anyway i love how papa khan is all ‘yo chase that legion asswipe out of here’ and karl just freakin scarpers adkdsd run fast karl run as fast as your vegetarian legs can carry you

[image: Six sketches of a man with different expressions. The first three are in blue with him looking haughty in a top hat, the second three are of him surly in a plain cap and clothes.]

I have a bit of affection for the Montmorency Series, and was trying to sketch out Montmorency and his alter ego Scarper.

It’s Been A Long Time - Charles Xavier x Reader

It’s Been A Long Time - (Charles Xavier x Reader)

Words - 2294

Warnings - Reader has time manipulating powers. Few swears, I think. 

AN - Thank you to Nonny, for sending me a Charles Idea. I’ve been wanting one of these, all day. This is also my first Charles x Reader, so feedback is much loved.

London, 1959

Sitting in the University Coffee Shop, was not how one expected their morning to begin. However, after the heating in your Dormitory had broke, and your roommate had scarpered off to her boyfriend’s Dorm, you had nowhere else to go, which was as warm, and provided a nice cup of coffee.

So here you were, sitting in one of the armchairs, indulged in a book, whilst your eyes darted from the pages, to your drink, warm and inviting. You reached your hand, picking up the china cup, taking a sip, before the door of the Cafe opened, letting in a blast of cold air. 

Entering from the doorway, was a man. Blue coat, dark hair, and blue eyes. You were sure you’d seen that face around the Campus, always with a beautiful blonde girl. His eyes darted around the room, before settling on your for a moment. Feeling what he was doing, he pulled his gaze away, a grin on your face.

Who was he? Why was he staring. It didn’t bother you. Your eyes turned back to to book, hearing his footsteps approach the counter, and then his voice, asking for a drink.

Focus on the book. Focus on the book. Focus on the-

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Homeless!Adrien AU

Sod it, I’m not getting any more ideas for this, might as well hand it off to someone else and see if they can make an actual plot.

  • Adrien still tries to go to school; he still helps out Master Fu; he still gets caught by Nathalie and the Gorilla.
  • But this time he decides that enough is enough and scarpers once he gets the ring, in the naïve assumption that freedom is going to be more satisfying than say, regular meals, a comfy bed, not freezing to death thanks to central heating, et cetera.
  • So the moment he gets a chance he nicks a few hundred euros, a few changes of clothing, an old sleeping bag and a few coats, and books it.
  • As a result, Marinette never meets Adrien in school; Nino and Alya are first besties, with Marinette their mutual bestie.
  • Dunno if making Marinette feel like a perpetual third wheel is a bit too angsty.
  • Adrien finds his way onto the alleyways and eventually down into one of the shelters.
  • He is regretting his choice, but decides with typical teenaged stubbornness to stick it out (note to self: how does he keep Plagg fed, even if Plagg only goes with Camembert by preference and in fact will accept any cheese?)
  • Hence we get Ladybug, semi-lonely teenaged superhero, Chat Noir, homeless teenaged superhero, their nemesis Papillon, desperate father trying to retrieve the Ladybug and Chat Noir Miraculouses in order to a. bring his wife back and b. use his newfound omnipotence to retrieve his son, should conventional means fail.
  • Gabe (with Chloe and the Mayor’s help) of course brings every conventional means he has to bear: private investigators (note to self: are those a thing in Europe?) the police, Interpol, so on and so forth.
  • Unfortunately for Gabe, none of those pan out, ‘cause Adrien is very, very observant and thinks quick on his feet, and also he has a magical ring that lets him hop over rooftops at a second’s notice.
  • Nothing much changes in terms of the actual battles?  Except that Chat Noir doesn’t hit as hard due to being weak from hunger and also he smells funny in spite of dunking himself in the Seine regularly.
  • Until he actually passes out during a fight.
  • Like, literally just working on fumes after maybe four or five days without eating, and then during a critical moment just straight-up blacks out from overexertion.
  • Ladybug of course wants to help him but doesn’t know how: still has her hang-ups about him not actually being as enamored with “Marinette” as he is with “Ladybug”, so isn’t willing to drag him to the bakery and let him stay there, doesn’t want to bring him to a hospital and accidentally reveal his identity.
  • Settles for letting him wake up and bringing him food regularly on patrol.
  • As she gets closer to Chat and starts to fall for him, she starts playing up the “if you’re homeless I know someone who you can stay with” angle.
  • Chat, being a bloody idiot who doesn’t want to be beholden to anyone, always refuses and pretends as though everything is fine (the twat).
  • This works up until winter (real winter, not the pansy-ass kind of winter y’all get in Socal, as in the kind of winter that tends to leave frozen corpses behind for people to find in the spring thaw) hits.
  • Deus ex Machina! a half-frozen, barely-coherent Adrien is found by Nino, who, when Adrien continually protests being brought to the authorities, brings him home.
  • And then Nino and his parents just assume that he’s escaping an abusive household or something, hence why he’s so adamant about avoiding the fuzz.
  • Which is a bit of a dick move, come to think of it.
  • Okay, retroactive correction for why he ditches: he goes up to confront his dad personally when Gabe denies him even with Nathalie on his side, overhears him arguing with Master Fu or Nuuru or something and/or actually fighting Master Fu (let’s just say that he went up to confront Gabe and to ask him nicely one last time to return the stuff he nicked, the bastard) and fearing retribution from pops, runs for it.
  • In between, we get character development from the trio!
  • Marinette still gets the confidence boost from Chat’s constant support and encouragement and from being Ladybug all the time, so she’s still as “give-no-shits” and “take-no-prisoners” as ever.
  • And she still gets the adoration of her peers, same as before.
  • But in the absence of Adrien she falls for Chat’s genuine good nature and his dorky charm.
  • Conversely, when Evillustrator happens, she spends a lot of the time trying to impress him (and boy howdy does she succeed) while he’s a lot more businesslike, since there’s no bad first impressions sort of thing that he’s trying to correct in canon.
  • And poor Adrien is left stuck in between his genuine adoration of and love for Ladybug’s courage and inventiveness and sheer cocky confidence and Marinette’s own courage and yadda yadda, with the additional complication that Marinette’s own home life draws him in too, due to the homesickness issue.
  • Cue Marichat.
  • When Alya and Nino find out that their bestie is in love with Chat Noir, they obviously concoct damsel-in-distress scenarios.
  • To be continued.

