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It is early but idfc imagine Mettaton discovering Broadway. I might need to write that…


He. Is. Ecstatic. He knew the world of showbiz was big & glamorous–but this is taking it to a whole new level. & there’s nothing more that he wants than to be a part of it. Any Broadway performance he can find, he’s going to watch, & any open auditions, he’s going to try out for–if he hasn’t already landed the part first. How? Might be impossible to say, darling, but everyone knows he can be very persuasive when he wants to be.

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Can you write something fluffy about McCree having a SO that plays the piano and sings a little, but is really shy about it?

Oh god that’s so cute! I’ll do my best, my

Jesse has known you for a long time, since before the two of you fell helplessly for each other and started dating, but he swears there’s still something he can’t quite focus on about you, but he has no idea what it is. It’s as if it something you radiate, a sensation you transmit, the vibes you send. To put it in Zenyatta’s perspective.
It’s puzzling him since he could remember, and yet he loves every second of it. Because, c’mon, you’re such a lovely person and something tells him that this mysterious feeling has got to be something just as lovely. But it could simply be your sweet, gentle, shy nature, no?
Well, the answer to this riddle is simply closer than he’d ever imagine.
One morning he’s woken up by the soft, muffled music of a piano playing together with an equally soft humming. Curious and fascinated, Jesse looks silently for the source of this gorgeous music, and there he finds the best view he’s ever seen: he sees you sitting at the majestic piano you have in the living room (which you’ve told him it’s been unused and untouched since your grandparents, who apparently were the owners of the instrument, passed away), playing the sweetest harmony he’s ever heard and singing beautifully to it. And he’s frozen in awe; that’s where he realizes how much in love he is with you, and can’t help but smile.
You only realize your cowboy boyfriend is in the room when you feel someone sitting beside you, making you jump a little and interrupt your performance abruptly. Turning to the side, you see Jesse smiling widely at you and taking your hands in his; you blush and attempt to stutter out some excuses but he just chuckles and leans in, kissing you softly.
“Darlin’, I’d be damned if that wasn’t the best music I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Mind if I join in?”
And so you and Jesse started having fun with the piano at least once a day, with you playing and singing and him joining in as a background singer. He loves it when you allow him to be part of something you love, and is very proud of you for taking over your shiness in front of him.

This is the sweetest thing I’ve written in a while and, while not being the best around, I’m very happy with how it came out ;w;
I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for letting this sweetie in!

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Scenario of Matts S/O finally finding him and getting to see him again. As they stand in that prison hiding in with the galrans. "Matt?" Then they take off the hat and run toward Matt. "Y/n?" And then they run into each other's arms hugging and then kissing and the s/o breaks him and his dad out. The galrans run after them "I'm getting you out of here Matt." (You can add whatever :3 I love Matt so much!!)

Matt sat beside his dad, legs curled up and forehead pressed against the dark fabric of his pants. He quietly took deep breaths, trying to calm his frazzled nerves. He lost track of how long it had been since he and his father were captured, Shiro was separated from him and it was just him and his dad left.

“We’re never getting out of here are we?” Matt quietly mumbled into the emptiness of his cell. His dad didn’t reply, and Matt could feel his will to survive fading away.

Matt hadn’t even realized he had fallen asleep until he felt his father hurriedly shaking him awake. He wondered why until he heard a voice he never thought he would ever hear again in his life.

“Matt, it’s me.”

Matt whipped his head up and almost cried when he saw you standing there, the arm of a Galra sentry in your hands and an overwhelmed expression on your face.

“Matt!” You practically launched forward and into his arms and he just couldn’t believe that he was actually holding you.

You quickly pulled back, “We have to go now though!” You quickly yanked the two of them up and bolted out of the door. “Come on!” Matt and his father ran after you as quickly as you could as you produced a gun from seemingly out of nowhere and began shooting down the sentries and galra that chased after you. Matt didn’t even get a chance to wonder how you had become so proficient in gun usage, all he could focus on was his feet padding along the ground as he and his father ran after you.

Matt how no idea where you two were going until you ran into a hallway where his eyes widened as he saw Shiro standing at the end of the hallway.

“Come on!” Shiro motioned at the three of you and Matt could feel the adrenaline surging through his veins as the three of you bolted towards Shiro. He didn’t even have a chance to celebrate seeing his old friend again before the three of you clambered into what looked like a giant robotic black lion as the galrans shot at the four of you. When the lion managed to get safely away from the galran ship and Matt had a chance to calm down he was able to actually see you for the first time. You were leaning against Shiro’s chair and chatting to him as the two of you gave the Holts a chance to recover from what had happened. Matt felt his eyes water as he looked at you and suddenly he rushed at you, wrapping his arms around your body and burying his face in your shoulder.

