He kept pushing inside you faster than before, and you could feel that you were reaching your limit.

Yoongi was feeling the same and in less than a minute, the both of you came together.

Your legs felt a lot weaker and Yoongi caught you before you could fell on the floor.

-Wow that was nice.-

You said breathing heavily. You looked at him and you wiped off the small drips of sweat that he had on his forehead.

He was holding you thight against him and you could feel his fast heart beat.

-God, how can you look so beautiful even after you got fucked against a counter?-

Yoongi asked, making you blush and leaving a sweet kiss on your forehead.

Last House on the Left - {13}


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You spent most of the night sitting and talking with Kihyun.  

It was just as easy of a friendship with him as it was with the rest of the guys. You fell into easy conversation, and it felt like you’d know him for a long time.

“Have you met the principal yet?” Kihyun asked you after dinner.

“I have not. How is he?” You asked.

The principal had changed from the previous year, so you hadn’t gotten the chance to get acquainted yet.

“He’s…eccentric” Kihyun said cryptically.

“Is that a good thing?” You asked.

“Oh, it’s a great thing. He’s this mix between sarcastic and just…weird.  But the kids seem to respond to him very well from the interactions I’ve witnessed”

“That’s good then. I know that was kind of a problem last year. The previous principal didn’t seem all that keen on kids.” You told him.

“Well, that’s definitely the wrong career choice for someone then.” He laughed.

