During my last scavanger hunt in Denver, I had one of the most incredible interactions. In the midst of the hurried chaos, this little girl walked up to me and said “are you Tyler?” She was so excited and giddy to meet me, which is a weird thing to experience. She introduced herself and told me how much she loved my work and how she was terrified of bugs but not mine because “I make them beautiful”. At the end of the hunt she approached me before leaving and said “I just wanted to tell you that you’re the best artist ever.” A bit of a statement haha, but I was so moved and speechless. After talking with her mother, I learned that she is quite the little artist herself and got permission to be her pen pal. I’ll be surprising her with this 18X24 drawing. Despite all of the hatred and evil being shown in the world currently, there are definitely bright and hopeful pockets.
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Out in service in Georgia, USA with a scavenger hunt. Photo shared by @boho.nao

1. Read one scripture at the door
2. Call a return visit or Bible student and invite them to the public talk
3. Visit a business in your territory and offer a tract or magazine
4. Offer a tract or magazine to a person on the street or in a parking lot
5. Call or visit a workmate, schoolmate, non-witness relative and invite them to the public talk
6. Offer “Bible Teach” book or “Listen to God” brochure. Offer Bible study.
7. Tell of show someone about the JW.ORG web site
8. Optional: Take a break


Dear Frank, 

Take notes.



May I have your attention, please?

people of the internet, i need your help! months ago i found this really cool band on a post i saw here, but i forgot to save the name of the band because i had mistaken the lead singer for natasha bedingfield, who i knew i’d remember the name! now i really want to listen to this band but can’t remember its name! can you all help me out? here’s a few things i remember:

-it’s a rock band

-their lead singer is a blonde girl and her name probably has something to do with natasha bedingfield

-she is really pretty, likes to wear snapbacks and she was reblogged from a lgbt blog, so she might be a lesbian??

-i remember a picture of her in which she was wearing a t-shit with that ‘mind the gap’ sign, but with the band name written on it

that is it, i’ll be forever grateful if you help me!! thanks a lot!!

UPDATE: I JUST FOUND IT, THANKS TO @lizshenstridge BECAUSE THEY REBLOGGED THE BAND!! IT’S TONIGHT ALIVE AND THE GIRL’S NAME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NATASHA, IT’S ACTUALLY JENNA MCDOUGALL, but she did sing Jet Lag with Simple Plan, so if i sucked less at searching stuff i’d probably had found it eventually. ANYWAY, YEAH, I’M OFF TO HOURS OF LISTENING TO TONIGHT ALIVE NOW. THANKS FOR EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME OUT ( bonus for @bescheuerter-name ) AND BYE!

So yesterday,
I walk in to my house and there’s a trail of rose petals and candles leading to my bedroom door and all over my floor. There’s BEAUTIFUL fucking flowers next to my bed and a rolled up piece of paper tied off with a black ribbon and a silver bullet. I read it, and it’s a riddle and a hint to the next one. I go through ny house collecting them all, then follow the last one to walk out and find Raul. He gives me a kiss, and tells me to get in his car because we’re going somewhere. We end up at the Hollywood Forever cemetary, and that night they were playing American Psycho on a huge projector in the middle of the cemetary. It was fucking amazing. After the movie was over, he handed me one last piece of paper, and asked me to be his girlfriend.
I’ve never felt more special and overwhelmed in my entire life.


This is my choice of favourite vid. You can come to my blog and see the rest four vids I was thinking about but I assumed since it’s about Sherlock I will go with this. It’s based on some Chinese fanfiction but what I like in this particular video is the concept of John discovering his own and Sherlock feelings. Basically my favourite Johnlock vid. Prepare tissues.