“Matt…” You quietly spoke as your expression softened and you wrapped your arms around his body before soothingly rubbing his back. “It’s okay now, they can’t hurt you anymore. I’m here for you.” You felt a wetness stain your shoulder and felt your heart ache as you realized that Matt was crying. You hugged him tighter against you, letting him know through your touch that you were here for him. “I won’t let them take you from me again.”

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Hi, could you do Style Five and Sousuke comforting their soon-to-be s/o after a nasty breakup with her ex-boyfriend after she found out he was cheating on her with another girl? I would appreciate it if you do.

I’m gonna write this one with the Samezuka, since I’m already done with the Iwatobi boys 



Rin didn’t even stopped her when she went to them and slapped her now ex-boyfriend across the face. He deserved it, he thought as he was dragged away by ____ from the scene. He’d always thought she was a strong woman, so it really was the first time that he saw her cry. He did his best in comforting her, a small smile even gracing his lips, because he knew he’d always be there by her side until she’s finally moved on from this painful experience. 

Sousuke felt mad himself. Hell, he’d even want to punch her ex-boyfriend himself but he calmed himself down for her. Her head hung low as she walked away from her ex-boyfriend. Sousuke glared at the guy for one last time before running after her. She didn’t utter any word until they’re at the gate of her house. She clung onto his shirt and cried her heart out, asking him and herself why her boyfriend even thought about cheating on her. He didn’t say anything as he listened and wrapped an arm around her. Unlike her ex-boyfriend, he knew he’d love her with all of his heart. He’s confident that he could fix her broken heart. 

Ai couldn’t do anything, or even think of anything to say to her in his fear of saying something that could hurt her. He’s been trying to warn her that her now ex-boyfriend was cheating on her, a few weeks ago, but she didn’t listen to him. She continued hanging around with him until she saw him with that other girl from their class earlier. She quickly ran to his dorm and cried her heart out to him, telling him how he’s right and that she should’ve listened. Ai simply put his hand on her back and gave it a light pat to remind her that he’s there for her. 

She was crying when she asked Momo to come and meet her at her favorite pastry store that day. When he asked, he just told her how she witness her now former boyfriend kissing another girl when she was about to meet up with him. He honestly didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t say that everything’s alright too, because nothing’s alright about what’s happening now right? So he just decided to give her his company. He also bought her some sweets which she angrily munched down while sobbing out her feelings.

Seijuurou listened carefully as she ranted out about how her ex-boyfriend just wasted a beautiful girl by cheating on her. She wasn’t crying– or at least, she wasn’t anymore. She was just slamming her fist occasionally down the table to express just how frustrated she was with the said guy. He watched her with a hint of amusement and admiration. She really is strong.

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hope i'm not too late ! could i please request dabi and tomura confessing to their respective male!crush and the crush's first reaction is to laugh and they maybe think that they're being rejected? but really, the crush is just so relieved because he thought that they hated him because he has noticed how they acted a little ( or a lot ) different around him before admitting that yes, they likes them too and maybe fluffy first kiss or something like that? hope it isn't confusing. ;;

Sure thing! I hope I could write it well enough and don’t worry, it wasn’t confusing at all =)


When he confesses, he expected everything from reciprocation to rejection – even if he was pretty sure his crush liked him back. What he didn’t expect was for his crush to release a laugh.

Dabi sits still, dumbfounded and feels an odd mix of rejected and frustrated, when the guy in front of him quickly waved his hands, smiling widely and brightly.

“Please, don’t misunderstand.” He’s fast to say, one of his hands touching Dabi’s. “It’s just…I thought you hated me or something. And I was so surprised by your confession and then so happy I laughed.” He looks a little more serious now. “I like you too.”

Dabi slowly takes his hand. “You thought I didn’t like you?”

“Yes, you acted differently around me; I thought you didn’t feel anything for me.” He moves a bit closer to Dabi. “Do you, would you mind if I kissed you?”

Dabi smiles, it looks a bit lazy and instead of answering, he tilts his head and leans forward, sealing his lips over his crush’s.

“Go out with me.” He says quietly once they separate.

“Gladly.” His boyfriend breathes back with a happy smile.


