You think we’re just pretty things. You couldn’t be more wrong>You could be the king but watch the queen conquer>Marvel Ladies.

Dating Wanda Maximoff Would Include:

- ‘Wanda do not read my mind, I am trying to think of presents for you’
  ‘Y/n, if you get me what you are thinking, I will kill you’
  ‘ What’s wrong with a penguin umbrella’
- Cuddles so many cuddles
- Holding hands under the table
- Her always wanting to be near you
- You being able to share every little thought and secret you had with her without even needing to say it
- Blanket forts
- ‘Your hands are cold, jesus what are you’
- Tickle fights
- her reading your mind and having conversations through that
- taking pictures together every chance you both would get
- Playing pranks of Pietro together
- Getting Pietro as a brother
- Lots of excited yelling at each other
- Secret fucking handshake
- ‘Ugh, you’re so lucky I love you’
  ‘Bitch I’m perfect. But I love you too’
- ‘How does it feel to have a trophy girlfriend?’
  ‘Didn’t know I had one’
- Rare but genuine compliments, making you feel like gold dust every time

anonymous asked:

Cool, thanks and and on your list of villains I saw Scarlet witch, how did she come into the Moonlight Falls story?

Yes, interesting question. I haven’t used her much, she only came last season. Scarlet Witch is one of my villains and is going to torment the Crumplebottom sisters when they get back to the 21st century. She arrived in season 4 in part 66. Read that > here <
She just started out on a gypsy camp and got involved with magic and demons. You’ll see her in season 5 but not anytime soon because this is my last week of summer :( so next week I don’t know how much story I’ll get done but she will be devastating as a villain. You may see her around halloween time? I have to edit her so much after I take her screenshots and draw on her red magic like the real Wanda. Thanks for the questions too. Here’s some Season 4 pictures. Based off Wanda Maximoff of course. <3