Death Looking into the Window of One Dying

As Andrew got sicker, he’d point to perceived smudges on our bedroom window. Nothing discernible to him. Not at first. But the decline in my partner’s health brought with it a growing realization. “It’s a face,” he told me. “It’s someone’s face.”

I saw nothing.

I sat with Andrew through it all. Every sleepless night. Every shriek of terror as nightmares tore through him. Every sobbing declaration that he wasn’t ready. In the mornings, the smudged face would be there, ever clearer to him. He was terrified of it. Still, I saw nothing.

Time went by while Andrew wasted away. I’d started staring more at the blackness beyond the window than at my dying partner. A portion of me found comfort in avoiding Andrew’s gaze. His was a gaze of sorrow. Of regret. He knew I’d be facing the same fate in the coming years. I begged him not to concern himself with such a thing, but deep down, in the vault of my soul, I resented him. His carelessness.

My own.

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Hit From Hell

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Becca_Bae93: Hey, what’s taking you all so long? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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AngelWriter999: rude Bec

Becca_Bae93: Boo hoo, Angel. I wanna see who won the hits count up! (◕‿◕✿)

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AmbiableJinx: Oh please you’re only doing it because you KNOW you won this week.

EsterAndrews: You don’t know that for sure, I did really well this week too!

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Hey, Kids

“Hey, kids!” The clown’s voice burst through static. It was loud and heavy and ended in a single laugh. His red nose shook.

“Have y'all done what Good Ol’ Bobby asked you to?” A pause. He stared intently into the camera. The lights of the soundstage bounced off of his bright blue eyes. They made his pale make-up slathered face seem much more ash-colored than the usual pure white. His eyes never blinked.

“Good! Good, Kiddies, good! Now, tell me…” he leaned closer, close enough for the camera to see the red lips, the red lips that were curled into a smile. A great, big rotten-toothed grin.

“…Wasn’t it fun?” Another pause. He waited for those at home to answer his question.

And the children who were at home, sitting in front of their televisions with grins of their own, did answer.

“Yes, Bobby.” They all whispered.

Bobby laughed again, his bulbous Adam’s apple bounced like a rubber ball thrown from the stratosphere. His laughter echoed in the children’s ears. And the children laughed with him. They giggled and chortled despite their tears. Despite the pain.

When Bobby finally stopped laughing, he took a deep breath and clapped his two large gloved hands together. He looked into their eyes.

“Good. Now, go show your new smiles to your Mommies and Daddies.” He said.

And the children stood up and walked away from their televisions, smiling with red lips. Blood tracked behind them as they went to show their parents their grins. They also left behind the razors that they had used earlier. But that didn’t bother them. No. Not one bit.

Even as their parents screamed, they smiled from one sliced corner to the other.

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The Never Ending Road.

In Corona, California there once was a road known by most of the older locals as the never ending road. Specifically, the road’s true name was Lester Road.

However, 70 years ago, Lester Road was an unlit road that people claimed became a never ending road when driven at night. The people who made such a drive were never seen or heard from again.The legend became so well-known that people refused to even drive Lester Road during the day.

Perpetuation of the legend convinced local law enforcement to investigate around the 1960’s. Lester Road took a sharp left turn at its end, and there were no guard rails. Beyond the curve lay a canyon, and on the other side of the canyon was another road that lined up so well with Lester Road that when viewed from the correct angle, especially at night, the canyon vanished from sight, and the road seemed to continue on up and over the hill on the other side of the canyon. Upon investigation of the canyon, dozens of cars were found, fallen to their doom, with the decomposing bodies of the victims still strapped to their seats.

Law enforcement tried to cover up their findings. They closed down Lester road, letting the trees grow where the road once stood and letting the bodies remain in their final resting place.

Best Junji Ito one-shots!

Junji Ito is a horror manga artist known for having a huge number of works and for being very good at telling extremely unsettling stories. I recently re-read all of Ito’s work, so I decided to create a compilation post of his best one-shots.