Tomura has thought about how his confession would go, from his crush being happy to disinterested or even revolted. However, when his crush laughs, Tomura stares at him.

“What the hell?” He rasps, too caught off guard to growl and to sound angry. He’s already starting to scowl and lean back, when his crush stops laughing and quickly moves towards him.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed.” He says, rushing to get the words out. “I was just so relieved I reacted that way.”

Tomura frowns. “Relieved?”

“Yeah, I like you too and I thought you hated me.” His crush looks a bit sheepish now. “You acted differently around me and I assumed you didn’t like me.”

Tomura looks unimpressed. “You were wrong.”

His crush smiles and takes his hand, though he is careful with Tomura’s finger, a thoughtfulness the villain appreciates a little.

Then his crush looks at him searchingly and leans closer, slowly placing a hand at the side of Tomura’s jaw.

“Can I kiss you?” He asks, searching his face for a sign to go ahead.

Tomura feels surprised for a split second, before he nods. They meet in a kiss and it’s softer and different than Shigaraki imagined. He likes it.

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Sans, Papyrus, Grillby and Asgore with their tiny s/o who really wants to be carried by them (either piggyback or in their arms)


Sure, pal, but it’s not like he’s planning on going anywhere anytime soon, so you’re probably just going to be sitting there in his arms in awkward silence for a while. Despite the situation, he’s still gonna be making terrible puns the whole time.


Why, of course, dear human! The Great Papyrus is the most optimal choice for piggyback rides, of course! He’d immediately swing you onto his back & take off at MACH SPEEDS. You’re both gone. When are you coming back & from where? Who knows. Goodbye.


He’s a bit shy about the whole idea–he doesn’t normally go around just sweeping people into his arms. It might take a little bit of begging, but once you’re alone, he will very gingerly lift you up–& then just stand there for a bit until you tell him he’s supposed to be carrying you somewhere.


He’s more than happy to indulge you. He’d always wanted to try it out, secretly, but felt it was too inappropriate to ask. Whether you wanted on his back or in his arms, he’ll lift you up, making sure that you’re comfortable & secure on him before he starts to walk out to the gardens with you in tow.

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destroy me with a fluffy "The members are making Seungkwan jealous of you on purpose" bc you're his date not theirs! (Gender neutral pls!)

of course of course~~ you’ll find that nearly every imagine here is gender neutral!!

Boo Seungkwan was not and never had been one to hide his feelings - this was a fact known by just about everyone who had ever spoken with him. To say that he wore his heart on his sleeve was an understatement - he displayed his heart proudly, showing it off to anyone who asked (and admittedly even those who didn’t). He was quite the personality, people often said, one who always made sure to make his presence known, regardless of rather such a thing was positive or negative. 

His reactions were always excessive, something which he couldn’t help but to pride himself in - his variety skills were unmatched thanks to that, after all. He was always the life of the party, the center of attention, someone that you simply could not take your eyes off of - perhaps that was what made him so fun to tease. 

It was very rarely a planned event; it wasn’t as though the boys conspired days prior and whispered among themselves about ways to get a rise out of Seungkwan, about how to elicit the biggest reactions that they possibly could. No, they wouldn’t sink so low simply for the fun of watching him get worked out. More often than not, it began as an accident, or as one simple jibe which would get him huffing. Among the members of Seventeen, however, ideas often spread like wildfire, and once one had begun to pester a member, the other eleven would surely follow suit within a matter of minutes. 

As such, when you had showed up at the dorm after promising to accompany Seungkwan and act as his date to an award show that night, no one really had any intentions of pestering either of you - once they started, however, they were just shy of impossible to stop.

Chan opened the door and was therefore the first one to greet you - such were the duties of the youngest member, after all, performing all of the simple tasks that the older members couldn’t be bothered to do. As always, he greeted you with a bright smile, his presence all but emitting sunshine. “______!” He exclaimed as he stepped aside, allowing you to move past him and into the dorm. “You look great!”

It was all that you could do to return his smile as well as his compliment. “You don’t look too shabby yourself,” you joked in response. 

“Hey, who’s supposed to be complimenting who tonight?”

You hadn’t even heard Seungkwan approaching (quite a rarity, you noted passingly), and your shoulders jumped up at the sudden sound of his voice behind you. You turned on your heel as soon as you heard him, switching the target of your grin to him.

“You’re looking as handsome as ever, Seungkwan,” you noted, giving him a once over - he looked rather dapper in his suit, hair combed just right, and you couldn’t stop yourself from wondering why he didn’t dress so classily more often. 