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Soulmate!AU Mingyu

Summary: In which you feel all physical pain your soulmate feels

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  • you were not a clumsy child
  • so you almost never fell and did not develop your pain tolerance
  • ,,,,that is until your freaking soulmate bond developed
  • like wHAT
  • how was your soulmate so clumsy?
  • you were a kid when it first happened
  • a fresh lil baby who just learned how to walk
  • how vvv cute :)
  • and all of a sudden you started B A W L I N G
  • I told you guys, 0 pain tolerance
  • and your parents were A L A R M E D
  • because like,,,
  • their baby just started crying while sitting down and playing with toys? what,,,,,?
  • so they took you to the doctor
  • who observed as you stopped crying because the pain stopped
  • ,,,,but
  • you cried again because it came bACK
  • damn it Mingyu stop hurting our readers
  • the doctor just laughed
  • and your parents were kind of pissed like
  • ,,,wtf man our child is D Y I N G
  • so the doctor explained it was most likely the soulmate bond that formed because there was nothing wrong with the test results
  • and your parents were like oh thank god
  • of course you didn’t understand and was still crying but it was okay
  • they gave you a lollipop!
  • the doctor was like,,,
  • “her soulmate is probably learning how to walk”
  • and he was right
  • in Korea baby Mingyu
  • was learning how to walk and kept falling over
  • what a cutie
  • so after that your parents were less alarmed and didn’t feel the need to wrap you up in bubble wrap anymore
  • he was so clumsy!
  • so whenever a bruise appeared randomly on your body without you doing anything
  • your parents were like
  • “yep,,, it’s the soulmate”
  • Mingyu better watch out your parents had a pretty bad impression of him already
  • but he obviously would win the over who doesn’t love Mingyu?
  • your parents were fine now but you on the other hand
  • was getting vv annoyed at Mingyu
  • who always seemed to be falling or dropping or bumping into stuff
  • like you’d be taking a test and all of a sudden your knees would sting and start bleeding
  • the first time you didn’t even notice it
  • because you had finally developed your pain tolerance now
  • but like you could still kind of feel things since you felt what your soulmate felt >_>
  • jfc Mingyu develop your tolerance already you fall all the time
  • the teacher kind of just freaked out because your knees were bleeding out onto the floor
  • you were so calm about it and the teacher thought you were C R A Z Y
  • “soulmate”
  • was all you said
  • so you just took a band-aid out from your pocket and put it on
  • you never left without some first aid stuff just in case your soulmate hurt himself,,, AGAIN
  • Mingyu kind of felt bad for his soulmate :(
  • you almost never got hurt and he did ALL THE TIME
  • so he felt bad that you had to through his pain but boy oh boy was he in for a treat
  • your P E R I O D
  • holy shit that hurt!
  • like you had a pretty good immunity against the pain now but still
  • the uterus was the fucking devil
  • and while you had a heating back to cope with it,,, MINGYU DIDN’T
  • he was sleeping and all of a sudden he was up
  • with a HUGE cramp
  • and barely able to move
  • he thought you were dying lmao poor gyu and started yelling for his parents because he was worried
  • and his mom just laughed because you weren’t dying
  • and now Mingyu was confused
  • and then he was kind of horrified to find out what was happening to you
  • but hey now he felt some sort of pain once a month >_>
  • oh boy let me tell you when he started training
  • you were in for a treat
  • no not really
  • but OW
  • when he hurt his legs from dancing
  • or his body became sore from training
  • you felt. every. single. bit. of. it
  • so you made it competition almost lmao payback time
  • you went out with your friends doing stuff you weren’t good at like ice skating!
  • Oh my god
  • you fell so many times but because you were having fun it didn’t hurt
  • but Mingyu ouch
  • and the first time you went you didn’t know to where long thick socks so bring on the blisters
  • (no seriously always bring long thick socks if you don’t then wear layers of socks so it doesn’t hurt)
  • “HYUNG!!! IT HURTS!”
  • “suck it up you started it.”
  • the aftermath was painful but it was still fun!
  • and it went that way with rollerblading and a bunch of other stuff you tried
  • so now both of you guys got hurt and wow it was funny
  • because now Mingyu finally tried to be more careful
  • so you let him off the hook :)
  • fast forward a few years you were getting frustrated because,,,
  • you could FEEL his pain
  • but you still never met him :(
  • so to take your mind off of it
  • your very best friend
  • took you to LA for your birthday!
  • with a bunch of other friends because that’s expensive
  • and ya’ll parents chipped in too :D
  • how nice
  • so you go and of course first things first is AMUSEMENT PARK!
  • you loved going to them
  • :) (do you guys remember that Going Svt episode where they’re in La? Yep :D)
  • and you guys went :)
  • and guess what :)))))))))))
  • Mingyu had hurt himself recently leaving a huge bruise on his knees and calves
  • how he injured himself there is a mystery (actually it’s not DWC choreography looks hard af)
  • so you were having trouble walking so as you lost your friends
  • you bumped into a stranger wall
  • and you hit your head
  • and of course it started hurting
  • and the guy was whining but you didn’t know about what because what language was that?
  • but you look up and HOT DAMN
  • who was this handsome stranger
  • dressed like he was some successful businessman
  • or a model
  • gosh he was so incredibly good looking
  • he held his hand out to help you up
  • and you gladly took it
  • “uh,,,, sorry?”
  • he said in awkward English
  • you laughed, “It’s okay!”
  • so you try to take a step but OW
  • your knee is killing you
  • and you wince
  • and so does he
  • and he notices
  • so ya’ll go to a bench and some guy comes up to you
  • and they converse in Korean and you’re still vv confused?
  • like,,, hello? still here!
  • so the male turns to you and speaks in English
  • “he thinks you might be his soulmate could we check your knee?”
  • and at this point it’s like
  • HOLY ShIT your soulmate was hot
  • so you nod and you pull up your pants sleeve and boom
  • the huge bruise
  • and Mingyu’s like WOW
  • and he’s saying something in Korean
  • you’re still confused lmao like help?
  • Mingyu’s a bit frustrated that you can’t understand him so to get his  message across
  • ,,, he bites his fucking lip really hard
  • and you’re like ow wtf man
  • and you pinch your arm
  • Mingyu’s whining but he’s smiling
  • finally!
  • he pulls you into a big hug
  • you’re a bit awkward but you soften up because he’s your soulmate it’s fine!
  • it’s not like he’s a random person who’s not connected to you at all!
  • so you hug back and you see your friend’s come look for you
  • they’re so confused to see you
  • you just mouth
  • ‘soulmate’
  • and they understand! yay :)
  • they’re really happy for you! 
  • so they tell you to meet back later at the hotel or something and you nod
  • Mingyu let’s go and pulls out his phone using a translator to talk to you
  • it’s cute :’)
  • so you guys spend the rest of the day together in the Amusement park 
  • it’s pretty much you guys being energetic and having a blast
  • and stopping Mingyu from running into something :D lol
  • pretty much you guys are such a cute couple
  • and are going to make such an effort to bridge the language barrier
  • getting hurt a lot together because trying new things is fun but it’s okay! Because Mingyu’sa a puppy
  • and will cuddle the pain away :3

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How would Papyrus, Asgore, & Undyne react if their s/o teased them by acting like they were leaning in to kiss, but moved last second and nose nuzzled instead


He’s just staring at you excitedly the whole time, looking like a hyperactive, excited child at a candy store when all of a sudden, you landed a nose nuzzle (or at least, all you can imagine is rubbing your nose lightly against his lack of one). It’s a critical hit!!! You have bamboozled him, dearest one!! He returns the gesture of affection by giving you a gentle headbutt, trademarked and specialised by the One and Only.

Asgore Dreemurr

He’s caught completely off guard by the gesture. As minutes pass and he just stares at you with wide eyes and a warm blush beneath his fur, you start to worry if that was the wrong move. Thankfully though, he manages to recover, and leans in for another.