Reading Ito for the first time is both riveting and disgusting, so if you are a horror buff but unfamiliar with Ito (or even horror manga), I encourage you to take a look at some of these shorts. You won’t be disappointed.

All come with a warning for gore, body horror, and disturbing images, with extra warnings listed in parentheses after synopses. You can access all of his works here. Enjoy!

Anything but a Ghost - a man finds a girl on the side of the road, totally unresponsive and covered in blood.

Army of One - bodies keep appearing in various places, naked and stitched together with fishing line.

The Back Alley - a boy rents a room from a family and hears the sound of children playing in the back alley late at night.

The Bully - a girl becomes a playground bully when a young boy won’t leave her alone (child abuse).

The Chill - a boy is curious about a sick neighbor girl, which leads him to question his grandfather’s death (trypophobia).

Den of the Sleep Demon - a boy’s dream self tries to leave his body during his sleep, forcing him to stay awake for days on end.

Dissection Girl - a girl poses as a medical school cadaver in her quest to be dissected.

Enigma of Amigara Fault - an earthquake leads to the discovery of a mountainside full of human-shaped holes.

Fashion Model - a man is disturbed by a magazine model with an inhuman appearance.

Flesh-Colored Horror - a preschool teacher deals with an unruly child and his strange family.

Glyceride - a girl’s house and family are covered in a thick layer of grease.

Hanging Balloons - after an idol’s suicide, Tokyo’s citizens are tormented by malicious balloon versions of their own heads that have nooses instead of strings.

House of Puppets - raised by a puppeteer, a orphaned pair of siblings find their long-lost brother, only to learn that he and his new family are now living as puppets.

Human Chair - an author, having trouble writing due to her uncomfortable desk chair, goes on a search for a new chair.

Long Dream - a man is hospitalized for dreams that continue to feel longer and longer until he is dreaming millennia.

Long Hair In The Attic - a girl’s boyfriend breaks up with her, and she decides to cut off the hair she grew out for him.

Love as Scripted - a girl falls for a notorious ladies man in her theater troupe.

My Dear Ancestors - a girl suffers from amnesia and her boyfriend tries to help her recover (centipedes)

Oshikiri 1 2 - a boy lives alone in a haunted mansion while his parents are abroad.

Penpal - a side story in the Oshikiri universe about a girl who is locked in a fight with her three penpals.

Red Turtleneck - a man struggles to hold his almost-decapitated head to his neck without severing nerves or blood vessels.

The Thing That Drifted Ashore - a deep-sea monster washes up on the beach (trypophobia).

Town Without Streets - a story about a girl’s experience with: a stalker, a family that can’t stop creating peepholes in her room, an extremely strange town, and Jack the Ripper.

The Window Next Door - a family moves into a new house, and the neighbor woman terrorizes their son at night.

The Woman Next Door - in a girl’s apartment building, there is an apartment occupied by mysterious women who wear all black.

The Demon - queerestqueen


 "Are you seeing things again babe?“ My boyfriend gently ran his fingers through my hair as I vigorously nodded, staring uncomfortably at the crouched demon in the corner and trying unsuccessfully to ignore the incessant screaming at the door, mimicking my boyfriend’s voice.

"It’s so loud tonight” I whimpered, my voice trembling as the voice brought on the usual paranoia.

“Don’t worry, it’s not real. It must be your med change, that’s why”. The demon dragged itself forward and froze again.

Warily, ignoring my mock boyfriend’s screams outside the bedroom door, I shook my head.

“It’s you, one of the voices. It’s you”, my hands tightened around his.

“Don’t worry, it’s not real. I’m here. The voices, the demon in the corner, they’re all fake, baby”.

I froze.

I never mentioned the demon.

Do You?

Most people agree that dying while being asleep is the best way to die. Peaceful, not signs of torture nor pain. My grandma used to say angels carry them, the ones who are dying while being asleep, to heaven. But sometimes angels can be clumsy and drop them by accident.