“I know,” he answered shortly, and it wasn’t until you began to gawk at his answer that his lips curved into a smirk, adding on, “You really do look stunning. I’ve missed you.”

Laughing at his teasing, you moved in for a hug and a quick peck on the cheek, ignoring the mocking gagging sounds coming from Soonyoung and Seokmin. 

Seungkwan looked you up and down once more once you broke apart, a sigh leaving his lips. “Seriously, you’ll make me look bad if you look so nice. How am I supposed to compare to you?”

“You’re not,” chimed in Mingyu, finishing up getting ready for himself. “______ is, like, flawless.”

“Save it for your own date,” Seungkwan chided, raising his hand as though he were going to hit the taller boy and giving him the most menacing glare that he could muster. 

Of course, this action served only to make the members in the room begin to laugh. “Is our Seungkwannie getting jealous?” Cooed some, others making ‘aw’ sounds as you only rolled your eyes - once they were going, it was completely out of your power to stop them. They’d keep teasing until they’d had enough.

“Hey,” Seungkwan started, folding his arms across his chest and raising an eyebrow at the boys. “Don’t you have anything better to do than stare at my date? For example, finding your own?”

“But how could we ever find anyone who compares?” Soonyoung didn’t miss a beat, and his arm was around your shoulders in an instant. “Our ______ is the best!”

“Who are you calling ‘our’?” Seungkwan demanded with a whining tone, cheeks getting red and lips pouted out to their fullest. While they could take it too far sometimes, even you had to admit - it was pretty cute to see how worked up he could get. 

“Say, ______,” prompted Mingyu, entirely ignoring Seungkwan’s protests which were still going as strong as ever in the background. “How would you like to go with me instead?”

You rolled your eyes, playfully shoving him in the chest. They’d had their fun, but it was time for you to shut it down - if they pushed it much further, Seungkwan might start to actually get upset, and you absolutely did not want that. “Thanks for the offer, but I’m already booked for the night.”

At the smug look on his face, you almost wished that you had let their joking go on for just a little bit longer.

Regardless, Seungkwan was at your side again in an instant, arm protectively wrapped tightly around your waist and holding you near himself. “Now shoo, alright?” He instructed the others, already back to his full, just so absolutely Boo self. “You heard ______. Go find something else to do with yourselves.”

Glancing to your side, you found him still smiling to himself - was he really happy to hear you sticking up for him? You couldn’t stop the smile that made its way onto your face - he was completely and utterly adorable. 

Boo Seungkwan was not and never had been one to hide his feelings - perhaps that was what made him so fun to tease.

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Could I have Rei finding out and reacting to his gf pole dancing please? ;v; I'm a pole dancer myself and I always hate how some people treat the art as something dirty whenever they see me do it ):

Ok so I’ve seen a couple of videos of people pole dancing and like, you must be so strong to do that!!! Like I’m pretty strong and muscular myself but I could never do that, you a very talented, don’t listen to those who disrespect that! Female pronouns!

“______, where are you taking me?” Rei asked for about the tenth time. 

“It’s a surprise,” his girlfriend also said for the tenth time, her hands still covering his eyes and her body leaning into his back as she pushed him to where she wanted him to go.

“You’ve been covering my eyes for a while now, I’m beginning to feel a bit nervous.”

“Just shush, we’re nearly there.”

And it wasn’t long until they had finally arrived. Rei’s girlfriend pushed him gently into the room, took her hands away from his eyes and switched on the lights. There was nothing in the room except for a silver pole attached to bothe the ceiling and the floor.

“______, what’s this?”

“Your surprise,” she said with a smile, “I’ve actually wanted to do this for quite a while now.”

“Do what?” he asked. She didn’t reply but simply walked over to the pole.

She grabbed the pole in both hands and without hesitation lifted herself up and flipped so she was upside down, opening her legs into a perfect split whilst spinning around slowly. She proceeded to bend one leg around the pole and turned the right side up, re-grasping the pole with her right hand and began to spin, faster and faster until she kicked her legs upwards and twirled further up the pole. After reaching the top, she bent her leg around the pole again and slowly came back down in a graceful ending to her dance.

Rei was completely and utterly speechless, his expression showing absolutely nothing.

“Oh no,” she said, starting to panic, “I knew I shouldn’t have shown you, this was a bad idea.” Rei snapped out of his trance when he saw the tears starting to prick in her eyes.

