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How about a semi angsty fight with the rfa+V but they make up because HAPPY ENDINGS ARE NICE

I’m a slut for angst don’t give me this power 


✮ you had accidentally knocked the power cord to his computer while you were cleaning and he was playing LOLOL 
✮ he screamed 
✮ he was ranting and raving about how he was in the middle of an important raid and he was so close to levelling up 
✮ and you’re kinda standing there with a laundry basket and a pile of clothes almost over your head 
✮ and you don’t know what to do 
✮ you kind of want to cry 
✮ you kind of want to throw the laundry at his head 
✮ until 
✮ “rika never did things like this!!”
✮ oh 
✮ of course
✮ it somehow always got back to this point. comparing you with rika 
✮ sometimes he didn’t mean it or even realise he’d done it. but this was different 
✮ you remain eerily calm, putting the laundry down before turning to glare at yoosung 
✮ a wave of realisation hits him and he’s just full of guilt 
✮ you very calmly tell him you’re going to spend the night with jaehee, and ask him not to contact you 
✮ he begins crying and pleading with you to stop and stay 
✮ he’s so sorry and he’s just hating himself while you pack an overnight bag
✮ he’s practically on his knees and following you, begging you to stay 
✮ you kind of pause when you see the raw sorrow in his face 
✮ you sigh and stop for a moment 
✮ you’re hurt but you know that you have to talk it out with yoosung for it to get better 
✮ you both talk for a few hours, and he completely understands your viewpoint and he apologises 18923475829 times 
✮ he stays off of LOLOL for a few weeks, and even after that he tries not to get too obsessed– because that’s how the whole problem started 
✮ he just doesn’t want to lose you 


✎ you just wanted her to stop working so much 
✎ she was working overtime at the cafe 
✎ so much that she practically lived there 
✎ she was there after-hours and before-hours 
✎ sometimes she slept there and wouldn’t come home 
✎ so you book a holiday for her in secret, making plans behind her back for the cafe so it can function without her
✎ you tell all the employees and the deliverers who are close with the shop 
✎ but when you sit jaehee down and announce your plan 
✎ she gets so cold 
✎ she wants none of it 
✎ she’s not overworking herself dammit 
✎ she’s just doing what needs to be done 
✎ you try telling her that she doesn’t need to coddle the cafe, that you and the other emplyees were fully capable of running it 
✎ but she’s so worked up 
✎ and she says that you can’t 
✎ you’re clearly offended and you’re upset that your hard work planning this holiday for her is being pushed aside 
✎ somehow, you get her to take the holiday and see how it pans out 
✎ she’s calling you constantly 
✎ eventually you start ignoring her calls and texts 
✎ she gets so freaked out that the cafe is literally crumbling with you in charge so she rushes home 
✎ and you’re so mad when she rushes into the cafe, only to stop when she sees everything is going as usual 
✎ “b-but you weren’t answering my calls! I thought something happened!” 
✎ “jaehee i was ignoring you because you have no trust in me and I was busy making sure you could enjoy your holiday!” you were screaming 
✎ she felt so bad 
✎ she took her vacation and came back a lot better 
✎ you two made up, and she explained that her problem came from being jumin’s assistant for so long (if she didn’t do her job everything fucked up bc jumin is horrible at his job lmao) 
✎ she was a lot more calm after that and took breaks when she needed to (even took some time off on every second weekend- when you took care of the cafe) 


