Power Man & Iron Fist #10 by David Walker & Sanford Greene

Amidst the ridiculousness of Civil War II (yes, that’s still going on), various heroes teamed up to help people falsely imprisoned due to hackers changing their criminal records. Y'know, something actually heroic.

As a 100% certified fan of superhero team-ups, I approve. I think Walker’s superhero stuff has an interesting, different perspective to it, and I recommend it highly.

Also, seeing Misty and Colleen together is always A+++.

Signs as Captain America suits

The First Avenger:

Avengers assemble :
Aquarius,Sagittarius, Capricorn

The Winter Soldier:

Age of Ultron/ Civil War (It’s the same f*cking suit):


Stars | Multi Couples [YPIV]

Couples: Fitz/Simmons, Wanda/Vision, Peter Pan/Killian, Leo/Emma, Han/Luke, Barry/Iris, Wendy/Peter Pan, Finn/Rey, Clara/Eleven, Magnus/Alec, Tommy/Emily, Killian/Tinker Bell


Los superhéroes de Marvel han sido llevados en el tiempo por la artista Chris Schweizer, quien los presenta con un toque retro que los hace ver iguales al estilo que anteriormente los cómics utilizaban.

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