She’s not usually this flustered, but the moment you lean in, her breathing almost quickens. Are you going to …. ?? Kiss her???? Her thoughts are racing, and she starts to become impatient when all of a sudden, you pulled her into a good ol’ nose nuzzle. She stares at you, speechless, before lifting you up into the air. Nggaahhh- you little punk-! You really got her!!! Eventually though, she initiates a kiss with you later before racing off into her bedroom soon after.

Gentle Giant - pt.1

Title : Gentle Giant

Word count : 1915

Genre : fluff kinda…

She knew she couldn’t win, not against her father, but she was eager to try. Minutes were passing, and she was nowhere near winning. Unlike her, her father was relaxed, and he was trying not to smile. Despite his daughter’s mistake, he didn’t like to punish her, but they both knew it was for her own good.

‘Checkmate.’, he said. 'I win.’

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. 'Until when?’, she mumbled.

'Until I know that is safe for you to drive again. And no, I’m not going to change my mind just because you behave and because you will do anything to please your mother.’

'But dad, I don’t need a babysitter.’

’ And I’m not giving you one. I’m giving you a bodyguard, and a pretty good one, I must say. I picked him myself. He will drive you anywhere and be by your side most of the time, just to make sure that your friends are not influencing you.’

'Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I can make my own decisions.’

He raised an eyebrow and she looked down. 'Well, most of the times.’

'You won’t even know he’s there. Though he will be hard to ignore.’, he laughed. ’ Now go and enjoy your last weekend of total freedom. He starts on Monday.’

In her mind he knew that her parents were doing the best for her and that she was indeed, irresponsible every now and then, but she wasn’t going to say that out loud. Instead she decided to annoy the hell out of her new babysitter until he will resign.

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Toshi with an s/o who likes messing with his hair and is super affectionate, always telling him how beautiful he is and such?

That’s a sweet one, thanks! :) (I didn’t know if you mean his hero or true form, I hope this is okay!)


It was two months ago, in a shop at the big mall where he catched your eye. A tall, emaciated looking man with pale skin and sunken cheeks. His whole facial structures made his head look sharp and angular - he almost looked like a corpse. Everybody seemed to be staring at him either in shock or disgust, but he didn’t seem to mind, just buying some shirts that were way too big for a man like himself, still smiling at everyone.

But there was something you found oddly attractive about this man. His messy hair and the two bangs hanging down at each side of his face looked really funny to you. But what you really find amazing were his eyes. They were sunken inside of his skull so they looked like big dark holes, but you could clearly see his sapphirine iris. They seemed to somehow suck you in. In opposite to his appearance you saw so many emotions inside of his eyes - strenght, passion, faith - and compassion.

“Uh, ma’am, is anything the matter?” You didn’t notice you were staring at him this whole time. Before you even realized it, your embarassment made you lose your cool, and you spoke before you thought. “Ah! Sorry! It’s just your eyes - they are…really beautiful.”

He seemed surprised about the compliment, blood draining out of his mouth because of his excitement. “Oh my god! Are you okay?!” “Ah, it’s nothing. That’s just an annoying habit of mine.” “Wait a second” you said as you rummaged in your handbag, pulling out a white handkerchief. “Here you go!” He didn’t take it at first, saying he didn’t want to make it dirty. But you insisted. “Don’t worry about it. Just take it!” “Thank you, that’s very kind of you.”

At first, he actually was suspicious. Ever since you entered the shop he’d occasionally look over to you because he somehow just liked your cheerfull expression and the friendly way you were talking to the staff. He realized you staring at him, but it wasn’t the same stare the others had. Maybe it was pity? The last thing he thought of was you considering him handsome. He wasn’t really used to getting positive attention at his true form.

“Don’t fuck this up” you told yourself, but you didn’t have the courage to ask him for his number. Afraid that if he goes you’d lose your only opportunity, you thought about how to start this conversation. You didn’t even know if he would say yes and even when - “If you don’t have any plans after this, would it be okay for you if I invite you for coffee? To repay your dirtied handkerchief.” He took the initiative. You were so happy you could explode but tried to contain it. “Sure, I’m free today.” If only you knew he was at least as excited as you…


The coffee at the mall expanded to a whole afternoon with the man named Toshinori Yagi. You silently pronounced his name with a smile on your face as you looked at the phone number he gave you. From the first look you wouldn’t have guessed that he’s such a fun guy to be with, yet also really smart and polite.

As you came home, you thought about when it was the right time to write him a message. And again - before you were even halfway done thinking, you saw your display showing a message from him.