✿ he was working 
✿ of course 
✿ his job was the root of most of your arguments as a couple 
✿ but this time he had gone out for drinks with the cast 
✿ while you were standing outside of a restaurant waiting for him- you were going to have a date since filming was wrapping up that day (which is why the cast was having drinks in the first place) 
✿ you had faith in him, and stayed there until the restaurant closed 
✿ which was very, very late in the evening, seeing as it was part bar 
✿ as you were walking home, upset 
✿ zen came stumbling out of the bar with his castmates 
✿ he doesn’t notice you at first 
✿ until one of his acting buddies points at you, not recognising you, and laughs about how you’re soaked in rain and look like you’ve had that worst day of your life 
✿ you hear him 
✿ zen chuckles slightly before looking closer and realising who it is 
✿ swears up a storm as he pushes away everyone- muttering out something like ‘ssss my girlfirendddd’ 
✿ he tries to grab you because you’re storming away 
✿ he’s trying to coo and ask you why you were out so late because he’s drunk and doesn’t remember 
✿ you slap his hands away before screaming at him 
✿ “I was waiting for you! Our date for celebrating the end of filming?! Guess you had other plans, huh?!” 
✿ he’s so shocked like 
✿ it looks like he’s been smacked in the face 
✿ he follows you all the way home, apologising profusely 
✿ you make him sleep on the couch and lock yourself in the bedroom 
✿ when he wakes up the next morning he remembers, even through his wicked hangover 
✿ he cooks an amazing breakfast and waits for you to come out 
✿ when you do he hands you flowers with a card about how sorry he is
✿ he swears that he’ll make it up to you- and never let it happen ever again 


₩ he was planning on properly introducing you to his father 
₩ but he was getting so controlling 
₩ he literally dressed you and did your hair and practically gave you a lecture on how to act and what to say 
₩ you’re kind of pissed at him but try to understand that he’s just stressed about how his father will react 
₩ his father loves you, and you loosen up- begin to be yourself 
₩ his father leaves after blessing your relationship together 
₩ but jumin is fuming 
₩ ‘what were you doing?! I told you not to say this or that’ blah blah 
₩ you’re just so shocked 
₩ “jumin that’s not who I am!” 
₩ “that’s who you should be!” 
₩ silence. 
₩ jumin has never been afraid of anything 
₩ but he’s afraid of this silence and the tears that are slipping down your cheeks 
₩ he’s afraid of what he said. he’s afraid of himself 
₩ he stumbles over his words as he tries to apologise, saying that isn’t what he meant 
₩ you can’t hear him though, all you can hear is his previous words echoing through your head 
₩ you tell him you’re sleeping in the guest room that night- the only thing you said before locking him out 
₩ when you get up the next morning 
₩ you open the door and see jumin sitting on the ground agains the wall next to your door, elizabeth pulled to his chest 
₩ his eyes were puffy and his cheeks and nose red 
₩ he had a note next to him that he hadn’t finished 
₩ it read ‘I’m sorry’ over and over, tear stains smudging some of the letters 
₩ you sigh, and kneel down to wake him up 
₩ he explains that he thought his father wouldn’t accept you unless you were like the other women and he didn’t want his father to come between your relationship anymore than he already had with the Sarah bullshit 
₩ and you make up but he spends so long reassuring you that he loves you so much, just the way you are 


✞ he was doing it again
✞ he was trying to push you away 
✞ someone had approached you while you were on the street, asking about a ‘707′ 
✞ when you told saeyoung he got so scared and reverted back to his old ways 
✞ trying to push you away so that you ‘wouldn’t get hurt’ 
✞ when you try to kiss his cheek he physically pushes you away (after acting hostile all day) 
✞ and you trip over his wires and fall- hitting your head on the ground 
✞ he’s shocked, you’re shocked 
✞ he reaches forward to try and help you but freezes when you flinch away 
✞ he feels like less than shit 
✞ he feels like death himself. the grim reaper- that’s him. 
✞ he watches helplessly as you stumble to your feet and rush off to the bedroom, locking yourself inside (even though Saeyoung had control over the locks) 
✞ he spends about an hour just leaning over his desk with his head in his hands, thinking over how terrible he had been 
✞ how you deserve so much better 
✞ he was unstable. he was dangerous. 
✞ you were the light. you were everything 
✞ after a while he unlocks the door and sends your robot-cat in with flowers and a note in his mouth 
✞ it’s a handwritten letter from saeyoung, telling you he was just scared 
✞ that he was so sorry. that he loved you more than he could ever understand and he didn’t know how to deal with that yet 
✞ you slowly walk out, seeing him sitting on the ground somewhere, surrounded by the mess that he’d made 
✞ he had thrown all the cushions and pillows on the couch. ripped up the first drafts of the note. he’d even knocked one of his monitors to the ground, shattering it.
✞ you sit with him and talk together 
✞ you make a plan for how you can both deal with these times better 
✞ he promises to spend his life making sure you’re as happy as you can be 