“What? No, no, no, please don’t cry,” he blurted, rushing over to hug her. “I’m so glad you showed me.”

“Y-You are?”

“Yes, I am,” he said looking down at them with a warm smile, “because that was beautiful. I mean, you must be so strong to do that! And how do you even hold on and spin around without falling off?”

“With lots of practice,” she giggled.

“I want to try it.”

“Wait Rei, I don’t think-” she started, but he wasn’t listening as he walked up to the pole, wrapped his leg around it and tried to copy what she had done before… only for him to fall and land on his head. She was right, it was going to take a lot of practice.

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Can you do how would be a aquaphobic and haruka s gf! Tnx :*

Haru could feel her body shivering in fear as he led her into the pool. She closed her eyes and nervously clung onto him as the cold water surrounded the lower half of her body.

“I’m scared..” She muttered under her breath.

“It’s okay. I got you.” Haru reassured her, smiling and pressing a kiss on her shoulder. She pulled away from him with a still nervous look on her face.

“I trust you.” She replied and he nodded. He placed his hands around her waist and they slowly walked around the pool to get her used to the water. There were times when she’d close her eyes out of fear, but he always makes sure to tell her that she’ll be fine.

“You’re doing fine..” He said, after a while, when he noticed that she wasn’t as tensed anymore as when they started. A nervous smile crossed her face as she held on to his shoulders. It’d probably take them some time before she could get over her fear, but Haru would make sure that they’ll get there soon, while making this experience memorable for the two of them.

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Aaaaahaha it's finally open!! Could I request Hero Form All Might just going out with his smol female s/o and relaxing together? And s/o isn't used to this sort of thing so they're really confused but happy about it? So much fluff! Thank you!!

Of course you can =) I hope I could answer it well enough! (I wasn’t sure which activities you found relaxing, so I kept it generally vague and I hope I managed to put fluff into it.)

Toshinori is careful to choose a part of the city where people are discreet and not too many strangers frequent the streets at this time of day. He wants to have a good time with his partner without having to stop too often because someone saw him in his hero form and wanted a photo or an autograph.

He likes giving those, however, at the same time, he wants to spoil his partner today and he picked places he was sure they would like so they could relax and enjoy their time together.

At first, he takes them to dinner in a nice, cozy restaurant where they could order whatever they wanted. His partner looks happy, if a bit confused and they keep glancing at him.

Afterwards, Toshinori takes them to a show they enjoy and wanted to see for a while now and then they end up in a park that is nicely lit by lanterns, a small river right beside them. The lights reflect on the small waves and it’s nicely warm, peaceful and quiet.

“You really surprised me today.” His partner says with a soft smile, slipping their small hand into his.

Toshinori grins back happily. “I’m glad; I wanted for you to enjoy yourself.”

“I did.” They stop and tug at his sleeve a little. Toshinori pauses and bends down with a questioning look and receives a light kiss.

“Thank you. Do you have anything else planned for today?”

At this he smiles and releases their hand to wrap his arm around them. “I thought of giving you a massage once we’re home.”

His partner’s clearly surprised by his offer and smiles, looking a bit touched and they lean their head against his side. “I can’t wait to get home then.”

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How about any "obscure" (not the Big 4, or Toriel, or Asgore) reacting to a best friend in a major slump? Where they say things like "I want to sleep and not wake up" bonus points for other depression comments and/or self harm… just a quick fic? I want angst and I kinda feel that way- I'm safe, though- so I want to know how at least 1 monster would react to a very depressed/potentially suicidal friend. I'm sorry if this is too dark/triggering, you don't have to do this.


also i want bleu’s voice-claim to be wander from wander over yonder please & thanks


He’s definitely worried at you, & he’s terrible at hiding it. He’s a monster, but he’s also…well, a dog. When you say stuff like that, his ears flatten, his tail droops, & he lets out the most heartbreaking whine you could possibly imagine. He’ll throw an arm around you casually & make a comment about how great you are, getting as close as he can to you without completely giving into the urge to just curl up in your lap & lie there until you feel better.

Fuku Fire:

Oh, gosh. She doesn’t like the sound of that. She’ll immediately invite you over to her house for dinner, so that she can keep an eye on your for a while. Plus, her dad/uncle Grillby is an amazing cook, & no one’s ever really gotten to try any of his home-cooked meals, so she hopes that maybe it’d help to cheer you up. While you hang out together she tries to keep your mind occupied with playful gossip & just overall idle chatter.