Yagi: Hi! I know this is sudden but you told me about this restaurant downtown and I wondered if you want to go there?

You: Sure! When are you free?

Yagi: Weekend would be good. Saturday around 6pm?

You: Okay then! Looking forward to it. :)

Yagi: :)

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Your internal screaming coudn’t have been more precise. What a guy. And he did seem like he really wants this to become something serious!

It was after that evening that you kissed for the first time. He brought you home and you wanted him to remember this evening. It’s not like you couldn’t resist anyway - he looked too god in his suit. Everytime you told him what a beautiful and cool guy he was he’d blush and choke blood. It was kinda cute how easy you could embarass him. After the kiss he almost fainted from happiness, yet did want to be a gentleman and headed home instead of coming with you.


“I can’t believe it took me over 7 weeks to finally get you to sleep with me.” Toshinori’s head got crimson red immediately. He sat besides you on your couch, his messy hair put into a ponytail. “Watch your tongue! This is embarassing!” “We’re here alone, aren’t we?” you teased as you carefully wrapped one of his bangs around your finger, then slowly pressing his head against your chest. Your heartbeat was very relaxing for him after all.

For a sincere person like Toshinori, it was something special to get into a relationship this quick, or being in a relationship at all. After all, you’re a great exception. Because of his job and his secret identity he used to just ignore his private life, prefering being alone.

But you were very understanding. You didn’t get his work at U.A. and were okay with him not talking about his quirk or many other things. The only thing you cared for was his well-being. It went quite fast that your relationship began to get serious, you two moving in together. He just loved how affectionate and mindful you were: No matter if it was a sweet text from you, you bringing his favourite food to his workplace, or just spending a lazy night with him. Everything you did was phantastic.

Being with you boosted his self-confidence and kept him from overworking himself. When he came home, even after a long day with hard fights, you were there - caring for him, listening to him - loving him. No matter how hard the problems of the world were weighting - you were always there, making them easier to bear.

You loved him, regardless of who he was or what things he spent his time with. You didn’t ask questions in the first place, telling him it was okay to have some things you don’t tell your partner. Especially because of this, he even let you in on his secret. At first you laughed at him, thinking that it was a joke. But when he transformed into All Might right before your eyes, you were so shocked you started crying. You didn’t know for yourself why you cried. Was it because of his dangerous job? Because he lied to you? All the woman that wanted the great All Might? Probably a bit of everything.

Seeing you cry made even his hero form stop smiling. He took you into his muscular arms, gently lifting you onto his lap. “You know” you snorted while trying to ruffle his hair, “I still like the real Toshi more.” “I bet you’re the only one thinking this” he laughed with a bright, yet fake-sounding laugh. “I don’t know what to say. You are just so amazing, so kind and so loveable, and I’m…not.” “What are you saying? You are the most amazing person I know! Honest, gentle and always cheerfull no matter what happens. I would have never told you my secret if I didn’t think that you are one of the most precious persons on this world!”

You were speechless, starting to cry again. He started to sweat, asking “What’s wrong? Did I say something bad?” “No, it’s just…I’m the luckiest woman in the world.”

So many things were clear right now. It all made sense. You touched his face and body, pinched his cheek and then started to pull his bangs. “I think I have to get used to this. But no matter what you look like, for me you’re the most beautiful man there is!”

Transforming back, he kissed your whole face and gently squishing your hands against his with a wide grin on his face. “So that’s why All Might was always close at where I was, huh? I always wondered how a busy man like him would even bother helping a single woman like me that got her purse stolen. But now thinking about it - it suits you.” You loved his whole-heartedly speeches about justice and helping others. It was really inspiring.

He wanted to tell you everything, even the secret about his power and his close death - yet he didn’t have the courage to do it. He didn’t want to burden you with this. He couldn’t bear to make you sad. But you noticed just how heavy that secret was laying on his heart. “Toshi, don’t push yourself. You don’t need to tell me everything. No matter what, I’ll always stay at your side.” “Thank you. Maybe one day…I’ll tell you everything.”


When you fell asleep on the couch that night, he used his hero form to pick you up and carefully lift you into your bed. Gently petting your head and face, he began to thing: “You know, I was okay with the thought of my life ending when I found my successor. But now…things are different. I will live. Even without powers, I will keep on fighting. Even if I need to be saved myself then, I want to live on just to be with you. You showed me that life is worth living for the people you love. So I’ll keep on fighting. You could say, you are my hero!”

Boy from 4C -- {43}

Master List

Originally posted by firstlovejihoon

The next morning you woke up, unsure of what to do. You’d finished the painting for your mom and had started on yours. You had the outline done, so it wasn’t a priority anymore.