☼ i’m so sorry but i don’t want to hurt this precious roll 


Genre: Angsty smut

Member: D.O (FINALLY)

Words: 1,309

A/N: This was supposed to be based on Shameless by The Weeknd but I changed my mind so it kind of is based on it. I’m tired af so I haven’t proofread😬

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random jimin scenarios:

Hey guys! SINCE WE HIT 15K FOLLOWERS, I just had to give you guys something ;3; So here’s a little (6000+ word, whoops) Jimin story I’ve be putting together… actually, this story line holds significance to me, and if anyone can figure out why, then you will be rewarded… jk, but I’ll be happy :’) So anyway, hope you enjoy! Hopefully, I’ll get done with some requests soon~

- Devi :D

when I think about you… (fluff/angst)

word count: 6174

Pattering rain, subtle winds, black skies, it’s times like these when I stay dormant. I settle into the worn crème colored fabric of my suede couch, gripping a mug of Earl Grey with both my hands to let the heat lace through my fingers. It’s my special blend, three spoons of Lady Grey, half a cup of boiling water, half a cup of steamed milk, and vanilla cream to top.

There are a million things that could go through my mind, but instead it focuses on just one: him.

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Mmm storyshift, there must be moar! King Sans with pregnant human s/o? Maybe a romantic headcanon or 2 thrown in?

Hello~ Now this looks interesting. Let’s take this Post-Pacifist, because Underground would be too angsty, and I’m in the mood for fluffy hurt/comfort than straight angst. Also, let’s assume reader was already pregnant when they met Sans. - Mod Sync

Storyshift Sans w/ Pregnant S/O

- Sans is normally rather gentlemanly, but the second he learns you’re actually pregnant, que internal panicking and being extra careful around you.

- There’s a part of him that wonders what in the stars name were you thinking of letting him anywhere near you. Yeah, he did actually want to kill all those kids, he didn’t give himself any other choices, but why would you let him near you knowing he did?

- On the other hand, he is so attentive to you. No one had ever seen him as active than when he was caring for you, except maybe Papyrus from before he left. (Pap isn’t actually sure how to feel about it.)

- He’s absolutely fascinated by the changes in your body. His favorite thing though, is putting his earhole to your stomach and listening. Sometimes he’ll try talking to the baby.

- The first time he feels the baby kick he’s left speechless. It’s the point in which the situation hit home for him that Holy shit there’s a kid in there and he’s actually allowed to be here. He might start crying, he’s so overwhelmed.

- Unless you tell him otherwise, he’s going to automatically assume he’ll be playing Uncle to your kid (if you’re still not in a relationship.) If you want him to be ‘Dad’, you’ll have to tell him (and then proceed to tearful, heartfelt confessions.) (Please love this Skele, he just want everyone happy.)

- When the baby finally arrives, he’s so freaking scared. Of a lot of things. What is they cry when they see him? What if he drops them? What if he’s forced to leave because of his sins? What if they grow to hate him? He loves the kid so, so much, he’d break down if he thinks he’s done some kind of irreparable damage to the kid, and he hasn’t even met them yet.

- For a time, there’s a tension between Paps and Sans over him taking care of you. You may have to force the two to sit down and talk things out. But, once Pap sees just how much Sans loves you and how invested he is in taking care of you and the baby, he’ll relent. In the end, it becomes something that helps the two reconnect.