-Anon request

“Hey, can I buy you a drink?”

Turning to look over your shoulder, you see an attractive man smiling coyly at you. Shrugging, you return the smile and reply, “Sure, why not?”

Signalling to the barman, the man sat down next to you and opened his mouth to say something when he was interrupted by Dean- the eldest Winchester and also the man you considered your brother (even if he was a human and you an archangel.) 

“Evening, children,” Dean greeted you without an ounce of politeness in his voice. “You,” he said to the man, pointing an accusatory finger, “Go on, scrat. Scarper. Fuck off. Go.”

The man looked bewildered and slightly alarmed, muttered a quick, “Ok, bye,” and rushed out the door.

Rounding on Dean, you sighed, “Now what did you do that for?”

Dean held up his hands in surrender. “Come on, that guy was a douche. I don’t need archangel powers to sense that.”

Rolling your eyes, you replied with, “So you’re allowed to bang whoever you like, but I’m not. That right?”

Nodding, he replied, “Yep, that’s about it. That’s what big brothers are for.”

Narrowing your eyes, you growled, “I am the third oldest of the entire Heavens. I was born on the Third Day. I am old and wise enough to make my own decisions, and you are not my older brother, nor do you need to act like one when I’m trying to get laid.”

Dean just grinned innocently.

“Urgh, forget it,” you groaned. “Get the drinks, and if I’m not allowed to shag who I want, then you’re not either. And that means Cas.”

Choking on air, Dean spluttered, “W-what?!”

“Oh please,” you replied, “You’ve been all over him tonight. If he’s not gonna get into your pants, I will make him. Just to put the rest of us out of our misery.”

“I am - not - I don’t…” Dean stammered. “I’m not trying to get in his pants!”

Peering over the hunter’s shoulder, you replied innocently, “Oh good, then you won’t be bothered by the hot blonde chatting him up now, then.”

“What?! Where?!” Dean spun around to see Cas talking subduedly to Sam, discussing the hunt. He glared at you and ground out a hostile, “Shut up,” when you smirked at his reaction.

Jogger Next Door (2)

Part one
Part two
Part three

Pairing: Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut later

Your palms were slightly sweaty as you sipped your coffee the next morning, occasionally peeking out of the window before losing your nerve and scarpering to your kitchen to hide. You didn’t know how to behave after your altercation with your neighbour yesterday.

He’d left you feeling massively flustered when you returned to your apartment, your body a mess of hormones and embarrassment after he’d been so close. It left you in two minds, part of you wanted to just move away and forget you’d ever met your mysterious neighbour with the metal arm. But the other side of you wanted to test the waters with this one a bit, push a bit further and call his bluff to see if would really go as far as he’d teased.