Without having a full apartment, and a deadline hanging over your head, you weren’t sure what to do with yourself.

You decided you’d book your tickets to see your mom now, knowing you’d waited too long already. You were planning on heading out on Christmas morning if it worked out.

Your apartment door opened as you were checking different ticket prices.

“Sorry, force of habit.” Jihoon said before you could even mention his walking in unannounced.

“I don’t mind.” You said.

“Whatcha doing?” He asked coming to sit next to you on the couch.

“Booking my flight to my mom’s.”

“Six days huh?” He asked, sounding disappointed.

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Hi mama dragon! May I request Amajiki with an s/o who finally tells him she practices witchcraft and that's why she doesn't really let him in her room? Like she has crystals, weird potions that do who knows what, oddities and trinkets.

May you? Of course you may! Hope you enjoy the short scenario! I was a bit hot today so there’s nothing amazing being posted but I did try to make it good!

- Momma Dragon 🐉 🐉 🐉

“You’re a witch?”

You nod hesitantly as you watch Tamaki from your position on the couch, the two of you were in your home and you had tried to convince Tamaki it wouldn’t be a good idea to go into your room; however, Tamaki was tired and suggested he went home if that was the case, he knew from experience that your couch wasn’t pleasant to sleep on.

“Yes, I’m a witch…and…my room is really unorganised” You explained, rubbing your arm nervously while he sat down, looking fairly shaken from the news you had just delivered him, though it was a reasonable reaction.

“…I’m sure it isn’t that bad…” Tamaki mumbled softly, looking at you while you bit your lip, shaking your head slightly; you knew it really was that bad, your room was a complete mess! Crystals were just laying around, experimental potions only just barely remaining stable in their positions, not to mention all your charms and trinkets that you had been working on.

You just couldn’t bare to let Tamaki see your room like that!

“How about we go to your house…and relax there together? I promise the next time you come over, my room will be clean!”

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Madara scenario holding his daughter for the dirst time :D

A/N: I’m sorry I can’t find the source to this gif ;-; look at my beautiful husband tho omfg. Also using female pronouns for the spouse!

Madara had been relentlessly pacing back and forth in front of the thin paper doors that did very little to keep in the sounds of what was happening behind it, before one of the servants finally saw it fit to invite him in. He was on edge, more so than ever before. No heated battle had ever been able to plant such utter worry and fear inside him. And Hashirama’s constant talking hadn’t helped one bit. If anything, it had made the screams of his wife seem even louder to him. And… and the screams of his newborn child.

Hashirama was ecstatic and barely able to contain his emotions. Madara was… shook to the core. Everyone had assured him that everything would calm down as soon as his child was born, safe and sound in their mother’s arms. But both were still hidden from his sight, and hearing the screams of this brand new life hadn’t really done much to calm the leader of the Uchiha clan down.

He wanted to see them. Right now!

Would it be a son? A daughter? Would they look like him? Or more like his spouse? Maybe they would even resemble Izuna or one of his other younger brothers?

Would he be able to raise them? Would they adore him? Or despise him?

Madara didn’t like doubting himself; it wasn’t something that occured often. But he couldn’t help himself now. For months he had pushed those thoughts to the back of his head, but now…


“I’m coming.”

He pressed his lips together, and swiftly walked past the servant. He heard Hashirama’s footsteps follow him, but the moment his eyes found his beloved, his rational thoughts gave up. She looked so exhausted, drenched in sweat and out of breath. But the smile she greeted him with… had he ever seen her look so soft? So strong, yet gentle? He was kneeling by her side before he knew it, holding her hand tightly in his own. Her name left his lips, and she replied with a soft squeeze of her hand. She was too exhausted to talk much. Madara couldn’t possibly comprehend what she had gone through, but even he felt tired after so many hours of stress and worry. How bad did it have to be for her, then?

“Madara…” She whispered quietly, but her she looked past him. And suddenly he remembered that his wife wasn’t the only one who needed his attention now.

He turned around, and behind him stood one of the midwives. She was smiling, too, as she cradled the newborn baby in her arms. Madara felt his heart beat heavily against his chest. That… that was his child. Just a few more seconds, and he’d truly be a father for the first time in his life.

“Bring him to me.” He said, and although his nerves were eating at him, he managed to still sound more or less like his usual authoritative self.

“Her.” His wife’s voice interrupted before the midwife could move an inch. Madara’s head snapped back to his wife. She was smiling, almost grinning now, and again, his heartbeat picked up.

A daughter? A daughter. Madara had a daughter, not a son.

