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anonymous asked:

I am a little confused on what might make or break someone being asexual. I know Libido is not sexuality. But sometimes it is really hard to figure out the difference. (At least for me) Especially having a higher libido. Many things can and do turn me on at random, but when it comes down to actual sex... I just loose interest. I feel like its almost a strange limbo between being Asexual and not, because the line is really foggy for me on what makes or breaks it.


SENSUALITY: your physical senses & your awareness and experience of them

INTIMACY: the ability & desire for emotional closeness with other people

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: your sense of being straight, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual

SEXUAL & REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: one’s capacity or ability (or lack thereof) to reproduce & feelings and experiences with reproduction

SEXUAL BEHAVIORS & PRACTICES:  what we or others actively do sexually to enact or express our sexuality

POWER & AGENCY:  Power is the ability or capacity to do something, and can also be about strength or force, or the ability or capacity to exercise control over oneself or others. Agency is a sociological or philosophical term that addresses a person’s capacity to act: what a person has the right, ability or power to do.

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SO BASICALLY: your sexual orientation can cross with your libido/sex drive (sexual & reproductive health/hormones) but it doesn’t determine it. If you experience sexual attraction to other people, you’re allosexual. If you experience no sexual attraction, you’re asexual. I have a fairly high libido myself (although it has definitely calmed down now that I am no longer a teenager), but I don’t experience sexual attraction, so I am asexual.

-Mod L

Adults have a tendency to view the feelings of teenagers as unreal, fleeting, exaggerated or half-baked, even though when they were young people themselves, they experienced and felt hurt and disrespected by this treatment from adults. This is the core of adultism, and it’s just as noxious as any other kind of -ism is.

For instance, there’s the popular adult sentiment that when people are young, they can’t possibly know what love is or feels like (because apparently love is only real for older adults, which also suggests young people can’t love their parents, either!), or that whatever feelings of love they are having are part of a phase they will outgrow, and whatever comes after, once they’re adults, will be more real. It’s a Velveteen Rabbit setup, where only someone external, with powers they don’t have, can make them real.


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