- Sans will be asking Toriel and Asgore for parenting tips fairly often. While he took care of Papyrus when he was young, he’s not quite sure how to be a Dad proper.

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Okay please don't mind my anonymous ask earlier. May I request hc of nijimura having a clingy gf? I'm sorry if it's too weird!

It’s not too weird! Thank you for sending this in! ヽ(*>∇<)ノ

I wrote the clingy partner as reader/you—I don’t think the gender matters much in this request so I left it neutral. I hope you enjoy!

  • You’d think that he’d be annoyed, but no—he was once responsible for the entirety of the Generation of Miracles, it would take a lot more than a clingy partner to crack him.
  • But that said, Nijimura doesn’t necessarily view the clingy-ness as a pain. Sometimes he appreciates your company, since he can get lonely from time to time.
  • Especially thankful for you when he’s going through hard times.
  • Let’s be real omg he’d be the boyfriend that says stuff like “why are you like this” while letting out a heavy sigh, but his arms would reciprocate the tight hug you’re giving to him. 
  • and kiss the top of your head
  • He would be the type to bring you along to hangouts with his friend
  • Nijimura would only be worried if the clingyness comes in the form of PDA. He doesn’t want to be that kind of couple, so the two of you have to come to an agreement as to the maximum amount of PDA you have in public.
  • There’s probably just going to be an arm around your waist and light pecks on your lips, that’s all.
  • Behind closed doors, though, it’s a different story—he doesn’t mind getting more touch-feely at all.
  • “I’m sorry we can’t do this in front of people. I just want you to myself.”
  • Overall would be a very understanding boyfriend, unless there is too much physical contact in public ( ◞・౪・)   
imagine: daichi with a migraine at an overnight training camp

when he wakes up, his head is throbbing, but he ignores it and doesn’t tell anyone.  suga notices that he’s quieter than normal, less vocal at practice and meals, but doesn’t say anything because he knows dai wouldn’t want to be called out in front of the team.  suga thinks dai would tell him if it got too bad, anyway, and decides to ask if the chance arises, but to not force it.

then, daichi’s leading them in cool down laps, and he slows down gradually.  the rest of the team is confused and slows with him because they’re used to him leading the way.  they don’t say anything because they assume he has some sort of plan in mind, but suga is watching carefully.  

daichi’s shoulders are moving up and down visibly as if he’s panting heavily, and suga can hear him sucking in desperate gasps of air.  as he approaches, he notes that daichi’s whole body is shaking and he’s making these almost hiccuping noises–

and then he realizes, shit, daichi’s crying.

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/sob/ please a fluffy happy ending to the recent Haru one ;;;;;;;



Due to his extreme sadness, Haru wasn’t able to perform 100% of his ability during training and as a result, his records have started to become bad. One day, his coach have finally decided to give him a day off, or a few days off from training until he can pull himself together again. 

Haru was staring blankly at his reflection in the pond that afternoon when it started to rain. Normally, a person would’ve started running somewhere where they can keep themselves from getting wet, but not Haru. The water was still not doing anything to soothe him; to calm his soul, yet he still stayed there, letting it soak him through. 

He was surprised when the droplets of rain stopped falling on his skin. He opened his eyes, raised his head and noticed that someone had offered their umbrella for him. Finally, he turned and see who it was. His eyes widened immediately, heart beating wildly upon seeing her pure and innocent face once again. 

“_-___?” He uttered as warmth spread across his face, despite the cold of the rain. She simply smiled at him and took his hand in hers. 

“My place is close. You should dry up, Haruka. You’re gonna get sick.” 


“Eh?” She was surprised when he didn’t let her drag him. She looked back and frowned, her brows furrowing in confusion until it all sank in. Her lips turned up into a smile as she held his hand and walked closer to him, letting go of the umbrella so she’s also getting wet by the rain now, as well. 