That was… honestly surprising. Of course he knew there was a fifty percent chance and yet…  All of his siblings had been boys. His father’s siblings had been boys. He hadn’t even considered…

The midwife stepped closer, and smiled sheepishly at her leader, while placing the squirming child in his arms. Still baffled, he stared down at the soft, round face. The tiny eyes, squeezed shut tightly. The tiny tuft of black hair that peeked out from underneath the blankets. The pout on her little face.

Madara had a daughter. And she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen in his life.

He didn’t notice how he pulled her closer to his chest, too fascinated by her squirming and the sounds she made. It was hard to say in this moment who she resembled, and Madara suddenly didn’t care so much anymore. All he knew was that he loved this his little girl. No matter how strange and new it would be for Madara to handle a daughter, it felt right. Of course he’d have a daughter. One who would surely grow up to be as beautiful and strong as her mother…

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

Madara couldn’t tear his eyes away from her, even when his wife’s voice reached his ears.

“I think she looks a little like your mother.”

His little girl’s tiny fists seemed to reach out for him, and almost managed to grab a stray of his hair.

“I know that… everyone expected a son, but-”

“She’s perfect.” Madara finally managed to speak up, and his eyes found his wife’s. She was worried. Honestly worried he wouldn’t approve. What a silly woman he’d married.

“She’s an Uchiha, and she’s ours. She’s perfect.”

He pretended not to notice the tears swelling up in her eyes, knowing full well that she wouldn’t want him to see it. She turned her head away for a moment, before a smile came to her face again. Such a loving expression…

“Here.” He whispered and leaned over to her, placed the child gently in her arms. She seemed a little upset about being moved around so much, but was too tired to complain much. She settled peacefully into her mother’s arms. He noticed how much he disapproved of giving her away. “You should hold her. And you two should sleep now…”

“Hm…” She murmured as Madara gently stroke through her hair, leaning down to watch his daughter fall asleep for the first time in her life. “Sleep sounds good right now.”

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Hi! Could I ask a scenario of Shinsou with his fem s/o, they're in bed but Shinsou has his insomnias and can't fall asleep, so his s/o asks him if she can sing a little smooth song to help him to fall asleep and it works? all fluff please!! thank you very much!! love your works~ >U<

I don’t have insomnia, but I do wake up at very random times throughout the night and I know that’s not the same but I feel ya


Shinsō Hitoshi 心操 人使

For as long as he can remember, Shinsou has had insomnia.

Maybe it started when the bullying started. Maybe he just always had it. Either way, it became such a regular thing that it didn’t even bother him much anymore.

It only became really frustrating when he entered U.A. Exam after exam, test after test. Even though he wasn’t in the hero course, it’s not like general studies were much easier. It is U.A., after all.

Whenever he needed to sleep most (take having an exam first thing in the morning the next day for example), his body and mind just wouldn’t cooperate. He was so tired, but his body refused to let him sleep.

As a child, it was a lot more frustrating. He remembered crying to his parents about never being able to fall asleep and how tired he was.

It was funny, Shinsou sometimes thought. He was always exhausted during the day, but hardly ever at night. Maybe he was meant to be nocturnal, like a cat.

When he first started dating you, Shinsou didn’t tell you about his insomnia. He knew you would worry about it and then neither of you would get any sleep, and he couldn’t do that to you.

You found out anyway, of course. It was late at night and you woke up to get a drink of water. When you went back to bed, you noticed Shinsou with his head resting on his arms, staring up at the ceiling with a bored expression.

“Hitoshi, why are you still awake?” You asked calmly. Maybe he just had a nightmare. It would make the most sense.

“Can’t sleep,” he responded. He didn’t sound annoyed at all. In fact, it almost sounded like this was something that happened all the time.

“Does this happen often?” you asked. If he wasn’t sleeping well at night, he should have just told me, you thought.

“Actually, it’s every night.” Shinsou wasn’t exactly thrilled about admitting his problem to you, but it’s not like he could avoid the topic anymore. “I have insomnia. I didn’t want to tell you ‘cause you’d get worried, like you are now.”

You frowned. “Of course I’d be worried, you’re not getting any sleep!” Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to yell right now, you realized.

“Okay, how about I sing you a song?” you asked, placing your glass of water on the nightstand, getting into bed. “Do you think it’ll help at all?”

Shinsou shrugged. “You can try, it might work.” That wasn’t completely true, though. When he was a kid and he couldn’t sleep, he’d always beg his mother to sing him a song. He was always out in an instant.

You began to hum a lullaby to him, something that would be calming and help him to go to sleep easily.

After a minute of this, Shinsou began to feel a little tired. He was grateful for you being there, but he didn’t want to burden you too much. That’s why he never told you before.