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harry potter reread: chamber of secrets pt v
  • percy thinks that the SUPER IMPORTANT SECRET that ginny was about to tell ron and harry, before scarpering off looking like she was “electrified”, is that she walked in on him snogging his girlfriend. that badge really is getting to you isn’t it perce
  • although when you think about it, if percy hadn’t interrupted ginny, then the climax of the novel wouldn’t have happened. she wouldn’t have run off to open the chamber, and consequently harry wouldn’t have found out what’s been attacking students all year. so…thanks for being so arrogant, percy…? i guess? i mean your sister nearly died but whatever, all’s well that ends well
  • i do like that harry first resolves to go to the staff room to divulge what hermione figured out about the chamber before he rushes head first into things. there is some sense about the boy after all
  • this book came out when i was 4 so my nan read it to me, and i vividly remember that more than aragog, more than the basilisk, the thing that terrified me the most was the line “Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber for ever.” i can’t even fathom how horrifying it must’ve been for ginny to write out her own death sentence, after being possessed for so long that she couldn’t fight it any more. all she wanted was somebody to confide in and it nearly killed her, and forced her to think that she was going to die and her family would never even find her body. this is devastating
  • myrtle came back as a ghost specifically to haunt a girl who bullied her: “’I was determined to haunt Olive Hornby, you see. Oh, she was sorry she’d ever laughed at my glasses.’” damn myrtle you’re hardcore, remind me never to fuck with you
  • alright obviously a monster roaming hogwarts offing students left and right is a very serious matter, but i can’t help but laugh at the fact that not only is the chamber of secrets only accessible via the girls toilets, but it’s also down a massive slide. where’s that post that wonders what tom riddle was doing when he whizzed down it? my bet is he solemnly folded his arms with a grave expression on his face, thinking ‘this bloody well better be the entrance, otherwise all this fun would’ve been for nothing’
  • “A tall, black-haired boy was leaning against the nearest pillar, watching.” how long was tom standing there like that? do you think he heard harry and ron land out the slide and was just like ‘oh shit, here comes my nemesis, a 12 year old boy, better strike up a very intimidating pose so that he knows how badass i am’
  • how fucking long did tom spend trying to make a cool sounding alias out of an anagram of his name? i feel like adding ‘i am’ to the beginning of it is a bit of a cop out. also he mentions that he changed his name while he was still at school. asking your fellow 16 year olds to call you voldemort is weird enough, but lord??? christ, everyone must’ve thought he was such a pretentious twat
  • i wonder if dobby goes through a wardrobe change after he’s freed. in the films he starts sporting a fabulous pair of little boots, but he keeps the grubby pillow case. which is a shame because i like the idea of dobby going clothes shopping up oxford street. you know he’d love obnoxiously bright tees with memes on them or something. *dobby voice* look harry potter, this shirt has a rather grumpy looking cat on it
  • the ensuing celebration party lasts well into the night, with hagrid returning and greeting harry at half past three, and yes i know it’s a wonderful moment because a monster has been slain and many people have been revived after being in a coma for several months, but gosh dang it these children need a bed time!!! absolute anarchy
The Marauders

Moony the werewolf howls in the night.

Wormtail the rat scarpers of fright.

Padfoot the dog wanders with the cat.

Prongs the stag dwells among the dead.


Remus the teacher scared of the bright orb.

Peter the traitor scared of the Dark Lord.

Sirius the prisoner scared to be caught by the ministry.

James the father scared of forgetting his family.

Moony the teacher who always is late.

Wormtail the traitor who runs from his fate.

Padfoot the prisoner who alone stayed sane.

Prongs the father who’ll never be there again.


Remus the werewolf keeps himself calm.

Peter the rat causes nothing but harm.

Sirius the dog locked in Azkaban alone.

James the stag father of the chosen one.

“P-please. I need help.” The boy whimpered, startled by the figure in front of him, finding that they were in fact real he was thankful, but also terrified.

His mother had gone to meet with a supplier and talk over a meal, then his babysitter had scarpered and left him alone after encouraging him to break the rules, leaving him alone with whatever he’d conjured. Whatever it was, it was dangerous.

Lowering the knife in his hand he hugged the persons leg tight “I did a bad thing! Mommy said I shouldn’t use my shadowy powers to create things but my sitter told me it’s be fun and she ran away and left me with it!” He sobbed.

“It hurt me and I think it wants to kill me!”

What The Bloody Hell Is Going On? - Part 2

“Just stay away from me”, Rae turned and fled the shop leaving her newly purchased cd’s on the counter.

All the way home Rae tried to fathom what had just happened. This boy was definitely trying to think of a way to humiliate her when college starts. She tried to comprehend how this lad even knew her. And him following her, that was just weird! Worst of all, it all happened in front of the beautiful brown eyed boy that worked in her favourite shop. She was halfway home when she realised that she’d left her new tunes behind. After careful consideration she decided it would be safer to go back for them immediately. The weird boy would probably have left already.