Remember the time you felt like falling in your sleep and suddenly woke up?


The Collector
The Legend - The most common “Collector” legend is the neighbor who collects human body parts and proudly displays them in his basement.
The Truth - In 2011, Russian police arrested a man described in local media as the “cemetery collector”. The collector, Anatoly Moskvin, had dug up at least 29 corpses and made dolls out of them. The life-sized female “dolls” were without faces, and some were wearing platinum blonde wigs.

Dark Water
The Legend - A man moves into his new home and finds that the water coming out of the sink and shower is a murky black color. He later discovers that the black water is being caused by the remains of a liquified dead body.
The Truth - In 2013, the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles experienced some guests complaining about the water running black for a few seconds before returning to normal. The decomposing body of Elisa Lam was later discovered inside of the water tank on the roof of the hotel. Before the body was discovered, guests had brushed their teeth, bathed and drank the water for as long as 19 days. (Side note; this case is far more interesting than what is reported here. For more information, read this. Incredibly creepy stuff here.)

Shadow People
The Legend -The Shadow people folklore revolves around obscured visions or shadows of people that appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. People often report seeing these “shadow people” in the dark corners of rooms, after being sleep deprived, in a state of sleep paralysis, or after just waking up in the middle of the night. 
The Truth - In Fukuoka, Japan, a man who lived alone in his apartment began to suspect that something else was in the apartment with him. He decided to set up surveillance cameras and ended up capturing footage of an old woman coming out of his cupboard to steal food and sometimes shower. The 58-year-old woman was homeless and admitted to police that she had been living in the man’s home for about a year, lurking just beyond his eyesight in closets and cupboards.

The Killer in Cop’s Clothing
The Legend - A police officer knocks on a couples door to tell them that there is a murderer on the loose and that it’s important that they let him inside. Not suspecting that anything is wrong, they obey his request and let him into the house. When they ask what the murderer looks like he replies, “a lot like me actually”.
The Truth - In November of 1974, 18 year old Carol DaRonch was browsing through a bookstore when she was approached by a police officer who told her that her car had been broken into and she needed to come to the station with him to file a report. She agreed to go with him but began to suspect that something was wrong when she realized that the “officer” as driving away from the police station and not towards it. The officer turned out to be infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. Bundy tried to handcuff DaRonch but he was unsuccessful and she was able to escape from his car. Watch an interview with Carol DaRonch here.

The Body in the Bag
The Legend - A woman is on the bus by herself one night when she sees a stranger get on dragging a large, lumpy duffel bag behind him. She finds is strange but figures that her mind is just getting carried away because of the late hour. A few days later, she turns on the news and sees that the man is an escaped mental patient and is being labeled as “the body dismemberer.”
The Truth - A 56-year-old Cypriot monk was detained at the Athens airport after security staff discovered a skull wrapped in cloth and skeletal remains in a sheet inside his baggage. He told the airport security that of he was taking the relics of a saint back to his monastery. However, it was discovered that the bones were actually the remains of a nun who had disappeared from her convent four years earlier. How she died and what the monk was planning to do with the bones remains unclear. The monk was freed after being charged with theft and desecrating the dead, a misdemeanor in Greece. He was also suspended from his monastic duties for three months for going away without leave. Read the article here.

Halloween Decorations
The Legend - Several teens are out playing pranks on Halloween night. They are throwing toilet paper in the trees around somebody’s house when they see a decoration that catches their eye; a realistic hanged man. They decide to steal the decoration for their Halloween pranks, but when they go to knock it down, they realize that the “decoration” is an actual dead body.
The Truth - A woman in Delaware hung herself from a tree on a busy street around Halloween time. The body, suspended about 15 feet above the ground, could be easily seen by passing vehicles. The suicide went unreported for hours because passers-by thought the body was a Halloween decoration. In another case, a camera crew arrived on set to shoot an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man. While preparing the set, one of the workers went to move a dead body prop only to discover that “prop” was an actual dead body when the arm snapped off revealing a human bone.