It only took another minute before Shinsou was fast asleep. Maybe it was because you reminded him of his mother singing him to sleep. Maybe it was because you were so calming. Either way, it worked, and he was grateful.

Even after he was asleep, you kept humming your song. You only stopped when you felt yourself getting tired again.

Slipping into bed, you were careful not to wake him up, but you couldn’t resist giving him one last glance before going to bed. You smiled at his sleeping face and drifted off into a dreamless slumber.

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I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have happy New Year!! I’m in a huge Grimmjow angst funk right now. It’s borderline embarrassing lol. I know you’ve done stuff like this before (and I’ve been all over them!) but.. Can I request a scenario where he gets mad and lashes out and either scares or hurts S/O? Like what if they need stitches or they’re scared to the point of running away? How would he feel? How would he resolve it? Would he resolve it or just let her go and wait for her? Thanks!!


-He’d hadn’t meant to do it. 

It had been so easy to let the anger get the better of him, just like he would with anything, anyone but you. 

And now it was too late. Grimmjow had messed up and hurt you, done something so unforgivable that you had every reason to never come back to him. If you never wanted to see him again, he’d deserve it. 

That very thought filled him with absolute panic. 

Fear was clawing it’s way up his throat, the terror that you’d really be gone for good, all because of one silly mistake. 

He deserved it. He deserved it. He didn’t want you to leave. 

In all honestly, Grimmjow felt like he’d do anything to apologize. Pride meant nothing in the face of you being gone for good, and if you’d only give him one more chance, he’d do whatever it took to bring you back. 

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Could I please get a scenario of Ace, Zoro, Mihawk, Killer, and Kidd with their !Chunky S/O. Their S/O just bought a new bikini and decides to show it off at the next island they stop at. S/O is teasing them and such until they have enough. Congrats on your blog guys!!! <3

Of course!!! Is it ok if I just do Zoro and Ace? I’m sorry I don’t really know the personalities of the rest yet!

🔥 Ace ( my baby) 🔥

You knew about the trip to the upcoming island and decided to buy a new bathing suit to wear. Ace, around the time, was feeling down. He had been blaming himself again about Thatch and how he thinks he isn’t worth anything. You of course being the loving lover you are, cheered up Ace in any way you can. So, you decided to plan a trip to an island with all of the whitebeard pirates. They were thrilled and they needed a break from all the work. Ace was excited, but he was still down. Now, you were changing into the bathing suit you got. It compliments your body well and shows your beautiful body. You walked out in your bathing suit and walked up to Ace, who was sitting in the sand with his head in his hands. His iconic hat was sitting beside him. You walked up and took his hat and put it on your head. You tapped Ace’s shoulder and giggled. Ace turned around and looked and you up and down. You smirked at posed and said “ Like what you see Ace~?” Ace stood up and wrapped his arms around your waist and smirked and said “ Babe, I always love anything you wear.” Ace smiled and said “ I know what you were planning you know.” He started rubbing your arms and kissed your nose. Ace started gently kissing you all over your face. “ and just so you know, it worked.”

⚔️ Zoro ⚔️

Luffy, being the childish captain he is, saw an island worth stopping at and begged tge orange haired navigator to stop there. You, were napping with Zoro until you woke up to hear Luffy’s protests. You sighed and heard Nami agree to go to the small island. Luffy cheered and started jumping up and down. Nami walked over to you and said “ will you come and help me with picking a bathing suit?” You stood up from Zoro’s grasps and walked into the room that you share with the girls sometimes when Zoro is busy with training. Nami went to picking bathing suits and smirked when she found a bathing suit. Nami tossed it to you, “ here, I’m sure Zoro would enjoy this~” You blushed and said “ Mind as well I guess” Nami smiled and said “ Now that’s the spirit!” You helped Nami pick a bathing suit and you both changed into them. You wrapped yourself in a towel so Sanji wouldn’t start “love tornadoes” around you. Luffy screamed and said “ WE ARE HERE!!” Luffy shook Zoro awake which was a bad idea. Zoro chased Luffy off the ship screaming curse words and swinging swords. You and the rest of the straw hats got off the ship. You sighed as you saw Zoro taking a nap in the sand. You walked over and took off the towel covering your bathing suit. You gently said “~Zoro, wake up! I want you to see something!~” Zoro woke up to your voice and looked at you. Zoro pulled you against his chest and his hands started wandering. Zoro said “ Damn babe, were you trying to torture me, I don’t want lovesick cook over there to see you like this.” You gulped and you knew what was going to happen next.

I hope this was ok! I’m sorry I couldn’t do the rest! I’m so happy you asked though! You inspire me! I cried!!!

