Hi dashboard, I just recently found out about this green witch’s outfit and I wanted to share with you guys how hilariously bad it is

Do the Star Ocean games ever have alternate costumes because good god these diamonds are legit hurting my eyes to look at

You want to know the most frustrating thing of all about Bamco choosing to upscale Symphonia rather than make entirely new graphics for the remaster?

If the graphics were remastered, you know that one cup of coffee? …Yeah, THAT cup of coffee.

If there were new graphics, it would have either steamed, or not steamed.

And we would then have know for sure whether it was hot or cold, and we wouldn’t be able to use old 2004 game models as an argument for the ambiguity!

Okay but it actually REALLY upsets me, like even more than usual, that one of the SM screencaps has the female trainer named Moon and the male one Sun

Not ONLY is it doing the “male version comes first” BS again, but it’s prioritizing subtle microagrressions over what makes SENSE

See, the female trainer’s default outfit is very bright. The male’s, very subdued.

With that in mind, shouldn’t the DUDE be “Moon” and the GIRL be “Sun”? Or is that too much for a company that couldn’t even stand to put gender select in a demo in the year 2014 to handle?


There’s so many jokes about Valve never being able to reach the third installment in their franchises, that when they finally manage to do it, I think they should just go ahead and title it “Portal 4” or “Half Life 4” or whatever franchise they get to first

And, just. Keep doing it. Whenever they manage to release a third game in a franchise, just keep pretending that the number 3 doesn’t even exist.

Look, all I’m saying is that we have three player representing characters in Sm4sh Bros. that are playable. And that while all of them can have their gender changed, all of them are represented as being male by default.

Okay, so Robin and Kamui only partially represent the player, but they’re still gender selectable, they still at least PARTIALLY represent the player, and they’re still defaulting to male.

ANYWAY. Nintendo doesn’t bother to release amiibo of the female versions, they don’t put the character models for the female versions in the player icon, introductory trailers always exclusively focus on the male version while either not revealing the female version (villager) or revealing it only towards/at the end (Robin and Kamui).

The only other gender selectable character (Wii Fit Trainer) IS presented as female by default, but she doesn’t represent the player AND represents an activity stereotypically associated with women to boot.

And the point is, everything I just explained above sends out a very clear message to female players that I shouldn’t have to spell out.