He feels you real deep, pal. But, uh, that’s probably not the best course of action. He’ll probably make an offhand comment about how sometimes he feels the same, but then he’ll go on this huge tangent about how he learned to deal with his depression & how you can too, because no one & nothing has the right to make you feel like trash. It’s all very sappy sounding, but the entire time he’s sprinkling in as many overly dramatic facial expressions that he can in hopes of making you laugh. 


Golly–well, this is just a problem he’s got to fix-up right away! Of course he’ll immediately offer you free Nice-Cream, but if you’re not in the mood for it, then he’ll just start laying on the compliments via ad-libbing. & surprisingly, none of them are general comments like “You have pretty eyes” or “You have a beautiful smile!” They’re all very sincere & completely specific to who you are as a person.

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What would happen if Hide and Kaneki had the same crush? How would they react to finding out their friend had the same crush as them?

(I hope this format isn’t too confusing because it took a while for me to make haha)


Hide & Kaneki

Hide would be a little upset at first. His best friend likes his crush; that might ruin their friendship and lower his chances of being with the person he liked. But he wouldn’t let it get in the way of his and Kaneki’s friendship. Crushes come and go—it was an unpleasant coincidence that they liked the same person, but they’d like someone else eventually. It’s not like either of them were in love with the crush. However, if Kaneki showed signs of actually falling in love with them, Hide would back off a little. He knows Kaneki doesn’t tend to have crushes so this is a big accomplishment for him. Even if he liked the person, Hide would let Kaneki have them. He falls for people more than his friend so he’s bound to like someone else eventually. Even though he’s pretty upset about them being off-limits, he knows it’s for the best.

Kaneki would be crushed. He’s always feared this happening—his best friend is in love with his crush and there’s nothing he can do about it. He doesn’t fall for people easily, and he’s really upset when he found out the odds of him getting to be with them were not in his favor. He’d want to talk to Hide about this. He’s not one to hide most things from his friends and this was definitely something that needed to be talked about. When he told Hide about it, he was a bit sad when his friend’s face fell for a split second and quickly turned into a forced smile. “That’s okay!” Hide explained. “Let’s not let this get between us, okay?” And Kaneki did just that. He tried to avoid his crush more and more. If Hide was really in love with them, Kaneki would actually lie to Hide and tell him that he didn’t like his crush anymore. Hide would see through this, but he’d still take the opportunity. “Really, dude? That’s great! See, things just work out, y'know?” But things didn’t work out. Not for Kaneki, at least.


Hide, Kaneki & a friend

It would depend on the friend, but let’s just say that they’re all good friend and the friend is somewhat similar to both Hide and Kaneki.

Hide would laugh out loud. What are the chances of two of his friends liking the same person as him? His crush must really be someone special. Instead of leaving the crush to his friends, he’d suggest something similar to a bet, with the reward being the crush. Basically, whoever wins their heart gets to be with them with no hard feelings from any of the losing parties. If he won, he’d really try not to brag about it or even mention it at all. He’s not the type of person to rub something like this in his friends’ faces. Their friendship is important, but so is romance, and he really hopes this doesn’t damage their friendship in the long run. If he lost, he’d be a little upset but still congratulate the winner. He’s obviously not going to mope about it for long; it was just a crush and he would be able to get over it eventually. But it still hurt if he thought about it too much.

Kaneki would be terrified from the second he learns of his friends’ love interest. It was the same as his. Seriously, what are the chances of that happening? He’d start to feel a little downcast; he obviously had no chance with them now that his two amazing, awesome friends liked them as well. But when Hide suggests a bet, it somehow lifts his spirits a little. Maybe he actually did have a chance after all. If he won, he’d be incredibly surprised. He never really considered what he would do if he won and now he kind of wishes he did. Does he mention it later? Is he really allowed to be with his crush? When he noticed the somewhat sad expressions on his friends’ faces, he feels awful. He decides to just make them off-limits. Their friendship is much more important to him. If he lost, he’d feel utterly defeated. He really stood no chance against his friends after all. He’d try to get over it even if it hurt. This what just how things were meant to be, apparently.

Reasons To Date Gray

The way he looks at you 

When you make him laugh 


Sending each other snaps 

And when he sends the occasional good ones 

Him singing to you 

When you go to the hair salon with him 

Recording him 

When he does something special for you 

Wifing him because why not?

His tongue things he does?? MAN WHY YOU SO RUDE??

Joking/Playing around with him and his friends 

Watching him work 

Dinner dates together

And this 

(Credit to the gif and still makers)