With Love,

Mikasa ♥️

Dating EXO’s Park Chanyeol

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  • Jokester 101
    • seriously - he won’t take things seriously unless you say, “Chanyeol, I’m serious”
  • Probably confess as a joke
    • “It would be weird if I suddenly grabbed your hand” *grabs your hand* “and just ask you to date me in front of all the guys” he says signally at his band members around him.
    • “You just confessed - idiot” D.O say rolling his eyes

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  • Lot’s of dates - mostly because ehe likes to show you off
    • Dog park dates
      • “Toben wants a brother - se I think we should get another dog”
    • Restaurant dates
    • Coffee dates
    • At Home movie dates
      • “Theres a new movie on Netflik. Pop the popcorn, I’m getting the big blanket”
  • Get ready to get exhausted - literally an energizer bunny
    • “Chan - I’m tired, lets just sleep”
    • He will wake you up because he can’t fall asleep and then fall asleep first.
    • Probably also the first one to wake up and “accidentally wake you up” since he’s had enough time to admire your sleeping state and wants to do something together.
  • You’re dating him ( and Kai and Sehun and Baek and Chen and…)

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

    • “The guys want to see the new movie, too! so I’m driving over there now with them to pick you up.”
    • Sehun knocks for the 18th time on your locked bathroom door, “You take forever to get ready - Chanyeollll drake her out of here already.” 
    • “What are we doing this Saturday? I was think we can take our dogs out to the park” Kai says already grabbing Toben from his bed.
    • “Baekhyun’s in the backseat, just so you’re aware.”
  • Don’t get me wrong he values alone time too
    • “I told the guys we’ll meet them at the restaurant so we have a good 2 hours or so until they get there, realize we ditched them and come back.”
  • Group Pranks are also a must - Suho goes crying to you after the guys do something.
    • “Chanyeol! you can’t replace his vitamins with sugar pills!”
    • “But he’s so stingy with his vitamin! Kai thought of it!”
  • Pet Names
    • “Yah, Y/n” - on a regular basis
    • “Babe” - when he wants something
    • “Y/n-ssi” - when he’s joking around
  • Loves to show you off
    • Loves it. so don’t be surprised when you hear him mentioning you in interviews or tells you to get dressed because he’s going over with a filming crew to film his everyday life.
    • “I think we should go public since I would rather they know before I tattoo my name or get your pregnant”
    • “What? No-”
    • “Hush babe, the company is backed into a corner now - they have to say yes. So is that a yes?”

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  • Sets up stability like no other
    • “Just bring a large bag with extra clothes and night stuff for when you stay over at the dorm”
    • “I bought a second set of instruments so I can keep them at your place. You know… for science reasons”
    • “Clear a drawer for me at your place, y/n”
    • “Toben likes your place better. You don’t mind taking him in while I’m gone?”
  • Sex
    • Tries his hardest to make you comfortable
    • The type to have a conversation about the do’s and don’ts of sex with you
    • But when he finally understand
      • Always wants to make you cum first - no exception
      • Smirking is a must
      • His deep voice is enough of a panty dropper
      • Gets rough near the ending to get his point across that only he can do these things.
    • Best aftercare
      • grabs his shirt to clean you and tells you to sleep naked
      • Bathes you
      • Looks you in the eyes and says he ordered Macdonalds already

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  • On Tour
    • Goes out to eat and video calls you.
    • Forgets to call when HSI schedule is hectic but usually can’t fall asleep without hearing how you’re day was.
    • “Day 32, we are running low on affections and -”
    • “Yeol, you literally just saw me. You haven’t even boarded the plane to leave!”
  • Sickness
    • “Chanyeol, you are not dying you just have a stuffy nose. Stop scaring your manager! I’ll come over soon.”
  • Jealousy is a given
    • We all know he knows he’s attractive, but that doesn’t stop him from having an awful feeling when another guy approaches you
    • He’s likes to show you off specifically for the reason to tell everyone you’r only his.
  • Periods
    • Literally smiles shyly about anything you mention about it
      • “What do you want? Heating pad?
    • “Do you want my love or are you going to act all rude?”
  • Arguing
    • Doesn’t like arguments and usually just says things along the lines of
      • “Listen for a bit”
      • “Come here”
    • Totally not serious 80 percent of the time and turns it into something light hearted

Originally posted by kingcairo-03

    • The other 20 percent = Blowing off steam somewhere else, but always comes back to you.
      • “I can’t lose you over something like this”
    • Can’t look you in the eyes when your mad, but always makes you look at him when you’re crying
  • The Nations Boyfriend. He’s all about putting you first and showing you that he means it. Not afraid to turn extra soft/childish/whiny around you. Totally mature when you least expect him to and a total 

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