“I feel incomplete without you.. I am nothing without you. Ever since we broke up, I’ve never been able to focus on myself. I tried to date someone else, in hopes of finally getting over you.. but it didn’t work.” Tears started to fill her eyes as she slowly emptied the spaces between their faces, not until she was able to whisper ‘I love you’ on his lips. 

It felt so good to kiss her after so long. The void in his heart was filled almost immediately by her presence, the coldness of his entire being replaced by a warmth that he only feels when she’s around. His arm went around her shoulders, pulling her closer and feeling her more. Once they separated, she was already crying and looking up at him with a smile. 

“I love you, Haru. I always have.. I’m so sorry for leaving you..” She places her hand on his cheek and a small smile crossed Haru’s face. He looked down at her and shook his head. 

“I should apologize. I was the one who didn’t see your worth when you’re with me. I’m sorry..” He told her and she smiled. 

“I forgive you.” She said and he knew she meant it. He’s never going to let her go ever again. 

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Me again! Scenario with Uryuu where his s/o asks him to teach her how to shoot a bow and arrow and when they are close together while he's showing her (he has to help pull because the bow string is so strong) sparks fly. Can be sfw or nsfw whatever you're in the mood to write! Thanks!

omg! Ok so I was just wishing that someone would request my sweet smol Quincy son! I love him so much omg 
Im assuming his s/o knows about his Quincy powers as well…

You were in class, bored out of your mind. You didn’t have anything better to do so you leaned forward and tapped Uryu on the shoulder.
“Uryu, will you teach me how to shoot a bow?” You whispered and could see the shock as he sat up a bit straighter. 

“Y/N pay attention to class…” He pushed his glasses further up.

“Pleaseeeee?” you begged, you just wanted to know how to shoot one, if not just once. “Alright fine…We’ll go after class just be quiet..” He whispered before he turned to finish up class.

After school Uryu took you to a clearing in the woods a good ways from the school. He got everything set up and handed it to you. “Stand up straight…” He said, placing your hands on the bow as he pushed your feet apart as well. “Keep your elbow straight, don’t angle it…Hold this arm out like this and steady your breathing..” 

It was so hard to do that…especially since he was right against you. You could feel everything, even his warm breath on your hear. “Now…” His voice was like a melody to you, calm and so confident. 
“Pull back…” 

You pulled, but it was really hard to do so. The reishi arrow felt really warm to you and Uryu was somewhat surprised that you could withstand it. “It’s too hard…” You told him, trying to pull back the string. Uryu took hold of it as well, helping you draw it back. Your cheeks got hot and as soon as he drew it back the arrow sparked, causing both you and Uryu to let the string loose and send the arrow flying. You let out a yelp and jumped straight into his arms to shield yourself from the sparks that were falling around you. 

He looked down at you, holding you firmly in his arms and checking to make sure you were okay. “Well…Not bad for your first try…” He said, adjusting his glasses and looking at the target. The arrow had pierced the second ring from the middle mark. Your face lit up excitedly as Uryu smiled. “At this rate you would make a great Quincy…” He smiled, holding your hand.

Little did you know that the sparks were his own fault for getting overly excited at how close he was to you. Though, he would never admit to it. 

Hockey Pucks | Jungkook (m)

Prompt: Um, Jungkook is a hockey player, but basically what happened was that it had very little to do with hockey and very much to do with sex. You’re both college students and apparently opposites really do attract just like they do in the movies.

Warnings: (18+) use of marijuana, smut (lmao what’s new), and an accidental mommy kink

Word Count: 8.4k

A/N: Yo, this spiraled very quickly and turned into a monster long fic. ANYWAy thanks 4 readin. No excuses or regerts…

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Purple Jewels (M) | 02

Word Count: 6,730
Member: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Smut, Supernatural, Fluff & Slight angst

Genie!Jimin ⇢ Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Ongoing

When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help. 


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