When Rae arrives back at the shop, she can hear shouting and it seems that the boy Simmy is still there and he’s arguing with Mr freckles. The door was left ajar from when Rae scarpered out of it before, so she could hear what was going on;

“I’m not gonna ask again Simmy, what you upta wi Rae?”

“What’s it to you anway Finn?” Simon flushed red, he hadn’t expected any of this. He’d never worked out how to approach Rae - she was so cool, so funny, and pretty, what could he say to her? But when he heard Finn bloody Nelson flirting with her he felt he just had to do something.

Finn was staring straight at him like he could read his mind, “You fancy her don’t yer?”

“Fuck off, have you seen her why would I fancy that?”

“Errrrr cos she’s hot, smart and funny”

“What’s wrong wi you Nelson, her best friend not enough for yer?”

“What you talkin about? What best friend”

“Chloe Gemmell”

“I’m not wi Chloe - what she’s friends wi Chloe? How comes she’s never wit Chloe?”

“You’ll hafter ask her that. Anyway hand them cd’s over and I’ll take em to Rachel”

“You’re not going anywhere near Rae, I’ll take em to her”

“I know your game Nelson, and you’re not getting her. If you go out wi’ her I’m gonna give her a prize winning nickname at college”

“You wouldn’t do it - you, you, you like her too much”, Finn was worried by this turn of event. He’d liked Mae for weeks and was going to ask her out

“You wanna bet? Why’d yer think I named Chinderella?….

psychic: *reads my mind*

me: i can tell you where we met, when we met. i can even tell YOU were you were. just think about it, chrissie, think about it. why would he wanna stay here for a week while you all went to the coast? because he wanted to be here, with me. didn’t ya? i spent the full week here, in your bed. you know that surprise he had for you at the hotel? i was there too. me and him saw you and katie coming, so i had to scarper. why d’you think he was late for your wedding, chrissie? because he was with ME. you gonna deny it, or d’you want me to carry on? … hey, all you’ve worked for, is GONE.

psychic: what the fuck

So I’m mulling over Steven Universe at work (y'know as you do) and I got to thinking that while Garnet probably wouldn’t personally identify with, well, any human demographic since there just isn’t any clear equivalent for her being a Fusion

It’s likely she’d recognise the parallel between the way Homeworld treats her and the way same-gender couples are treated on earth and be like ‘this makes me angry’

So now I’m imagining Garnet acting as a kind of self declared big sister/bodyguard to the local lgbt community

Like she’s out and about and sees a couple getting harassed and just LOOMS up behind the harasser like ‘is there a problem here’ and he’s like 'n-no’ *scarpers*

And once he’s gone she turns to the couple like 'if that guy gives you any more trouble you come to me’

Next time you hear young girls gushing over books...

… go and tell them they’re awesome.

Today, sitting in the café in @waterstones​ in Oxford, I overheard two young girls who were sitting with their mothers at the next table, gushing about Harry Potter. They had obviously just met because they talked about being pleased that they were the same height, but it seemed like they’d known each other for ages. Both of them were wearing the Hogwarts scarf (purple and gold).

They happened to go up to the counter for some cake at the same time I had to leave, so, on an impulse (because I could easily scarper if I embarrassed myself), I approached their mothers and asked how old they were: 15 and 13. I said I thought it was really nice that they each had a friend with whom to gush about books. I said, ‘I used to be obsessed with Harry Potter too,’ and I saw the girls both turn to look at me before falling back into deep conversation.

It turns out that they had been talking on Instagram for a year but today was their first meeting in person. They had not planned on both wearing the same scarf. When I said I’m a student at Oxford, their mothers asked me to go and introduce myself.

So I did. I asked if they make graphics. One said, ‘I make edits, I don’t post them. I’m not very social.’ 

Me: ‘It sounds like you read books instead, like all the best people.’ 

‘Oh definitely,’ said the other. We discussed our houses (they were Gryffindor & Ravenclaw, I’m a Hufflepuff.) 

I said I’m a student and one said, ‘I’m in awe of you now. It’s my dream to study at Oxford.’ 

I said, ‘You needn’t be in awe, because from the way you were talking, you already have a very good chance of coming to Oxford and doing really well. People always make like to succeed in academia you have to be all serious. Er, no? You have to pick something you can go on and on about. I ramble about Latin poetry now, just like I used to ramble about Harry Potter.’ Lastly, I told them to ‘keep being bookworms’. 

They said, ‘To the end.’

When I went back to their mothers they asked for my email address so they can have a tour from a ‘real Oxford student’ the next time they come here. 

I wish that when I was 15, or even 13, instead of being told I was being silly, someone had come up to me and told me that it was gushing over books that would get me into Oxford. Moral of the story: next time you hear young girls gushing over books, go and tell them they’re awesome and to carry on. To the end.